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Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

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Wendy has such a calm easy demeanor about her, which is such a positive as an instructor. You really feel that she wants you to succeed as a team. Rally is the most recent classes I have taken, but I have enjoyed and learned so much from the other classes I've taken.

- Joan Feil, who enjoyed Rally with Gabby

Both instructors are helpful and encouraging as we embark on our new adventure at the Zoom Room!! Waylon loves the opportunity to play and learn a new skill.....we are looking forward to many more happy days zooming!!!

- Terri B, who enjoyed agility1 with Waylon

My dog, Toffee, has been taking the agility class for 6 months.
Toffee loves Kathy so much:)!
Kathy gave me great advice not only about agility but also Toffee's behavior.
Thank you Kathy!!!

- Natsue Strader, who enjoyed agility with Toffee

The place is happy, clean, and in a great location. Love positive reinforcement technique ! 5 stars!

- Valeriya Pauley, who enjoyed Obedience and Agility with Lui

I've loved working with Wendy...she's enthusiastic but never seems to get flustered when my dog--os somebody else's dog--gets a little wild and crazy. I really like her calm and friendly approach to training!

- Sarah Hawkins, who enjoyed Rally Obedience with Olive

Wonderful...Ellie is a handful and being a rescue dog along with being a Great Dane it takes a lot of work to keep her focused. Kathy was fantastic about making special arrangements for me and Ellie and giving me all sorts of help and hints and genius insights as to what Ellie may be going through. I hope to be able to go through many, many more classes with Kathy! I can't say enough how much I appreciated her patience!!! Thank you so much!

- Rachel Thomas, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Ellie

This class was great for Riley. He gained a lot of confidence and became a lot more calm at home.

- Melanie, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Riley

We really enjoy Jessica! She always sets up new and difficult challenges and helps us accomplish it, step by step. She loves our dog and our dog loves her!

- Shelby Crow, who enjoyed Obedience 2, Obedience 3, Agility 1, Agility 2 with Tucker

Tess is awesome. She really caters her approach to each individual dog to help them get the most out of class.

- Amber Klein, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Kirra

We have seen huge strides in confidence for our shy little puppy. The class has been a great investment for us, and we are so proud of the changes that she's made. The class moves at the right pace for her, and the staff is very aware of how to make shy dogs comfortable.

- Adam R, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Emi

We've learned some great tools to work with.

- Hope Joseph, who enjoyed Shy Dog Class with Benjen

Bogart and I had a great time exploring the world of agility! Jessica walked us through all the steps very clearly & patiently - especially when Bogart was hesitant with the tunnel. She took the time to make sure we were both comfortable and by the end he was walking through like a pro! I also appreciated how the class is organized to keep the dogs engaged the whole time and how the obstacles can be adjusted to ability level easily.

- Eva McMullen, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Bogart

Agility is a blast for Bruno AND for me. Kathy always does a great job with valuable tips and excellent instruction. Classes are well organized and profession but fun and enjoyable at the same time.

- Dave Joseph, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Bruno

Jess has been wonderful for both classes Not only has she taught Chloie and I agility but she has taught me about Chloies signsof the start of agression; she has also given us tips on getting Chloie to walk better on a leash and that Chloie doesnt always have to be first for things and that there can be big dogs besides her in class!!! Chloie has enjoyed class so very very much as well as I have so much that we can't wait to start competeing in agility!!!

- Peggy Hrouda, who enjoyed agility 1 and agility 2 with Chloie

Sydney is a naturally shy dog. Agility classes have been great for her. She's become a lot more confident and adventuresome through the classes. She's also gotten some great exercise and we've both learned a lot.

- Sara B. Hansen, who enjoyed Agility 1-4 with Sydney

We started using what we learned yesterday on today's morning walk. It is going to take some time but I am already seeing positive results!!! Thanks so much.

- Jodi W., who enjoyed 30 min private with Jake

Skye and I enjoyed it all very much! Skye is a very active Shellie, an "Athlete" as his Vet says, so the workouts were great. While I realize (and was told that) Skye's abilities are such he was ready for Agility 4 before we started Agility 3, there were a couple of students in Agility 4 that should not have been there and generally slowed the class down. But, all in all, a great experience for Skye. Now, we are ready for Agility League.

- Ray Crites, who enjoyed Agility 1 through 4 with Skye

We loved the Zoom Room. IT helped us focus our efforts with Tater and help us know how to work with him better. He is a really smart dog and we learned how to use commands more effectively with him.

- Alana B, who enjoyed Obidience 1 with Tatertot

We've wanted to try out agility for a long time and had a great first experience! Erik is easy going and great with the dogs. Faith loved every moment and it was exciting to see her improve throughout the course.

- Rose, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Faith

Agility 1 was such a blast. After the first two classes I thought Luke would never settle down and stop trying to play with the other dogs. But by the third class it clicked! Luke became focused on me and the obstacles. I love seeing the joy on his face as he bounds over the A frame or rushes through the tunnel looking for me (and a treat of course). Erik did such a nice job carefully introducing the dogs to the obstacles. He even convinced Luke that the Teeter was a fun treat machine!

I am so happy we found Zoom Room! We are all signed up and ready to attend Agility 2 in the upcoming semester :)

- Holly, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Luke

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both of my classes I take with my dog, Yaya!! We are in Agility 1 and Tricks 1. It is a fun way to build the bond with my dog. The classes are paced just right so they are enjoyable even for the hectic weeks when we don't have time to practice. Every class has been enjoyable for both of us. Great facility AND great staff! 5 stars. I highly recommend it.

- Melinda O., who enjoyed Agility 1 and Tricks 1 with Yaya

The zoom room is a positive environment to train my dog. I enjoy going to all the classes. The teachers are great and supportive. They have little tricks to help me mold my dog into a well behaved dog. We have a ton of fun participating in all the zoom room activities.

- maria michels, who enjoyed agility and tricks with Samie

We love zoom room! Pippa gets so excited when we arrive because it means fun and treats. Tess helps get pippa focused in agility and Erin helps us work with pippa on obedience issues.

- Michelle, who enjoyed Agility 1 and obedience 1&2 with Pippa

Always a challenge with lots of help and encouragement. We learn something every visit and have fun doing it.

- Joan, who enjoyed agility 3 with margo

The Shy Dog Workshop was exactly what we were looking for! It was slow-paced and provided the tools we needed to help our dog become more confident. Our dog showed incredible improvement by the end of class. She is almost like a different dog now! Kathy is great with all of the dogs and is really helpful with troubleshooting your specific challenges. We will definitely be back for more classes!

- Nicole W., who enjoyed Shy Dog Workshop with Lily

SOOOO fun!!! We love it. Cal loves going and he knows when I put his seat belt on where he is going. I swear I think he smiles at his trainer at the end of class!

- Nicole Foster, who enjoyed Private agility lessons with Cal

Great class! Cathy is wonderful. Really enjoyed our time. The only expectation not met was that I thought there would be more info about certification and perhaps resource info as to where and how therapy dogs can be utilized or needed in the community. Perhaps that's data to be gathered in the future? The training was fun and we will take another class at Zoom Room in the future.

- Pam Stewart, who enjoyed Therapy dog with Maisie

Jessica has a great, positive energy and makes class very enjoyable for both dogs and parents :)

- Blair D., who enjoyed Obedience 1 and Agility 1 with Stanley

Sundae and I hav e learned a lot during our two agility classes. In addition to learning to navigate the apparatus, Sundae's focus and attention has improved and she is more confident in new and different environments.

- Arna Caplan, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Sundae

Charlie and I enjoy the Zoom. Room very much. Charlie is very motivated and happy to learn when he goes for his lessons. The Zoom Room staff is awesome : Very knowledgeable and efficient!

- Carolyn Anderson, who enjoyed Obedience /agility with Charlie

Kathy at the Zoom Room is AMAZING!!

My husband and I recently adopted a dog from a local shelter and he has very strong anxiety/fear/aggression when any other dogs or people are around. We were having a very hard time finding ways to work with him because he never displays this behavior to us, just to other people and situations and it was getting to the point where we were nervous to have guests over. Just in our first session with Kathy, we left with lots of great techniques to work on this issue with him but not too many where we felt lost in where to begin. She helped calm him and she helped calm us. We had gotten to a point where we wondered if we would be able to help him at all. Kathy gave us a great foundation to begin working with him and was able to get him to exhibit behaviors that showed us we will be able to work towards calming this behavior so our dog and we can all have a better relationship with each other.

We will definitely be back to the Zoom Room!

- Whitney Kontaxakis, who enjoyed Private session with Bailey

We have really been enjoying Agility II with Jessica. Sadee has been thriving in the learning environment and Jessica is a wonderful trainer. She knows exactly how to tweak what we are doing to get the best results from Sadee AND from us! We can't wait to get to the next level and we love coming back week after week. AND Sadee LOVES Jessica and the rest of the staff, as do we!

- Bruce & David, who enjoyed Agility with Sadee

This was a great learning opportunity for us. Kathy is professional and personable. The small size of the class made it feel like a personalized experience.

- K.Y., who enjoyed Pet Therapy with Emma

What can I say- we LOVE the Zoom Room!
Tess is a fantastic instructor who is flexible, encouraging, and obvious loves dogs. She made us feel successful every class, and reminded us to be patient with our dogs as they learned new and complex behaviors. I would recommend her classes to any dog owner and not only for the skills! It amazes me that spending time learning agility obstacles strengthened my bond with my dogs, and helped us enjoy each other so much more!
The Zoom Room is worth every penny!

- Claire H, who enjoyed Agility 1, Agility 2, and Private Gym with Cobalt and Zoe

We recently got a new puppy and wanted Lucy to have some bonding time with mom, so to agility we went. We loved the class! Lucy is an 8 1/2 year old golden retriever, so she wasn't the fastest and in fact balked at the teeter, but regardless, she was eager to get to class each week. Kathy is an excellent instructor. She teaches clearly and manages to get the most tentative dog through the course.

