Whoa Nellie
| July 15th, 2010

Nellie is June’s Member of the Month

Nellie is a brindle French Bulldog who also answers to Nellie Bellie and Diggles.  She was born on March 14, 2009 in Fallbrook, CA, and currently lives with her mom, Pam, and sister, Margaret in Venice.  She loves going to agility classes and mingling with other French bulldogs.   She also likes long walks, even though she isn’t quite ready to run off leash like her sister.  Nellie told her mom that she is thrilled to be named as June’s Member of the Month.

Thrilled to be Member of the Month

Nellie has been coming to the Zoom Room for almost a year and has excelled in every class she attends.   Nellie is now in her third agility class.  She sails over every obstacle, and has even overcome her initial wariness about the teeter.   With the determination she brings to class, she could become an agility champion.  Nellie brings joy and happiness to every class she is in.

Congratulations, Nellie!

Do you want to enter your dog in our Member of the Month contest?  It’s easy to do.  Just go to our Facebook page and follow the instructions.  See you there!

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