Peaty’s Birthday Party
| October 24th, 2009

Happy Birthday Peaty!

The Zoom Room was thrilled to help celebrate Peaty Chang’s first birthday party last night!  He was surrounded by plenty of four-legged and two-legged friends.  Peaty’s mom brought plenty of food and drink to occupy the people, while the Zoom Room supplied hot dogs and ice cream to Peaty and his friends.  Peaty’s mom, Suzanne, also brought bubbles for the kids and dogs to chase.  All the dogs got to play on the agility equipment and many realized they were more talented than they realized!

View the photos!

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Louie Family writes:

Luke and family had so much fun! This was his first time out mingling, and he really enjoyed himself to the fullest! This was our first doggy party and we had so much fun!

Bentley Jes writes:

WOoof WoooF to you!
Happy Birthday Peaty!

Sorry I couldn’t make your party :-(
My mommie couldn’t come so she’ll
show me the cool bubbles & pics of
your new friends!

Woof woof to you… Woof woof to you
Love Bentley James (French Cousin) & Aunt Jamie

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