- Cindy B., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Lucy

We love the Zoom Room! Bernie has fun every time and leaves tired. It helps us with commands and he has better listening skills outside of class. Agility is super fun and a great way to burn some energy.

- Kiley Clippinger, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2, Agility 1, 2, &3 with Bernard

Torin and I have been looking into doing agility training for a long time and weren't sure where to begin. The initial orientation and evaluation for Torin was incredibly easy and we were able to skip ahead right into Agility 1. The staff is always incredibly friendly. Tess, in particular, does a great job of letting us know what to tell our dogs, but also letting us know what we need to do to better help our dogs. Whether it was great success or a dog fight, the staff handled everything exactly as I would have expected and better. Zoom Room has been a great place for Torin and I to further our relationship and we're excited to show up each and every week!

- Hugh Hartigan, who enjoyed Agility with Torin

I loved my class and all of my new friends. The extra treats were great too but the activity with my person was best of all. We both learned a lot and have a new life long activity. In fact, I just got a new little brother and he is going to join in with us making it a family affair. Thank you Kathy, I love you, you are one of my favorite people.

- S. W., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Hunter

it was great, Roxy was having medical problems, but it was a good focus exercise and bonding for us. I do think we enjoy agility more than urban herding

- Colleen Attoma-Mathews, who enjoyed urban herding with Roxy

Jessica is a good instructor and is patient with all dogs in class. She will take the time to give extra instruction to owners and special attention to dogs if they are struggling with a specific obstacle.

- Karen Johnson, who enjoyed Agility4 with Saki

We live in the neighborhood near Zoom Room Denver and walked by many times before scheduling an evaluation and learning more about the class offerings. I wish we had done it sooner! We brought both of our canine kids in for evaluations on recommended classes and Kathy was very open and honest with us in discussing the goals we wanted to achieve with each. Libby is nearing completion of her leash walking class and we are both showing progress! I have appreciated Kathy's adaptability in class and in keeping things simple and easy to practice at home. I'd recommend Zoom Room classes to anyone with a canine of any age or activity level. We are looking forward to participating in additional events/classes at Zoom Room!

- Jennifer Schreiber, who enjoyed Leash Walking with Libby

Kathy is very patient and great with all the dogs. Faith and I both enjoyed the experience of furthering our agility skills. Hope Agility 4 becomes available!

- Barbara, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Faith

Really enjoying our time at Zoom Room! Looking forward to learning more and moving up!!! Agility too!

- Melanie Regele, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Henry

The Urban Herding class is fantastic! Lacey is great at it, being a Border Collie and having the herding instinct built in. We also really enjoyed all the agility courses we took, and we're looking forward to finding out what's next for us at Zoom Room.

- Anna Florey, who enjoyed Urban Herding with Lacey

We had a good time!

- Chris Radeff, who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Rhett Butler

Kathy has so much patience for crazy little puppies and their families. She is teaching all of us more than we expected and with tips that help us once we get home. The puppy play time stays under control, with Kathy knowing exactly what to do when things get too rambunctious! We feel this is a great, safe, and clean place for our pup.

- Barb L., who enjoyed Puppy pre-school with Penny

Outstanding! Extremely professional. All stag has been knowledgeable and very helpful. I intend to remain a faithful client.

- Janie johnson, who enjoyed Agility with Meg

Love the classes offered here. It is a great environment for people and dogs. Very welcoming with great instruction -- I never feel discouraged even I am having troubles. I would come to class every day if I could!

- Colleen T., who enjoyed Obedience with Tobin

Zeke and I really enjoyed the leash walking class. Though it was short, we were able to accomplish quite a bit in each session. I will continue to use what I learned with my dog in the future. Overall, great class!

- Kayla Price, who enjoyed Leash Walking with Zeke

Tilly and I had a lot of fun in Tricks! Tilly is an intense dog who thrives on challenges and the mental stimulation of learning to focus to figure out something new was great for her and a great lesson for me in how to better communicate with her so she could understand what I was asking for. Kathy was fantastic at helping each student modify their techniques to suit the needs of the dog since each dog had different strengths and weaknesses.

- Stacey C., who enjoyed Tricks with Tilly

The Zoom Room was informative and fun. We learned so much and hope to be back for agility!

- Laura T., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Wilson

It was fabulous - for both of us! We loved it! Zoe has gained so much confidence, and is socializing better with dogs that normally would have been very scary for her. But with Kathy and Zoom Room's help she is thriving! Not to mention it is just plain fun!!

- Kelly A. Hurley, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Zoe

Oliver looked forward to class every Sunday, and loved doing all of the exercises and learning new things! It was great bonding time for us and we had a ball.

- Graham, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Oliver

Kathy went way above & beyond for Hobbes & me. My dog is a bit older and needed some special accomodations which Kathy worked hard to create and structure. She is a very knowledgeable, generous, flexible, dog-loving teacher who believes every dog can learn. Hobbes & I felt much closer after the class, & he learned a ton.

- Michelle Bradley, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Hobbes

Pippa loves her trainers and is always so excited to go to class.

- Michelle, who enjoyed Obedience 3 and agility 2 with Pippa

Excellent - very attentive and knowledgeable instructor and a great and understanding group of classmates

- Rob Melick, who enjoyed Puppy Agility with Kona

Both Ozzy and my daughter LOVED the classes! Kathy is an outstanding instructor who has so much knowledge, patience and experience. We can't believe how well Ozzy is doing with the agility training and his focus has improved tremendously!

- Lisa, who enjoyed Youth Agility 1 and 2 with Ozzy

LOVE IT!! Most fun I have had training a puppy. So rewarding for both of us. The go-at -your-own-pace is fantastic! Thanks, ZoomRoom!!!

- Katy K, who enjoyed Puppy preschool, puppy obedience, puppy agility with Bella

I think it was a great experience! Mia loved going to class and it was rewarding to see her progress every week! Agility class was my favorite to watch. Mia got super excited and she ran through the course well. This made me excited to watch her and her fellow doggy pals excell. Very supportive environment both from others and the instructors.

- Jackie Argueta, who enjoyed Agility obedience and tricks with Mia

Lacheln is a very reactionary dog and everyone does really great handling him. He's getting every skill that is given to us. We look forward to class every week!

- emily ross, who enjoyed obediance 3 with lacheln

While Lulu, a small terrier mix, doesn't have the makings for competition, after 3 agility classes she grew in confidence, she had fun, whined with excitement when we arrived at class and it deepened our bond with each other. Now we're thinking about what class we want to take next.

- Jane P, who enjoyed Agility with Lulu

This was our first experience with agility and we loved having the full attention of Kathy, our instructor. It was fun and at the same time challenging for my dog, not only physically, but mentally as well. We still have to get better with some or the more difficult obstacles and we will continue agility, but taking another fun class in between. Kathy has a very good way of assessing what methods are best for each dog to make progress and I very much appreciated her patience with me and my dog.

- Elke B., who enjoyed private agility (4 1/2-hr sessions) with Kita

Kathy has helped tremendously with my dog's shyness and overcoming some fear with obstacles. She's very articulate, patient, has control of the class and dogs and does an overall wonderful job!

- Polly Penna, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Oliver Bacon

It has been an amazing bonding experience for me and my dog. She knows when she is there she is to learn, and ever since day of going there I can see results of the classes!

- Ryan Gonzales, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Avery

Melissa is wonderful with both people and dogs. She is able to show me how to alter what I'm doing in order to get the desired result with my dog. Her teaching skills are excellent.

- Sandy Righter, who enjoyed Intermediate obedience with Lovey

We really enjoy the agility classes. The staff is friendly, knowledge and fun. They all remember Margo every time and greet her by name.
Only positive things to say.

- Joan Bancroft, who enjoyed agility 2 with Margo

fun! ( a little less fun cus I had a broken foot and was recovering from knee sugery, but fun overall!)

- Nancy Rogers, who enjoyed agility 1 with Noodle

I love the Zoom Room! I go as much as I can. I recommend it to everyone I talk to when they talk about what an obedient and calm dog Kita is.

- Shawna M., who enjoyed all of them! Urban Herding, Agility, Obedience with Kita

Urban Herding class was a LOT of fun for me and Lilly! She is a smart girl so it was great to have an activity that was a brain work out! Kathy really made this difficult sport a pleasure to learn by breaking it down into simple steps. We will certainly keep practicing to put together all of the skills we learned.

- Holly, who enjoyed Urban Herding with Lilly

I thought [Shy Dog Class] was really helpful for Emerson. I think it helped that she came to the class and didn't interact with the dogs, which resulted in her not getting excited about seeing other dogs on the street. And the biggest benefit was just an outlet for her to get out of the house and interact socially in a safe environment. I thought it was a great class and was happy to see it offered.

- Katie S., who enjoyed Shy Dog with Emerson

I have had 2 instructors for this class and both are excellent, knowledgeable and with helpful ways to correct a behavior.

- Joan, who enjoyed Obedience 3 with Margo

We have had the most amazing time at ZoomRoom. Our dog runs straight to the door whenever you say "It's time to go to class!" As owners, we have learned so many useful training tips and our dog is constantly impressing others with her skills and tricks! We can't say enough good things about ZoomRoom and our instructors.

- Emily, who enjoyed Puppy Agility, Obedience 1-3 with Luna

There are no words that could possibly do justice to my outstanding experience at Zoomroom Denver. Thunder is my PTSD service dog and it's delightful to see him excell in a class that isn't all about me and my needs. Not only have his service dog tasks improved greatly but his willingness to manuvure real world obstacles has made great strides as well. Endless thanks to Jess and her "can do" attitude as well as her constant diligence to keeping our dogs safe. Thunder wears his blue/orange zoom room bandana with pride!

- Hannah D., who enjoyed Puppy agility & agility 1-4 with Thunder

Ellie had such a great time in the Agility I class at Zoom Room. Kathy is a wonderful teacher, and you could tell all the dogs in our class were happy to be learning and loved the environment. We'll definitely be taking more classes here!

