The Guard Pooch
| October 8th, 2012

Meet Scruffy

ScruffyThis submission is by Alison Kapsalis, whose everyday Hero Dog is Scruffy, a Australian Cattle Dog/German Shepherd mix.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

Last Thanksgiving, my house was broken into while I was at work. Scruffy went after the burglars entering the back door, who shattered his carnassials and upper molars with a wooden dowel they took out of my windowsill. Even with his teeth broken and wedged up into his jaw, he still whipped around front, barking and growling at the ‘lookout’ who was on my front porch. He pinned the crook to my front door, alerting Amos, the mailman who happened to be on his delivery route. ¬†Amos came over to investigate and got a perfect eyewitness description of the guy. The burglar team still inside the house heard the mailman out front with the ‘lookout’ and called it quits, thereby thwarting their plans to steal the rest of my jewelry.

Though the thieves were never caught, they are certain to never come to this house again, knowing it is protected by a hero dog who takes his self-appointed job as security guard quite seriously.

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