Summer Agility League Sizzled
| August 20th, 2010

Maggie Holds Competition At Bay

Maggie holds her trophy high

Maggie, our normal front runner, met some competition as  newcomer Ziggy blazed through the course during the Zoom Room’s summer agility league.   Maggie held onto her title, though, and took the “Overall Speed” award for running the final course in a blazing 15.38 seconds.  Ziggy, who landed the “Up and Coming” award, was hot on her tail, finishing the course in 15.68 seconds.

The rest of the league pack also had a great time competing.  Hank kept his mom on her toes as he ran amok, and Dixie pranced through the course with the grace and beauty of a puppy, despite her 15 years.  Bhajan made his mom proud by finally making it through the weave without needing an assist.  And Dolly finished the course wearing her new custom-made rubber boot.  Dolly feels so good in her new boot that she says she’s ready to take on Maggie in the next league.

During our awards ceremony, Jaime was honored with the “Most Consistent” award, Bhajan earned “Most Improved,” and Dolly was presented with the “Last But Not Least” award.

Congratulations to everyone who participated this summer.  Don’t forget, “To finish is to win.”  Not quite up to speed to join the league?  Start off with our agility classes.

Wanna see more pictures of these pups showing off their trophies?  Go to our Facebook page!

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