- Jesse M, who enjoyed Agility I with Ellie

Fabulous! We learned so much and our dog has really started to overcome his fears. We have some great general tools to help us continue to expose our dog to "scary" things and help him to be more comfortable.

- johanna, who enjoyed shy dog with summit

I have really enjoyed our classes at Zoom Room, it is a fun friendly environment, the classes are kept small, and as a new puppy owner everyone is always more than happy to answer all of my questions. I had to miss a class a few months ago because my puppy needed an emergency surgery and they were very understanding and even checked in a few days later to see how he was recovering. Both Bentley and I really enjoy our time at Zoom Room!

- Debbie Marsh, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience levels 1 and 2 with Bentley

Our instructor was great. She was thorough and managed to tailor the class to each dog and owners needs. I felt we got a lot of individual attention and that Mingus (and I) made great progress in the class. It was so nice to work in a very controlled, positive and super clean environment. We are looking forward to Obedience II and then hopefully Therapy Dog Training. Thanks Zoom Room.

- Sarah, who enjoyed obedience I with Mingus

Instructor was very knowledgeable, explained things well and led the class so that we could be successful with our dogs. My dog was hesitant at first, but with practice started
to catch on to perform skills by the end of the session.

- TRACEY SLOSSE, who enjoyed agility i with COSMO

Oscar loved the class - when I mention the word "class" he gets very excited!!! The best part about it was being able to develop trust in letting him off leash and trusting that he will respond to me - we adopted him a year ago when he was 4 and through the last 3 classes - obedience, agility 1 and now agility 2 we have been able establish a great working relationship!

- Biddie Labrot, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Oscar

We have a high energy, high drive German Shepherd and the Zoom Room trainers have always been very patient, helpful, and caring. They offer great advice and have taught Zona the basics in obedience and agility. We look forward to learning more from the Zoom Room staff!

- Amy Geisert, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience and Puppy Agility with Zona

We had so much fun! I tell everyone I meet who has a dog they should come check ZoomRoom out! Whether you have a dog who needs some obedience or a dog who is ready to tackle the fun and challenging agility course, you and your dog will have a blast and learn soooo much!!! We have already signed up for Tricks - I can't wait to see Dewey riding down the street on a skateboard!

- Wendy H, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2 and 3 with Dewey the Boston Terrier

I enjoy taking classes with Tess. Even though she is relatively new to teaching groups, she sets a good atmosphere for learning. I am comfortable asking questions during and after class. Tobin improves every time!

- Colleen T., who enjoyed Agility with Tobin

We love the Zoom Room so much! Bernie has taken several classes there and loves coming every week. He is so tired after any class. Zoom Room is so clean and organized and both instructors we've had in Bernie's classes are so knowledgeable and can adapt to teach and help any dog.

- Kiley Clippinger, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2, Agility 1 & 2 with Bernard

Haiden loved agility, she knew were we were going every time I pulled up. It was so fun to see my shy, nervous dog become a social, confident dog who was happy to see everyone (people and dogs) in the class.
I am such a believer in using positive reinforcement as a training method, Kathy and Jess do a great job with adapting the class to each dog's ability level.

- Jamie B, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Haiden

Shy Dog class was incredibly helpful for both Fletcher and his humans. We feel like we have a better understanding of how to read his body language, and what he is trying to communicate to us, and how to help him work through scary situations. Both Kathy and Jess were great at offering suggestions for specific problems we encountered. They really encouraged communication throughout the week, so if something came up, we were not stranded until the next class. It was also really fun to see the other dogs in class make their own progress!

- Kelsey F., who enjoyed Shy Dog with Fletcher

Kathy is not only an excellent teacher, she also has a broad knowledge of how to identify, understand and correct specific dog behavior issues. Our classes with her were always productive. I appreciate the printed handouts from each class which I used as reminders for work outside class! I learned a great deal and so did my dog.

- Steve Clemens, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Romeo

Love how zoom room doesn't make you agree to a certain amount of weeks per class! Since my dog was 2 and already had many skills/self control we could move right along as she was ready. Passed the CGC test and started therapy dog class which has been a lot of fun. We love the atmosphere of zoom room, caring staff, and all the positive training! Sometimes I can't believe the things Jilly does now after just a few months of training. We have done a little agility in between which has been great as well. People tell me how well my dog is behaved all the time and I recommend Zoom Room to everyone!

- Irene Beam, who enjoyed Obedience, Agility, Therapy Dog with Jillian

Very good 6 weeks. We were introduced to all the agility obstacles at each dog's speed...never felt rushed.

- Matt E, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Bentley

Great class!!! Leni and I both had a great time. The Zoom Room is all about positive reinforcement.

- Jackie, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Leni

Very good experience, we all love it! My aussie pup loves to do agility, it gives her a job and we really like the obedience class, it challenged her which is very good for Australian shepherd. My other dog a cavalier king Charles spaniel graduated from therapy class, it was the best class we took. Our dogs are learning everything thing they will need to know as therapy dogs. She also does agility and loves it, yes little dogs can do agility! They have everything here for all sizes and ages. The trainers are very knowledgeable and experience. They have small classes so they can focus on each individuals.
Every time they enter in the Zoom room they are all exited, it is very beautiful and clean inside. It is a great place to bring your dogs and have a great time!

- Laure Vivier, who enjoyed Therapy dog training, obedience 3, agility 1 and agility 2 with Prunelle and Ilka

Jax's focus has improved so much since we started attending the Zoom Room! He's definitely still a puppy but he's learned so much. We were a little skeptical about agility at first (in terms of paying for it in addition to obedience), but it has helped U.S. bond and increase trust and communication. We've stuck with it not not only because it's fun but because it actually helps a great deal with his obedience training.

- Kelli M, who enjoyed Puppy agility, puppy obedience 2, obedience 3 with Jax

We had a great time in Agility 1. Oliver looked forward to our class each week! The structure of the class was great, we both loved the positive training, and our instructor was fantastic and supportive. We can't wait for Agility 2!

- Graham, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Oliver

Gertie and I have been loving our agility classes. Gertie's tail doesn't stop wagging from the moment we hot the parking lot. Jessica is very clear, direct and creative with her course ideas. The pups love her too.

- Kristen, who enjoyed Agility1-3 with Gertie

Cathy is very pleasant and delightful to work with in class. Maisie and I have really enjoyed our time in both classes we attended. Very nice to get a little certificate at the end, even for Tricks not yet fully accomplished and nice touch to give a little doggie cup cake! My kitty has liked those so much she has stolen them both times I've brought them home! :) We are taking a break from doggie school for a bit but when we decide to do something new we will definitely be coming back to Zoom Room! Thanks so much!

- ps, who enjoyed Tricks with Maisie

Enjoyed all the classes, great opportunity to work with my dogs individually in a warm setting (my classes were in January and March). Kathy is very good with all temperaments of dogs and it was fun to see my dogs improving.

- Janice V., who enjoyed Agility 1

Excellent class. Wilson shos great improvement.

- Larry Small, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Wilson

Charlie loves going to "school" at the Zoom Room! He's a very busy little guy and he's learning how to focus on the task at hand - while still getting to run, jump, try new things and meet new friends. He loves it. I love it! Thank you Zoom Room Denver!

- Anita H., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Charlie

loved it! kathy is amazingly patient and a wonderful teacher. even my ADD pup made gains.

- becky wallace, who enjoyed obedience 1 with zuma

A wonderful way to get a deeper bond with my dog. Slim loves to do his trick although some days are better than others. I tell everyone I know about Zoom Room. I will definately be back for more classes!

- Rose Castaneda, who enjoyed agility 1 & 2 with Slim

I've learned several "leash manner" training techniques from various trainers with my previous dogs, but this class has been the most effective. I was seeing results after just one class even though I'd been trying other techniques unsuccessfully for months to get the same behavior. The 3 week class gave us useful techniques and practice to continue honing our skills on our own, which is exactly what a good class should be able to do... teach you the skills to keep on training and improving outside of class.

- Stacey, who enjoyed Leash Walking with Tilly

We had such a great time! I appreciated the patience and time my instructor took to really give Buddy the tools to thrive. I am hoping to try the urban herding class this upcoming semester!!!

- Jacquie P., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Buddy

LOVE it! Keeps Thelma grounded and focused and is so much fun. She gets so excited when I say " zoom room".

- Colleen Grierson, who enjoyed sgility with thelma

I have enjoyed all the training at the Zoom Room. The staff are all knowledgeable and helpful, the classes are well run and Margo has fun.

- Joan, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Margo

Very helpful. Nice sized class so that instructor could give us each attention as needed.

- Abby Davidson, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Bobby Nugget

My human parent has attended other classes with her past 4 legged friends and this by far is the best class she's attended. Kathy is great (she's really nice, is patient, and gives good treats). The location and equipment is top notch and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I and my human parent's are very happy with the classes here. I look forward to coming every week.

- Michelle P., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Gidget

I have taken many other dog classes at other facilities and nothing compares to the Zoom Room! Our instructor, Kathy Thorpe, is so compassionate, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about helping dogs! My dog is a rescue and suffers from extreme anxiety, both indoors and outdoors. Kathy took the time to respond to emails during the week regarding Katana's progress and occasional set backs. On the last day of class, Katana felt comfortable around Kathy, took treats from strangers, and successfully completed all the agility tasks! The Zoom Room Denver has great customer service and even made doggy donuts on graduation day! Kathy Thorpe helped Katana and brought tears to my eyes on Graduation day. Kathy is our dog whisperer.

- Jennifer Wheeler, who enjoyed shy dog with Katana

Everyone is really nice. Penny and I practice everything that we learn as much as we can. It's a lot of fun. Great bonding time with your dog.

