Walking a Dog Celebrity
| September 16th, 2009

Dog Celebrity

Dog Celebrity: The Walk of Fame

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be famous? Or to date a celebrity? We have a simple solution for anyone who’s ever tried to imagine how they’d handle fame: Borrow our dog for a day. Not even a day – just an hour – and try to walk down the street.

Unofficially, the Zoom Room does have a mascot: Clyde. A big behemoth of a Komondor. There aren’t many Komondorok (the plural form of Komondor) in the U.S. – so it’s a sight most folks have never seen. The place many people have seen a Komondor was gracing the cover of Beck’s album Odelay, many years ago, which depicted a giant white dreadlocked mop of a Komondor doing a bit of floppy mid-air dog agility.


But enough about Komondorok. Let’s talk about the Pawparazzi. Who are they? The Pawparazzi are every man, woman and child with a pair of eyes (and usually a camera phone) who spot Clyde coming and instantly zoom over to ask any or all of the following:

  • What IS THAT!?
  • Is that a bear?
  • Is it real?
  • Can I take a picture?
  • Does his hair do that naturally?
  • How can he see!?
  • You’ve GOT to be kidding! (Ok, not technically a question…)

Clyde is a chick magnet, a baby magnet, a dog-lover magnet, a camera magnet, and if magnets were capable of snapping photos with their iPhones, he’d even be a magnet magnet.

Here’s a statistic: we once tried to walk Clyde the roughly seven blocks from one end of Lincoln Road to the other in Miami Beach. We didn’t stop to visit any shops. How long did it take us to walk seven blocks? Slightly over an hour and a half. You’d think we’d be used to it from rush hour in L.A. But posing for Pawparazzi (not us ourselves, just our dog celebrity) makes the 405 freeway seem like a zoom through an agility tunnel.

Jaime Van Wye, Clyde’s mom and the Zoom Room’s CEO, had a real epiphany during one of these Pawparazzi-populated walks. “Walk” being a relative term, since it’s really more like a slow crawl up the red carpet on Oscar night, pausing to speak to every reporter – “Mr. Clyde, whom are you wearing?” “A mop.” (In our version of the Oscars, the reporters always say “whom”).

Jaime actually grew up with a real live human celebrity, not a shaggy dog celebrity, as her father is none other than NBA legend Gail Goodrich – one of only a small handful of L.A. Lakers who’s had the distinction of having his jersey retired (not to mention being the player the Lakers traded to get Magic Johnson).

Growing up, Jaime had never understood why her father had a no-autograph-policy when the family dined out. But now she gets it. It’s a little thing called peace. And eating your potatoes while they’re still warm.

Celebrity Dog Newsflash!

Well there’s a turn of events. As we were just about to post this, we got a call – from the producers of the sequel to last year’s biggest dog movie (we’re not allowed to say the name of the movie yet… isn’t this so Hollywood!?) – they’d seen a video of Clyde as a pup trying his paws at dog agility on YouTube and asked if he’d like to be in their movie! (There was some talk of his performing with a Reggae band. Really.)

We’ll let you know how it pans out. But in the meantime, if you do see us – or more likely, if you spot Clyde in one of his favorite spots around town, like Pain Quotidien on Melrose, feel free to stop and say hi. We actually don’t mind. And Clyde loves it. He loves everything. Dogs are great.

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Zoom Room writes:

UPDATE. Less than 24 hours after posting this, our little dog celebrity Clyde Orange (that’s his full name) just received a call to be in yet another big dog movie — including a surfing scene at the beach and perhaps a big dog birthday party, too. Once again, sigh, we’re not allowed to say the name of the movie – but the title character is certainly one of the most recognizable pups in the world. We’ll spill the beans when we’re allowed…

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