Member of the Week: Tyson
| October 19th, 2009

Zoom Room Member of the Week



Name: Tyson
Nickname: Doodles
Breed: Pug
Gender: Male
Favorite class at the Zoom Room: Agility Training
Favorite Toy: Thin Plastic Golf Balls
Best Trick: Dance
Favorite Treat: Any Human Grade Meat
Twitter: Follow Tyson on Twitter
Website: Visit Tyson’s Web Page

Here’s what Tyson’s mom, Jody, has to say about him:

Tyson was born in Hong Kong on February 14th, 2005. His Chinese family did not want him anymore because Tyson was terrible. They put an ad on Craigslist to get rid of him and I answered their ad. I had been looking for the perfect pug to rescue for over two years when I finally ran across his ad. I came to their house to meet him and I saw that he lived in a cage in the garage. He was not neutered, his nails were not cut and had never been on a walk because he was “too strong” as they put it. When he was let out of his cage he ran and ran and ran and ran and then he came up to me, jumped up and bit me on the chin. I knew he was rough around the edges but I like a challenge. I came back the next day and picked him up. Having had never owned a dog and now owning a very crazy dog I threw myself into researching the best way to train and socialize him. I read books, watched numerous dog training shows on TV and the internet. I was chatting with a co-worker one day about my new addition to the family and they told me about this new “indoor k-9 social club” that I should check out and see if they had any ideas on training my Tazmanian devil. That place was the Zoom Room. I signed him up immediately for basic obedience class. Five 6-week classes later, a visit to vet to help him with his hump-master-flash issue, tons of practice, and 3 walks a day, Tyson is now a pretty well adjusted fur baby. He still has some kinks but he has come a long way. I have really enjoyed training myself (that’s what dog training really is) to be a better owner to my wonderfully smart and clever Tyson. I would be lost without Jaime and the Zoom Room.

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