- Megan W, who enjoyed Agility 1, Obedience 3 with Penny

We had a great experience; instructors are very knowledgeable and professional. it is impressive to see how they keep their composure in the midst of chaos.

- Kerrie Moreau, who enjoyed obedience 1; puppy agility with Oliver Jinx

Kathy was great and had wonderful tips to help Penny and I get over some huge obstacles like barking and distractions. At the end of the session I feel I have the tools to successfully continue my training with Penny. We are looking forward to starting Agility in the Spring! Thanks Zoom Room!

- Julie Waters, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Penny

It is so much fun for me and my dog

- Maria Michels, who enjoyed Agility with Samie

Our experience was great. We learned more than expected and had a great time doing so. I plan on taking Obedience 2. We look forward to learning more as well as keeping me honest in not letting Checkers charm me into doing things he shouldn't.

- Jennifer Acton, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Checkers

Very fun class! Jess was great at accommodating Rio's needs (he does not get treats).

- Sarah, who enjoyed Agility I with Rio

I love Zoom Room!!! My puppy is very shy but still loves to come to class. I really like the enthusiasm of the instructor and the way skills are taught, Thor picks things up quickly by the way they teach.

- Becca, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool and Obedience with Thor

So far, the experience has been very good, although Olive would prefer--I think--to JUST socialize with the other dogs versus learning how to do the agility equipment. But I think if we keep coming consistently, it will be good for her to learn to focus, and good for me to keep learning how to work with her effectively.

- Sarah H., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Olive

Kathy was a wonderful instructor. Our dog Checkers is a 10 month old bundle of energy. Kathy helped me direct his energy using a very positive approach. Checkers now has an owner that says "good boy" instead of "no" all the time.

Thank you Kathy

- Jennifer Acton

Brooke is a 3-year old rescue dog that is part Chocolate Lab and Border Collie. She came from a remote area of Wyoming and is trying to meet the challenges of a 'big city'. While both sweet, smart and well behaved when she is home alone with me, there are reactivity issues when a fence or leash are involved especially toward other dogs. Wendy did her best to allow Brooke some proximity to the other dogs in the beginner obedience classes. We probably spent more time out of the ring than in it so Broke could collect herself and demonstrate more acceptable behavior than her reactivity allowed. Melissa and I discussed and worked on some options to help with a myriad of diverse challenges, and allowed Brooke to experience the agility equipment to teach her that there are some fun things in life, too. Both instructors added a lot of value to the experience While these eight sessions were helpful, I continue to work with Brooke independently. It may take a very long time and a lot of patience, but there is a good dog inside that furry, brown coat just waiting to emerge! Once she becomes more confident and less reactive I plan to return to Zoom Room to further her natural agility instincts.

- Carol, who enjoyed beg obedience, private training (combo obedience and with gility)

Oscar and I absolutely love the zoom room. Having a working dog it is very important to stimulate him mentally and zoom room offers the best solution. Jess and Tess both provide individualized instruction for Oscar. They also understand he is high energy and loves to give hugs. We can't forget Olivia who knows each dog who walks in and is prompt about rescheduling our next class on the spot.

- Charles Mullins, who enjoyed Urban Herding & Agility with Oscar

I think the classes themselves were great. It helped make sense of several of the things we'd been working on, which made it easier to motivate/correct Zoe. I really appreciated that. The scheduling of classes is tough though. I have yet to see an opening in Puppy Agility when I've tried (generally looking up to 2 weeks in advance). As a result, we ended up coming to classes that she was probably too old for (including our last time at Preschool).

- jimi adams, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool & Puppy Obedience with Zoe

Mikey is getting so much more confident! Once he gets over his fear of the obstacle, he loves doing it. The teachers really understand our shy guy and help him with our adding to his fear.
And I am having a lot of fun, too.

- Susie, who enjoyed Shy dog, agility1 and agility 2 with Mikey

Tobin and I love coming to Zoom Room! It is such a great environment for dogs and their people. All the trainers are very knowledgeable and very friendly. I always feel like they are ready to help me, even when I am struggling with a task. Great place!

- Colleen T., who enjoyed Obedience and Agility with Tobin

It was a great experience. I enjoyed the Agility class very much.

- Laura Allred, who enjoyed Private Agility with Gracie

My daughter has been in Agility 1 and 2 with our dog and Kathy does a great job. We have had a great time and look foward to Agility 3. Thank you!

- Bill C., who enjoyed Agility 2

Kathy is knowledgeable, professional, patient and kind. We obviously enjoy and get a lot out of the classes as we keep coming back. Private gym time was great when the yard was too muddy for doggy play. We'll be back for sure.

- Amy Wiley, who enjoyed Obedience I, Agility I, Private Gym Time with Flynn

Nala and I are having an absolute blast in the agility classes! We have so much fun together. Love Zoom Room, love the instructors - they are training me well.

- Kate Wormington, who enjoyed Agility with Nala

Loved the class. The instructor was knowledgeable, patient and sweet. We will be taking more classes for sure!

- Pam D, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Aife

Absolutely wonderful - I had a scaredy dog and now he has confidence. Also, he follows simple commands at home so much better. A delightful environment to bond closer with my pup!

- DawnMarie Schwappach, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Beauregard


- Jamie Pritchard, who enjoyed agility/CGC with Bonnie

This was great for all of us! The Zoom Room is our favorite play date!

Fabulous! We learned so much and our dog has really started to overcome his fears. We have some great general tools to help us continue to expose our dog to "scary" things and help him to be more comfortable.

- johanna, who enjoyed shy dog with summit

Great instructor and facility! We love it!

- Molly Vaskey, who enjoyed Puppy agility with Yoopie

Kadin really enjoys the agility exercises. He is 4 yrs old. He is a Champion, has a BN,RN and CGCA. I have trained him at Blue Springs since he was 16 weeks old and have always used a choke chain or even a pinch collar for a short time. He is an extremely strong, 100 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback. On a buckle collar or Martingale he has been very difficult to handle. He is free! I understand you must adhere to policy. His 4th class was today and he did much better which is encouraging. It helped greatly to keep him on the large table the whole time.

- Carol Johnson, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Kadin

My dog is very shy, and was terrified as a puppy, but now he loves to come to all his classes at the zoom room and it is great socialization for him! He loves his teachers, which are the only people he likes besides us. The classes and teachers are great and he has learned a ton!

- Becca B., who enjoyed Obedience 2 & Agility 1 with Thor

Velcro and I have had two awesome classes so far at the Zoom Room! She clearly has so much joy working the course and showing off her smarts and skills. The instructors are great at introducing new obstacles and they pay close attention to the little details that help improve performance on existing ones. The gym is always clean and everyone always has a smile on their face. Of course we'll be back for more!

- Annie, who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Velcro

We have had an amazing time working with Jessica! Everyone at ZoomRoom is incredible and has made us feel welcome each time we go to class. You can tell they love their jobs and they love the dogs they work with.

- Emily, who enjoyed Obedience 3 with Luna

It was great. The class was not too long so my dog was able to focus enough. Great to be able to meet other dogs. Although my dog already knew some of the basic commands, it was great to socialize with other dogs.

- Renzo Amaya, who enjoyed Obedience class and agility class with Milo Amaya

Brooklyn had so much fun in this class, she learned so much! We were so impressed when she did the entire course on the last day, off leash! I think this will give her something to do, and we will defiantly be signing up for more classes!

- Karra Bryant, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Brooklyn

We love taking agility classes at Zoom Room. Sydney tends to be a little shy and the classes have made her a lot more brave and confident. Plus the classes are fun and good exercise for her.

- Sara B. Hansen, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2, 3 and 4 with Sydney

ZoomRoom has been fantastic for us and our beloved Daphney! The obedience classes with Erin were exactly what we needed for our high energy, super smart Border Collie/Retriever rescue. Agility over the past few months with Tess has been even more rewarding for Daphney especially. Agility provides Daphney the mental stimulation that we really can't. Tess is patient, expert at customizing instruction and clearly cares for the pups. Daphney can't wait to work with Tess every week! We can't recommend her, Erin, or ZR highly enough. Thank you.

- Bryan Counts, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Daphney

We had a great time! Our instructors were very kind, encouraging, and really prepared us for the CGC test at the end. I will definitely return to Zoom Room in the future. Thanks so much!

- Kristin, who enjoyed Obedience2 with Osa

Oaks and I had so much fun. I liked the progressive structure of the course and definitely the end, allowing them to run the course with out the leash. Both instructors were very helpful and willing to answer any questions.

- Holly, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Oakley


- CLARA L ROBLES, who enjoyed OBEDIENCE 1 with LUCY

It was great. This was my second class at zoom room and I am really impressed with how they have helped my dog learn. Vincent gets so excited when we pull up. He loves it there.

- Elizabeth, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Vincent

This class was wonderful! Although there is certainly physical exertion in agility, a lot of the work was mental, and my dog was happy and exhausted after class each week (quite the feat for a herding guy with endless energy)! Kathy is a great teacher - knowledgable, patient, and able to coax your furry friend through even the most challenging obstacles so that they are successful. Can't wait for round two!

- Becky Mares, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Chaco

The instructors and classes were great. They were well structured so we could get a lot of participation time and repetitions. In addition, I'm a big believer in positive training which is what's taught at Zoom Room. It works!

- Brian, who enjoyed Agility, Obedience, Therapy with Neo, Tripp, Tahari

Loved taking Brutus to puppy preschool. It was such a great opportunity to reinforce his training that we do at home and an amazingly safe place for him to get some social time with other puppies.

- Kristen Sonsma, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Brutus

This has been so much fun getting our family to take turns bonding with Hope and doing something for our dog. Hope's exercise had become less when the kids came along last year and as a bird hunting dog with no birds to get, she needed something to learn. We have been greatly impressed by the space, instruction, and Hope's skills. We are so excited for her and hope to keep giving her opportunities to have her own "afterschool" activity!

