July’s Dog of the Month Runs Circles Around … and Around
| July 13th, 2012

Dizzy Will Make Your Head Spin

Dizzy is a two-year-old whirlwind of fun.  His parents say that they know he is part Chihuahua because they met his mother. The rest of him, however, is a mystery.   Miniature Pinscher? Manchester Terrier?  They aren’t sure.  What they do know is that he is 100% fun.

Dizzy’s parents were looking for an addition to their family about two years ago.  They found Dizzy at Noah’s Bark in the South Bay.  He was born just days after his mother’s life was saved by the rescue.

When they first met Dizzy, he was called “Dumb-Dumb.” His parents knew immediately that they had to change his name.  Shortly after they brought Dizzy home, his mom, Andrea, and her husband were watching TV.  They came across a show about Dizzy Gillespie.   They looked at Dumb-Dumb and back at each other.  They realized that their new friend had cheeks that resembled the famous trumpet player’s.  Between that and watching the little guy run around in circles clinched it:  He was immediately dubbed “Dizzy.”

Dizzy is an independent little guy, but when he wants to cuddle, he wants to cuddle!  He insists on pressing against his parents’ legs during cuddle time and loves to burrow under blankets. Andrea says that he sometimes appears to be standoffish with strangers, but he’s just trying to assess the treat situation.  He is very treat motivated and will become your friend for life in exchange for a snack.

Andrea says that Dizzy loves chicken and rice, which he gets on special occasions.  His favorite snacks are carrots.

Dizzy loves running along side his mom’s bike… until he gets tired.  Then he likes feeling the wind in his face while hitching a ride in the basket.  Dizzy also loves Agility (especially the tunnel) and has been taking classes at Zoom Room Culver City for over a year.  Dizzy even hopes to compete one day.  We can’t wait to see him run circles around the competition!

Dizzy, we are thrilled to name you as Dog of the Month!   Congratulations!




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