Member of the Month
| September 7th, 2011

Sam is August’s M.O.M.

Sam is a 15-month-old Golden mix who is as cute as he loving.  His mom, Onnie, was looking for puppy love on the internet when she decided to peruse the website for Helping Paws, a rescue out of Apple Valley.  She fell in love just looking at Sam’s picture and had to make the long trek from Hermosa Beach to meet him.

When Onnnie brought Sam to the vet for his first examination, she discovered that he was sick.  A lot of hard work and affection helped Sam become a healthy puppy who is adored by the staff at the veterinarian’s office.  He still gets showered with attention and treats every time he goes in for a check up.

Once Sam was well, Onnie noticed that he was a little shy and anxious around strangers and outside of his home.  She decided to bring him to Zoom Room Culver City to break him out of his shell.  After completing Agility 1, Sam was full of confidence.  Onnie and Sam love running the course together, even if they don’t always go in the right order!  They continue to take Agility 3 classes just to keep them both moving and enjoying each other’s company.  Sam also loves going to class to spend time with his best friend, another Agility-lover named Rocco.

Congratulations, Sam.  We are so proud of the tremendous strides you have made in such a short time!

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