- Sudowski Family, who enjoyed Agility Level 1 with Hope

We had a great time! Jess did an excellent job instructing and adjusting to the needs of each dog and trainer. We enjoyed Agility 1 so much that we attended Agility 2 as well.

- Lisa Carlson, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Merlin

My easy going boy so looks forward to every agility session as do I. He had some challenges on some of the equipment and Kathy immediately helped him be successful. She did a terrific job of introducing each piece of equipment in a positive way with some strategies that made sense and were practical and doable. Looking forward to Agility 2

- Barbara Calhoon, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Chivay

We really enjoyed attending obedience class at Zoom Room and plan to attend other classes in the future. Our high energy dog is still socializing after a traumatic past, and all Zoom Room staff were helpful, kind and considerate of her specific needs.

- Lindsey H., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Willow

I have taken many other dog classes at other facilities and nothing compares to the Zoom Room! Our instructor, Kathy Thorpe, is so compassionate, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about helping dogs! My dog is a rescue and suffers from extreme anxiety, both indoors and outdoors. Kathy took the time to respond to emails during the week regarding Katana's progress and occasional set backs. On the last day of class, Katana felt comfortable around Kathy, took treats from strangers, and successfully completed all the agility tasks! The Zoom Room Denver has great customer service and even made doggy donuts on graduation day! Kathy Thorpe helped Katana and brought tears to my eyes on Graduation day. Kathy is our dog whisperer.

- Jennifer Wheeler, who enjoyed shy dog with Katana

We've loved our class experience! Wendy is wonderful with the dogs and very helpful with our questions. Just signed up for 10 more!

- Sarabeth, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2 with Jenkins

Very positive experience. Greyson and I look forward to class each week. Wendy is awesome with her explanations and always has an answer for our questions.

- Sandy L., who enjoyed Obedience 1, Obedience 2 and Obedience 3 with Greyson

The instructor was awesome! Very patient and caring. Bailey is a 4 month old Sheltie and this has been a lot of fun for both him and me. I even bought a few agility pieces to play with him at home. It is great exercise both physically and mentally. He loves the challenges as well as being around other puppies close to his age. We will definitely continue with agility and other classes.

- Darlene Pieratti, who enjoyed puppy agility with Bailey

I had trained Yoko with the basics, but she's young and I thought that her eagerness when she see's other dogs was something that I was going to have to live with, but a neighbor told me about the Zoom Room and I figured that I would have Yoko participate in obedience 2 before I threw her into agility. When I started obedience 2 with Yoko, I was really nervous about the her taking the CGC at the end of the semester. She would get so excited to see another dog, it was impossible to get her to stop pulling or to think about anything other than meeting the dog that was approaching. In the first class Kathy and Windy taught me some essential techniques for capturing Yoko's attention and I immediately started to see a difference. Each class I was able to ask questions and get personalized pointers from Kathy and Wendy, and I really appreciated the list and tips we received after each class. By the end of the 5th week, my anxiety about the CRC test were gone, and I felt that I had a lot of confidence and support from Kathy and Wendy. We had such a great time in obedience 2 and Yoko simply adores the Denver Zoom Room - every time we pull up she starts whining to go inside!

- Rachel-Ann Howard, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Yoko

Awesome! Sophie suffers a little bit with anxiety and is very shy. It was amazing to watch her gain confidence and truly enjoy herself. It was a wonderful learning experience for me as well.

- Susan Tweedy, who enjoyed Agility I with Sophie

Reed and I just finished our first Obedience 1 class! Reed is a rescue dog, a wee bit shy and was quite stressed and anxious most of the time. But, due to Kathy's patience and her ability to teach me how to work with him, by the last night he was a different dog! He even let Kathy give him a treat! I love the facility and look forward to moving on to some agility training with Reed should he take a liking to it. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

- Tina S., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Reed

I was so happy to recently find dog agility classes in my neighborhood. The instructor, Kathy, is a real pro and is both patient and kind to the animals. I had two of my dogs in classes, so I was lucky enough to experience both Obedience class and Agility 1 class. Both of my boys were so excited to attend class every week and it was really great to watch their progress as they made it through the process. I highly recommend Zoom Room and will be telling all of my dog owner friends that they should go and check it out!

- Lynette P., who enjoyed Agility 1

Very good

- Elizabeth Migel, who enjoyed Nose work, also used open gym to practice agility with Holly

Our experience at Zoom Room has been AMAZING! I was worried that as an Alaskan Malamute weighing 100+ pounds that Nala wouldn't enjoy agility - not only has the staff been great about accepting a "larger" member in class, they have come up with lots of creative ways to make it fun for her. Although we're never planning on being the "fastest" dog in class, we certainly have a ton of fun every week! Thanks Zoom Room - Denver!


Excellent instruction and lot's of fun!

- Karen Hauser, who enjoyed agility 3 with kasi

We've had a great time taking agility classes at Zoom Room. Sydney, my Australian Shepherd/Corgi mix, can be challenging. She's a little shy and a lot stubborn, but Jessica Frigo is wonderful at coming up with ways to motivate my pup. I've been really pleased with how the instructors work to create approaches that work best for each dog.

- Sara B. Hansen, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2, 3 with Sydney

Positive, reward based training. All of my instructors have been great. They are always willing to take a few moments after class if we have a "how do I fix this behavior? " question.
Tango and I both enjoy the class a lot.

- Ann G, who enjoyed Agility with Tango

The instructors are awesome, very knowledgeable and extremely patient. You can tell they all truly care about our animals. Classes are fun and interesting. We learn information that can be applied anywhere and in various ways.

- michelle, who enjoyed obedience 1&2, agility 1&2 with jezebel

Our trainer was very patient and kind with Lucy. We felt comfortable and really liked the classes all in all

- Alyssa Wilcox, who enjoyed Training with Lucy

Eric was wonderfull!! He was knowledgeable and patient and encourageing during our classes. We appreciated him greatly!
Thanks to him.

- dena r abitz, who enjoyed agility 1 with dena r abitz

Mister and I both enjoyed this obedience class! While I had been working on obedience with Mister at home, doing this class, with other dogs, people and distractions present, was totally worthwhile!

- Kate Richter, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Mister

Jessica is an awesome teacher! I love going to her classes and she spends such individual time with each owner/dog to make sure we're learning what is important to get our dogs to be the most successful!

- Mark Miranda, who enjoyed Agility 4, Agility League with Bear

Charlie and I had a great time. Charlie really learned a lot and loved having a "job".

- oan Kirshenbaum, who enjoyed puppy and puppy agility with charlie

I thought the class was great. At times I would have liked it to move faster... (my dog, even more than me) but i understand having numerous dogs to work through the equipment. I thought it was helpful to add a few obstacles at each class, but would have maybe liked more time trialing each one of them. My dog continued to get distracted by the teacher and her treats, but she did a good job of redirecting my dog to me. I suspect they will be less of an assistant in the next classes, but for my pup to learn the basics, i think that is fine.

Although very frustrating at times, i think it was helpful to have my dog around the other dogs in the class. She wanted every dog in their place, and when they would move fast and show animation, she would get upset. It was a great learning experience dealing with her in these semi awkward situations.

- Angela D., who enjoyed agility 1 with Sydney

Nervous, My puppy loves to romp and jump and play with other dogs so TBH i only took the classes to have SERIOUS distractions when practicing the typical commands. Recognizing his name and getting his attention were the hardest at first because he couldn't give a fuck about me when there were other dogs nearby. I could get him to sit, stay, lie down, watch me, etc on my own with ease in the apt., but in the classroom it was scary, helpful, discouraging, confusing and very disorienting for myself! Walter always did better with the trainer when she would come over than when i would try and contain the disaster that is his attention span. i could have been holding a rare rib-eye steak coated in lady-dog heat pheromones and he would not pay attention to me if there were other dogs around. This is the hurdle i need help jumping over with him.

- Adam Stephen Hickey, who enjoyed Puppy preschool, Puppy Agility, Puppy Obedience with Walter

We had a wonderful experience taking what we learned in the first session into this second agility course. I recommend Zoom Room all the time to my dog friends! = )

- Polly Penna, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Oliver Bacon

Really great! Kathy was very knowledgeable, helpful, calming and reassuring. The class size was a nice size, perfect for my shy Swissy! The ZOOM Room environment was so obviously well cared for and clean. I felt safe bringing my puppy sans all shots. Kathy's suggestions on how to work with my Swissy's shyness away from class helped immensely and now Brie and I are ready to move on up to to the puppy level class - obedience - YAY!

- Kristi Gil, who enjoyed PuppyClass with Brie

The obedience classes have been greeat and very helpful. We're moving onto Obedience 3 this week!

- Sarah H., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Olive

Great setting and pace of class. What I like about Zoom Room is everyone is rated & reviewed after every session so transition to the next level is based on the ability of the dog. They also have the latest in equipment and is in a nice enclosed environment which benefits not just the dog but also the handler. Sesssions are alittle more expensive than so other places but think the costs is well worth it especially since you are not paying for a sepcific level but on number of classes purchased which allows going to the next level quicker based on the dogs ability

- Bob Coorsen, who enjoyed Agility Level 1 with Mollie

1st 2 visits @ 11a.m. Thurs. Dog was excitable in the new environment. My purpose was to get him conditioned to listen to me in that situation. Last two visits with melissa, he was starting to calm down some. Evening seems to work better. I like the flexability of hours. I prefer Melissa.

- Karen Soderquist, who enjoyed Basic with sampson

Nate and I both had a very positive, fun experience.

- Meg Ballantyne, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Nate

I have had a blast in my Agility 1 class with my Springer Spaniel Koda! He is a registered therapy dog, and I was looking for something "fun" for us to do together, and this was it! We have already signed up for Agility 2 next semester. After a long day at work it is so much fun to come and play and learn with my dog, and to watch the other dogs an their people have a great time becoming more confident in their skills. I have brought a foster dog in for leash work and socializing and Kathy's patience and suggestions have really helped him out. My other Springer Sadie is looking forward to her turn in Agility! Yay for Zoom Room Denver!!

