Dog Business Expert

Zoom Room Founder

Jaime Van WyeThe nation’s leading dog business consultant, Jaime Van Wye, has been creating wealth and a happier workplace for countless entrepreneurs and animal lovers over the past decade. In 2001, Jaime created Rover Kennels, which soon became the go-to boarding facility in L.A., frequented by the dogs of celebrities like Tom Cruise, Kelly Clarkson, and Tyra Banks. The business became a tremendous success, grossing over $750,000 in the first year alone.

After years of helping entrepreneurs start their own pet business, Jaime decided to take everything she’d ever learned about the dog business, and everything great about working with dogs, and create the first truly ideal dog business. And that’s how the Zoom Room was born.

A graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a degree in philosophy, Jaime has trained dogs in search and rescue, bomb and drug detection, criminal apprehension and tracking, as well as how not to bite the mailman. Jaime is a Certified Master Dog Trainer, a graduate of the North State K9 Academy, and a Professional Level Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. She speaks regularly for the Pet Care Services Association (formerly the American Boarding Kennel Association). Jaime was the Dog Daycare Chair of the PCSA for the past several years and currently serves as the organization’s National Boarding Chair. Jaime is the author of the satirical self-help book, How to Have an Ill-Behaved Dog, as well as a regular columnist for Pet Care Services Magazine and Dog’s Life Magazine.

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