Calm Down!

Calm Down

Calm Down!

When your dog was a puppy, he could get away with pretty much anything. But now, as an adolescent or adult, he’s still bouncing off the walls, chewing up the house, zooming underfoot, jumping up on guests, and generally acting, well, like a puppy.

Time for him to act his age! Our Calm Down! class works wonders – teaching you how to accurately read your dog’s arousal levels and respond with appropriate techniques to ease him. Best of all, we work only with positive training techniques. Too many dog owners (and trainers) respond to such behaviors with corrective measures that only serve to exacerbate this problem.

In our six week class you’ll learn positive methods that you and your entire household can use to calm that “puppy” down. Enjoy peace in your home once again – and enjoy all the love your dog has to offer – once he’s no longer driving you nuts.

Calm Down! Class

Hyperactive DogDescription: Does your dog get rambunctious, excited and uncontrollable? This class teaches self-control techniques to calm your dog around distractions. Perfect for adolescent dogs. Please note: this is not a class for aggressive dogs.

Prerequisites: Basic Obedience

Duration: Six weeks

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