- Karla H., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Koda

Sydney has demonstrates much improvement from participating in Obedience classes. She is responding better to me and often on the first try. I just started Agility and I think I'm having more fun than she is. Such a great experience!!

- Megan O'Neill, who enjoyed Obedience 2 and Agility 1 with Sydney

We LOVED it!! Always a fabulously fun experience!

- K. Hurley, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Zoe

We look forward to class each week! His social skills are getting better and I love that the class is never crowded. When I get a second dog he will start classes with him too!

- emily ross, who enjoyed ob. 1 &2 with lacheln

The agility classes at Zoom Room are fantastic. We've completed Agility 1 and 2 and are signed up for 3. Lacey loves it, and it's so fun for me to have this kind of interaction with her in class. Kathy is great to make accommodations for Lacey's spine issues. We always leave with a wagging tail.

- Anna F., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Lacey

I loved taking Ellie to the Zoom Room. She made a lot of improvements in a short amount of time. As an "older" dog, 4-year old Golden, this was the perfect class to reinforce a lot of what she already knew, but wasn't doing on a regular basis. The loose leash walking was the most beneficial for us. We still have work to do, but now I know exactly what I need to do to better help Ellie. Kathy was great and I would love to take another class with her!

- Lindsay Heller, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Ellie

Great class, prepared us well for the CGC test. Offered great advise and will definitely be back for the next level soon.

- Sarah, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Rio

Rhone has been LOVING his classes at Zoom Room Denver, he knows where we are headed as soon as we get in the car and he whines if we don't get out of the car quickly enough once we've arrived. In Agility, he gets SO excited when Tess pulls out the Teeter, and when we get to run through the course. He has a hard time waiting his turn, but his patience is getting better with the Obedience 3 classes we've been taking. We are working toward the Canine Good Citizen test, but have a ways to go. We just can't ignore that tennis ball and those fur friends quite yet - isn't it always play time? Erin is great with letting us know different techniques to try and work on while at home (and we've even gotten compliments on our obedience when we go to the vet - proud mom!). We will definitely continue to take both Obedience and Agility classes at Zoom Room!

- Emelie Poisson, who enjoyed Obedience 2, 3 and Agility 1, 2 with Rhone

While Lulu, a small terrier mix, doesn't have the makings for competition, after 3 agility classes she grew in confidence, she had fun, whined with excitement when we arrived at class and it deepened our bond with each other. Now we're thinking about what class we want to take next.

- Jane P, who enjoyed Agility with Lulu

Our experience was wonderful at Zoom Room Denver. Finn loves going there, he gets so excited when we pull up to the parking lot. We can't wait to start agility 2 and love all the helpful tips that all of the trainers have given us. Thanks!

- Brittany, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Finn

It's great, Jessica is a very good instructor who makes sure I understand the reason for doing certain things. Bear is usually a very distracted dog, but the classes have definitely helped him grow his confidence in me.

- Mark Miranda, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Bear

wonderful instructor!!!!!!!

- Amy Watt, who enjoyed Obedience and agility with Brie

My dog and I loved the Zoom Room! The trainer was awesome and could help with any problem. The facility was very clean and neat. I can't wait to go back and learn even more with my pup!

- Brittany, who enjoyed Puppy agility with Finn

Amazing as always! Kathy is so friendly, knowledgeable and Woofgang loves her too!

- Cassidy Moore, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Woofgang

I like to keep my dog challenged and I'm always looking for him to have new learning experiences. The employees were all very nice to work with, the facility was clean and the store had really good treats and toys for purchase.

- Judy Friednash, who enjoyed agility 1 with Joey

Outstanding. Just signed up for 10 more classes. Jess is an outstanding trainer and all of the staff is knowledgeable and very helpful

- Janie Johnson, who enjoyed Puppy agility with Molly

I love it. The Kathy and Erik were both very nice, helpful and encouraging. They gave great comforting feedback when we did well and great positive reinforcement. Fitz loves coming to the Zoom Room and sleeps like a rock afterward!

- emily williams, who enjoyed agility 1 and agility 2 with fitzgerald

My super hyper Ushuaia loves Zoom Room! She has always been extremely timid, but in class she is a rockstar, and so confident. I know it has built up her confidence overall, and she loves going to classes. She also has a huge crush on Jess :)

- Jacq, who enjoyed Agility with Ushuaia

Very positive experience. Kathy was very helpful in providing suggestions to overcome some of Booker's tendencies when it came to interacting with people. Booker and I will take some time before applying for the therapy dog evaluation, so that we can reinforce Booker's positive attributes and work on positively directing his exhuberance and love of people. We thoroughly enjoyed our class time.

- P., who enjoyed Therapy Dog Training with Booker

I've really enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 and my dog, Tucker, loves it. Given his breed, Australian Shepherd, he needs a job and this seems to be doing the trick - He tackles each obstacle with purpose. I'm really happy we signed up. Agility 3 is next.

- Whitney, who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Tucker

It was absolutely wonderful! Lots of fun - good training and Kathy was great. She was really good and not letting a dog fail and everyone got along great.

- Lydia VanDenBroek, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Malcolm

Dozer has absolutely LOVED every second that he has spent at the Zoom Room. He has learned so much and it's been so awesome to see all the fun things he can do! It has really helped stimulate him not only physically but mentally, and he always leaves class exhausted! We are looking forward to moving on to Agility 2 and watching Dozer become a pro agility star :-) We have recommended Zoom Room to so many of our friends and hope they join a class soon!

- Jessica G., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Dozer

We've had a great experience at Zoom Room! The small classes are perfect for us. Erin is knowledgeable and can customize training based on breed and dog personality. We are better parents and Daphney is a better citizen because of ZR. Thanks.

- Bryan Counts, who enjoyed Obedience 1,2,3 with Daphney


- Carol Dooley Johnston, who enjoyed obedience with zoey

Kathy was great with our new puppy Cali and was so helpful in training her and working on getting rid of her bad habits!

- Diane S., who enjoyed Private Training with Cali

Excellent class all the way around. The instructor, Kathy, is great and has provided all the necessary information to prepare both the owner and their dogs to pass the certification testing for becoming a therapy dog team. Now, it's up to me and Bruno and we can't wait for our first therapy session.

- Dave Joseph, who enjoyed Therapy Dog Workshop with Bruno

Jess is a great instructor. She can vary her teaching to all levels participating in her class.

- Maria michels, who enjoyed Agility with Samie

Awesome facility. Granted, it is small, but that's part of the whole deal. It's not you and fifty other people. Class sizes are small for more individualized attention. Trainers keep classes going and are very personable. Great selection of treats and toys. It's close to where we live, but we'd drive extra for the extra attention. Professional level equipment. Nothing Janky about Zoom room!

- Grant, who enjoyed Puppy Agility, Agility 1, and Many future classes with Lupe

This is the first time I've taken one of my dogs to formal classes, usually I've just trained them at home. I'm so glad I brought Kai to the Zoom Room! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. Our instructor for agility, Jessica, is absolutely wonderful to work with! I have some physical disabilities which make it hard for me to do some movements and for me to hear instructions. She has cheerfully and smoothly helped as needed, which has made my dream of training Kai in agility a reality! Also, I never feel rushed or stupid if I make a mistake. Kai and I love our Zoom Room time each week!

- Holly T., who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Kai

Mozart loves puppy agility! We enjoyed the low key, positive atmosphere. He was easily motivated and learned the pieces of equipment quickly and with confidence!

- Melissa S, who enjoyed Puppy Agility with Mozart

Bonnie loves it. We are treaded well and it is a safe place for her to learn new things.

- Jamie Pritchard, who enjoyed agility 1 & C.G.C. with Bonnie


- TRACEY SLOSSE, who enjoyed AGILITY 2 with COSMO

Kathy helped Margo and me to work together in learning new skills. We had fun and Margo made great progress. Kathy is a wonderful, patient, knowledgable teacher.
We plan to continue with the agility classes.
The center is well run and I have enjoyed all of the instructors and employees.

- Joan, who enjoyed agility 2 with Margo

We loved it! Amy and Kathy were so great with the dogs, Tough love but allowed for lots of fun too. Woofgang is ready for the next level thanks to these great teachers!

- Cassidy Moore, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Woofgang

LOVED IT. We have had so much fun working with our dog to make her the agility monster that she is now!

- samantha kopicko, who enjoyed agility 1 + 2 with Lamar Vannoy

Our instructor was fantastic. Very motivating and bailey had a great time.

- Shannon, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Bailey

Your place is awesome. My dog loves all of the real treats you carry. All the instructors are super nice and get to know you and your dog.

- Jon, who enjoyed Puppy obedience, Puppy Agility, Obedience 1 with Pepsi

We have had a wonderful spring at the Zoom Room! Every Monday Beau is excited to get in the car (which is a new thing, he used to be scared of getting in the car!)
Kathy is so patient, even when Beau is scared of something. She finds clever ways to help them get "back on the horse" so to speak.

- DawnMarie Schwappach, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Beauregard

Love love love zoom room! The instructors are so friendly, fun and well spoken. We've enjoyed our experiences and look forward to class every weekend.

- Courtney Olsen, who enjoyed Puppy obedience 1 & 2, puppy agility with Maya

We just finished Agility 1 with Kathy and my dog absolutely loved it! He was so excited and eager to start class and was completely exhausted at the end. Kathy is a very good instructor and gives each dog the attention he needs. See you in Agility 2!

