Terrier Named Hero of The Year by SPCAla
| May 5th, 2010

Ronnie Saves Family From Coyote

Ronnie shows off his award

Ronnie, a Fox Wire Terrier who lives with his family in Orange County, received top honors from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Los Angeles on May 4. 

Ronnie was chosen to be Hero Dog of the Year by the SPCAla for his act of heroism last August.   Ronnie, his mom (Janis Christensen) and his little sister, Silky Terrier Annie, were all in the backyard one summer evening.  The trio was surprised by an uninvited guest — a coyote who jumped over a six-foot wall and ended up in the backyard.

Ronnie sprang into action and put himself between the coyote and his family.  The coyote was not impressed by his 30-pound adversary and launched an attack.  Ronnie (named for Ronald Reagan) put up a good fight and sent the coyote crying back over the wall and into the wilderness.

SPCAla president, Madeline Bernstein, said that Ronnie was chosen as Hero Dog of the Year because his actions went above and beyond what most dogs would do in that situation.

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