Move Over Easter Bunny, There’s a New Rabbit in Town
| April 19th, 2011

Rabbits Hop Onto Agility Track

We all know how much fun we have running the agility course with our best canine friend.  Did you know that there is a growing number of people who use their family rabbit for agility?

Agility bunnies may not deliver Easter eggs and chocolate, but they will hop and jump as well as any canine.The sport is extremely popular in Canada, but the trend is starting to catch on here in the United States.

Like dogs, any rabbit can do agility.  Training a bunny is much the same as training your dog.  The only difference is the size of the agility equipment and the size of the animals’ ears.

Check out this rabbit called Jabberwocky sailing through an agility course.

Although we don’t have bunny agility, we do have dog agility at Zoom Room Culver City.  In fact, a new Agility League is starting up next week!  Come join the fun, friendly competition while making new friends, bonding with your dogs, and getting some exercise!  You can come on Thursdays (starting April 28) or Sundays (starting May 1).

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