- Angie B., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Bode Burke

We aren't finished with the 6 weeks yet, but so far it has been wonderful! Dylan pulls towards the door of Zoom Room as soon as we get out of the car. He just knows where he is going, that he is going to have fun and have some "mommy and me" time, and its so fun to see. He is an Australian Terrier mix, about 10 lbs., and has some anxiety. Agility really lets him feel like he has a job to do, and, like he can communicate with me better because we work together in agility, and are partners more then anything in the class. Class is 50 minutes long, and about 40 minutes into it he hits a wall a bit and I can tell his is just pushing through the rest. Its wonderful. The combination of physical and mental exercise totally drains him, but in the best way. I look and him after class and he looks how I do after a really hard gym class I have just taken...exhausted, but feeling so good. I think the best part about agility is that is makes the dogs think. For my dogs at home, we wake up, go for a good walk, and then they hang out the rest of the day. Not too much mental stimulation on an ordinary day at my house. So, it is really fun to watch that part of him become engaged again. He never stop surprising me with his intelligence. Its such a fun thing to do, great to strengthen, or just re-confirm, the relationship you have with your dog/dogs, and so healthy for them. I can't say enough. The teachers are great, facility is great, etc. My only recommendation is that you sign up for a class that is on the smaller side so that you don't have to spend too much of class time in line waiting for other dogs to finish the agility activities. The class I was enrolled in had between 3-5 dogs each week, and it was great. I had one class that had 7 dogs in it, and it was a little too much. Just a bit too much time standing around. The teacher was still wonderful, but it was just too much. I'd say 6 dogs should absolutely be the limit, at least for agility 1 when everyone still needs to get comfortable with the equipment and take as much time as they need. I'm looking forward to continuing to explore all this fun with both of my at a time though ;).

- Lacey K., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Dylan

it was great, kathy at the denver zoom room was super, she was patient with the dogs and owners and always positive with her instructions and comments regarding instruction. a true professional.

- Alice Muffly, who enjoyed agility training 1 and 2 with ivy

agility is a blast- fast paced and everyone has a good sense of humor
my dog loves the class- she wiggles nonstop when we drive up to the Zoom Room

- angela kuettner, who enjoyed agility and obedience with dagne

We've learned so much and really enjoyed our experience at Zoom Room Denver. Melissa gave us great tips and spent individual time with each dog/owner. We love the flexibility of class times/days and ease of movement between classes.

- B. Formanek, who enjoyed Agility 1, Obidence 1 and 2 with Riley

We cannot say enough good things about ZoomRoom and their classes. Our dog, Penny Lane, is rescue and came to us at about 10 months old, extremely timid and scared of most things. During our first Obedience 1 class, she barely came in the class area and refused to go near our instructor, Wendi. By our third class, you would thought we had a brand new dog! She was polite and well mannered, would greet people and followed commands like a champ! We have now graduated and moved on to Obedience 2, and will continue to go to classes here at ZoomRoom. After every class we see incredible growth and success with our dog and with ourselves. ZoomRoom and their staff have always been incredibly helpful and cheerful as we (as first time dog parents) navigate our way through puppyhood. Their toy and treat selection is always well stocked and allows us to find fun and engaging toys for our pup. We would recommend ZoomRoom to anyone and everyone that has a dog!

- Emily + Lucas, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and Obedience 2 with Penny Lane

We are loving agility 3 and can't wait to see what else we will learn!

- BRITTANY, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Finn

Excellent class! I appreciate the positive approach, the specific step by step instruction, and adjustments for individual dogs if needed. I also like having a short term class focused on one basic skill.

- Barb A., who enjoyed Loose Leash Walking with Bodhi

My dog and I both love Kathy and we are looking forward to taking Tricks 2.

- Pam H., who enjoyed Tricks 1

Classes have gone great. Bailey has learned a lot, and loves going to the Zoom Room! Everyone is very nice and helpful.

- Adam Page, who enjoyed Obedience, Agility, Urban Hurding with Bailey Page

Outstanding. Just signed up for 10 more classes. Jess is an outstanding trainer and all of the staff is knowledgeable and very helpful

- Janie Johnson, who enjoyed Puppy agility with Molly

We loved our agility 2 class, only a few more to go and hopefully moving up to agility 3!

- Brittany, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Finn

LOVED EVERY CLASS AND ALL THE STAFF LUCY IS A RESCUE THE FIRST CLASS SHE Stayed under the sofa, now its hard because she wants to visit everbody, had her first OBEDIENCE 3 it was rough but everyone is happy that she is not afraid GREAT PLACE FOR TRAINING Im 70 and it is alot of fun

- CLARA ROBLES, who enjoyed OBEDIENCE 1 2 and know 3 with LUCY

Agility is a blast for Bruno AND for me. Kathy always does a great job with valuable tips and excellent instruction. Classes are well organized and profession but fun and enjoyable at the same time.

- Dave Joseph, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Bruno

LOVE Zoom Room. Izzy has become so good at it and she really has improved with her training.

- Dakini Jaeger, who enjoyed Puppy Agility, Puppy Obedience 1 with Izzy

We love coming to the Zoom Room! Lucy has so much fun and can hardly wait her turn to zoom! Tess, our instructor, is fantastic, she really understands each dogs individual behaviors and knows just the right thing to do to make corrections for improvement.

- julie lawrence, who enjoyed Agility 2 with lucy

I really like the new format where the classes do not have to be consecutive weeks. Makes it much easier to schedule.
Yogi really likes to come to class-he is always an enthusiastic participant,which is an understatement! We have a good time together and both learn new things. We have signed up again for another set of classes.

- Lisa Swenson, who enjoyed Agility 3 and 4 with yogi

This class was so much fun for Lucy and I! It really created a stronger bond between us in addition to learning good habits.

- Julie L., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Lucy

We LOVE coming to Zoom Room. Melissa is so knowledgable about how to help manage Beaux's "teenage years." She has given us the confidence to continue Beaux's training at home and introduced us to so many new methods. Hands down the Zoom Room has delivered the best training experience we've ever had.

- Kate L., who enjoyed Obdeince 2 with Beaux

Loved it! Henry was comfortable in class and I felt like every week I was more and more prepared to recondition him with the training we learned. I am in a much better place, and so is he!

- Jessica Sveen, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Henry

Hard to compress such an amazing experience into such a small comment box. Iroh loves this place! He works hard and is so excited when we arrive. Kathy has been nothing sort of amazing. She has helped me with Iroh's (a rescue dog) rehabilitation and training in addition to the classes. I must also admit that I have a blast and my relationship with Iroh has only grown and been strengthened from this class. We will be continuing classes here!

- JJ S, who enjoyed Agility II with Iroh

We LOVE Zoom Room and our classes with Jess! Agility only gets more fun as you go so I'm so glad we did both levels 1 and 2. We plan to attend level 3 in summer or fall to keep the momentum going. It's so nice to have a class for the dog that involves social interaction, thinking, and physical activity. Plus, it's fun for us humans to learn as well.

My only recommendation would be to include a 5-10 minute break in between classes and private gym sessions so the previous class's students can gather their belongings and exit and the new class's students can enter and no class time is taken away to do this. Same thing for private gym. Just seems like it would make things easier if there were a transition period built in (e.g. one class ends at 6, the next one starts at 6:10).

- Shelley, who enjoyed Agility 1, Agility 2, private gym with Hamlet

Kathy and Jess are AWESOME! Their expertise, patience and knowledge of working with shy dogs was so great for our dog, Thea. After a few weeks, our shy pup was actually excited to go to class (aka a big room full of strangers!) and see Kathy and Jess. We have gained so much useful information that we can use to continue to help Thea become more comfortable and confident. We will definitely be back to Zoom Room! Thanks, Kathy and Jess!

- Katie D., who enjoyed Shy Dog with Thea

We looked forward to coming in every Monday. Neara was a rescue and has has some issues with nervousness and she really benefited from this class. She gained a new confidence and learned a lot. Lots of fun, thanks guys!

- Natalie, who enjoyed Agility Level 1 with Neara

I absolutely LOVE the Zoom Room! I am just finishing up level 2 agility and have seen such a change in Hurley since we started. He has become a much more confident dog, and his patience and obedience has really improved too. He lights up every time we go to the Zoom Room, actually as soon as we turn off the highway he gets excited. So glad I found you guys!

- Elizabeth S., who enjoyed Agility 1 &2 with Hurley

The class was great! Not only did Addie come out of it a better behaved puppy, but we were given a ton of tools to continue improving her behavior and obedience skills. We look forward to the next class we take here.

- Elizabeth S., who enjoyed Obedience training 1 with Addie

We love it! Jessica is great. She is kind smart and patient wi everyone. I have had shepherds for years but this is the first time I have done witha dog. What fun! Our Chase knows where the turn is to the Zoom Room and gets super excited every time we Re close

- AnnTerry, who enjoyed Puppy agility with Chase

Our experience with Zoom Room has been great. All of the instructors are wonderful, especially Tess who remembers us and helps us work Piper through the difficult lessons. The classes have allowed us to spend more productive time with Piper which has produced a much tighter bond between us. Piper is more responsive on and off the leash, more adventurous with other dogs and more confident when encountering new and scary situations. We will continue to take our dog to Zoom Room and have and will continue to recommend it to our friends.

Please offer more classes and work-shops, We would like to learn more tricks, try urban herding and maybe try the scent class.

Erin is a wonderful instructor and knows the dogs and the subject matter, but she is soft spoken. Her voice is often lost and over powered. She needs to be louder and more forceful.

- Seth Mandell, who enjoyed Obedience 3, Agility 1, Agility 2, Therapy with Piper


- susan A fishman, who enjoyed agility 1 and 2 with Oliver

Zoom room is great! Kind and knowledgable staff. Clean. I tell all my friends with dogs.

- Michelle O., who enjoyed Agility 1

Nice positive training techniques with lots of patience. My dog is only 8 months old and she did well in class. Woof Woof!

- Betsy B., who enjoyed Agility 1

Nothing but awesome experience. Classes are well organized and every dog gets attention and individual instruction (owners too :)). Kathy is very informative and my dogs love her.

Would recommend Zoom Room Denver to anyone looking to have a great time and end up with a healthy and well behaved dog.

- Dave Joseph, who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Bruno

The class was really great. I wish the training would excel a bit faster.

