Yorkie Meet Up Last Saturday Was a York-sess
| May 24th, 2010


Yorkie Meet Up At Zoom Room Was York-tastic!

Every month, a group of Yorkies and their parents pick a place to meet, mingle, and chase each other.  This month, the group, headed up by Sean Curley, chose the Zoom Room for the event.

The ZR was packed with about 30 Yorkshire Terriers (and some non-Yorkie friends).  They played on the A-frame and scrambled over the dog walk as if they all had been doing agility for years.  Many  pup parents were surprised and pleased at how athletic their little guys were.

We would like to thank Sean for bringing her meet up to meet us.  It was a lot of fun watching the festivities.  Come back anytime, y’all!

Are you interested in having an event like a meet-up or birthday party for your pooch at the Zoom Room? Give us a call at (310) 636-4606 for more information.

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Tawny writes:


This is Tawny, and my Yorkshire Terrier had a great time at the “meetup” this past Saturday.

For personal reasons, I choose to not take part in “facebook”, and I remembered you mentioning to the group that you were going to ad the photo’s you had taken that evening to your facebook site.
Is there any other way to see the photo’s without logging in to facebook?

Thanks so much . . .

Jessie writes:

Hi Tawny,

I will post the photos on picasa tomorrow and send you the link. Glad you and your pup had fun!

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