- Lydia VanDenBroek, who enjoyed Agility II with Malcolm

I originally tried agility for my very smart foster dog. Pretty soon I realized I was doing it for myself just as much. I have had a blast !
The bond i developed with this dog through agility made it impossible for me to adopt her out.
She is now officially my dog.

- angelakuettner, who enjoyed mostly agility with dagne

Panda loves Zoom Room so much that she starts yelping and pacing in the car as soon as she can see it. We love learning to communicate with our new family member and she is so proud of herself when she figures out what we are telling her!

- Flo, who enjoyed Tricks with Panda

I appreciate that the classes are based on positive reinforcement and geared toward the personality and issues of each dog. Comfortable atmosphere and a feeling of welcome to each dog and their human partner/s.

- Anne P., who enjoyed Rally Obedience Agility with Molly

It was a great experience. Kathy is knowledgeable and patient in working with dogs. She gives good suggestions when you have questions. I would recommend a class at the Zoom-Room any time. Amy was also helpful in her suggestions for a 2nd dog. When we get another dog, we will be back for more classes.

- Marla Otto, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2 and tricks with Koda

Amy was wonderful and attentive. She always remembered the owners and the dogs and the specific strengths and challenges for each puppy. We both loved it!

- Ellery, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience & Preschool with Maya

Karma and I have had a wonderful experience. It's the gift that keeps on giving since we can continue to improve on the techniques we have learned together. It's challenging and fun for both of us and brings us together in constructive "play" time, other than just throwing balls or taking walks. I'm looking forward to continuing our time at Zoom Room and recommend it to anyone who has a dog, no matter how young or old!

- Christine Milo, who enjoyed Tricks 101 with Karma

Outstanding!! Jess is an exceptional trainer. All of the Zoom Room staff are outstanding. Zoom Room Denver is extremely well managed, friendly, and accomodating.

- Janie johnson, who enjoyed Puppy agility with Molly

I have been going to the Zoom Room almost every week for the past 6 months. My Boxer, Maverick, is not very good in group settings, so we work one-on-one with Kathy (who is a fantastic trainer and great with Maverick) and attend private gym sessions to perfect our agility skills. I love the Zoom Room for many reasons. The employees are all super friendly and welcoming, and the facilities are very modern and clean, but most importantly, Maverick loves it! It really amuses me when I’m setting up a course and Maverick is doing the obstacles on his own. It’s obvious he really enjoys it! Taking Maverick to agility is usually the highlight of my weekend. I always leave in a great mood. I love seeing Maverick have so much fun, and he’s always happy (and tired) afterwards. I am so thankful I discovered the Zoom Room!!

- Amy Erlandson, who enjoyed Private Training/Private Gym with Maverick

Fun class, worthy of our time. Thanks

- Martin Lavine, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Angus

We loved it! I needed something stimulating for my wire haired dashund rescue dog.....he had no formal obedience training, but Kathy thought he would be OK in her first Agility class.....and he was!
I absolutely loved that she uses a kind, gentle, patient and fun approach.....all reward, no punishment.

- Jackie Tidd, who enjoyed Agility one and two, plus punch pass for Agility 2-3 with Buster

Boston has enjoyed his training time at Zoom Room and loves all his instructors. He gains more and more confidence with the teeter during agility and self control during his times at obedience. Everyone is so patient and encouraging to our sweet little pup and he has made good friends, dog and people alike!

- Nikole Montgomery, who enjoyed Agility 1-4 and obedience with Boston

Great! Zoom Room has been awesome for our dog and our relationship with her, just wish it was more affordable so we could keep coming on a regular basis.

- Katherine, who enjoyed agility with Rocky

It was a great class. Daisy and I both learned a ton. Thanks!

- Ilima, who enjoyed Therapy Dog Training with Daisy

This class was extremely helpful in getting our dog to listen in distracting environments. We had already taught him all the basic commands--come, sit, down, stay, heel, etc. However, our dog would get distracted in the park and not listen. Kathy helped us to get our dog's attention when distracted. Her methods really work, and we can see a huge difference already even after six weeks! Although Obedience 1 may seem very basic, it was important to master everything in the distracting environment of a classroom. It especially helped that several of the other dogs were very distracted as well, so it challenged us and our dog to focus despite their distracting behavior. It is really great having a big dog that will listen in public without the use of choke collars, pinch collars, or e-collars!

- Sandy and Eric, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Sophocles

We have loved the Agility 1 class! Eric insures that the transition from never experiencing an obstacle to having fun with it and without fear is seamless. It has been such a positive experience for my now 10 month old shelter pup who can be quite shy and timid. We will definitely be joining future agility classes at Zoom Room!

- Polly, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Oliver Bacon

Always fun. Always interesting and I almost enjoy the classes more than the dogs.
It is amazing to see how fast the dogs go from "Whats this" to " Watch this".
Kathy is very clear and helpful and goes beyond the call.
Our next class will be either "Tricks" or "Come when called" just to polish up.
Love it, love it, love it!!

- Dave Willis, who enjoyed Agility 1,2&3. with Cher

Love it! Best thing ever...the dogs have learned so much-and so have I! I've referred lots of friends and we all love the positive, patient approach, the fun atmosphere, and the fact that everyone succeeds-especially the owners! Kathy is wonderful!

- Anita Hutner, who enjoyed Obedience 1,2 tricks -Norman ; agility 1,2,3,4, tricks, league with Norman, Charlie

Overall, the class was really great. A lot of the principles I already knew, but it was nice to see how to fine tune them. I did think some of the classes got just a bit repetitive and would have liked a few more skills added in or enhanced versions of certain skills. Also, it could be cool to do a field trip day where the trainer goes out into the real world with us and helps us manage what is going on in a real situation.

Kathy was great and my dog really responded to the training. I do believe he has more confidence and is able to better handle dogs and people since we took the class.

- Marci Colb, who enjoyed shy dog with TchoTchke

The class was great. I learned how to use the clicker and treats in order to train Koda. Koda also liked seeing the other dogs in the class every week. Kathy also asked us if there was anything that we wanted to ask her about training.

- Marla Otto, who enjoyed Dog obedience 1 with Koda

All of the trainers at the Zoom Room are incredibly helpful and make sure to give specific tips to each owner, his/her on their individual dog's behavior and specific strengths and weaknesses! Jax loves both his obedience and agility classes. It's a great way to keep him mentally and physically engaged, especially during the winter. We definitely plan to keep coming to the Zoom Room and referring friends. Hopefully we'll eventually be passing the Canine Good Citizen Test and competing in (and winning) the agility league!! Thank to for all you do!

- Kelli M., who enjoyed Puppy obedience 1&2, puppy agility with Jax

Class was great, Clover and I learned a lot and it has definitely helped with our training !!

- Todd Martens, who enjoyed obedience 1 with Clover

Which we could choose the obstacles to work on. Also very pricey

- Gwen, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Romeo

This class was an awesome experience for Lacey, my Border Collie mix, and me. The class size was perfect for us, the speed of learning was just right, and the instructor's knowledge, patience, and attention was excellent. I like that it's indoors in a contained space so distractions are controlled. Lacey was exhausted after every class - a difficult feat to say the least. We're looking forward to signing up for Agility 2.

- Anna F., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Lacey

Wonderful class - wonderful instructor. The class was a lot of fun for us and for Sadie too. The course made us very proud of our dog.

- Dawn Watson, who enjoyed Agility Class 1 & 2 with Sadie

I did'nt know what to expect from an agility class...and it has exceeded my expectations. Jess is so knowledgable about dog behavior and so encouraging...both to the human handler as well as the dog. The pace at which the teachings are structured is perfect both for me and for Oliver. I can't wait to continue with more classes.

- Christina Firouztash, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Oliver

These two instructors are pros! Daisy loves coming to class and I love taking her to them!

- Kareen Yolles, who enjoyed puppy agility/rally-o with Daisy

I enjoyed the class very much. Kathy is a great trainer.

- Laura A, who enjoyed Therapy Dog Class with Addie

Agility is a great way to bond with your dog. I love the philosophy of encouraging your dog to do the activity instead of forcing them.

- Maria michels, who enjoyed agility with Samie

Wonderful- my dog loves agility and we are having a blast!

- Susan Taublieb, who enjoyed Agility+ private training with Annie

It was awesome! Kathy is a wonderful instructor and now Dewey and I are the talk of the town as he tools around on his skateboard! We are now signed up for Agility 4! Can't wait to start 'zooming' around the course again!

- Wendy H., who enjoyed Agility 1, 2, 3 and Tricks with Dewey the Boston Terrier

IsWe Have Had Such An Incredible Time Here, Jess Really Takes The Time To Let Each Dog Learn And Is So Patient!!Considering Bringing My Other Dog In To!! We Love You Guys!! A Special Thanks To Kathy For Working With Me And Allowing Me To Make Payments!!

- Heather Lee Griffiths, who enjoyed agility 1 with Tater Tot

She is great.... we spend little time training Lexi and more time training me...

Lexi absolutely loves the training sessions. By the end of the 30 minutes she is totally exhausted.

- Brian, who enjoyed Agility private training with Lexi

Great class! Jessica was organized and clear about what we doing with the pups.
Really fun time for me and Chieftain. Can't wait for Agility 2.

- Kristen Del Calzo, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Chieftain

The training class is completely dependent on the quality of the instructor. Melissa (who unfortunately no longer works there) was the best dog instructor I've ever met. She had practical, helpful tips and varied the classes all the time so that things didn't seem routine.

- Andy, who enjoyed Adult Obedience 3 with Gabe

I really love the teacher and the classes! I love the environment, and how things are taught. Everything is great!

- Rebecca Boyd, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool/Puppy Obedience with Thor

Lily and I have lots of fun at agility! The classes are organized in a way that makes it easy for the dogs to progress and gain confidence in varying obstacles.

- Heather, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2, & 3 with Lily

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