Dog Agility Camp

Dog Agility Camp

Dog Agility for KidsDoes your child love spending time with the family dog? Or maybe you just want her to be a little more involved with your canine companion.

Whatever the reason, the Zoom Room offers a great opportunity – dog agility for kids – that you don’t want to miss. Many Zoom Room locations now provide a dog agility camp tailored to kids ages eight through fifteen.

Dog Agility for Kids

Why is dog agility for kids such as fantastic learning experience? Developing teamwork with the family dog on the agility course builds confidence for kids and dogs alike, and we’ve found that kids are often some of the best dog trainers around! Additionally, agility reinforces your dog’s basic obedience skills, increases his problem-solving abilities, and improves his fitness level. All the while, our Dog Agility Camp will allow your son or daughter to get to know the family dog on a more profound level, with an increased understanding of animal behavior, positive reinforcement, and motivation. This can have a lasting impact on patience, focus and teamwork that extends to other areas of your child’s academic, extracurricular and family life.

Dog Agility Camp affords your child the chance to try something fun, new and exciting that will improve her bond with your four-legged family member. For your dog, no previous agility training experience is necessary to enroll – only a basic obedience and good on-leash control.

Dog Agility CampIf you’re looking for a program that focuses on dog agility for kids, please know that the schedule, pricing and availability of our Dog Agility Camp varies from location to location – with some offering a one-week intensive, and others a three week program. Please select your nearest location from the menu at the top of this page and then click SCHEDULE to learn more about your local offerings.

Your child and your dog will learn all the basics of agility, from obstacle management to development of control. Kids can escape the heat in our air-conditioned facility to enjoy this great learning and bonding experience. By the time Dog Agility Camp is finished, kids will have no problem navigating an exciting agility course filled with hurdles, ramps, and tunnels. So if you want your child and family pet to stay active this summer while improving their bond, sign them up for our special summer dog agility camp today!

For Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Our youth agility program satisfies the requirements for the Pet Care badge, if your child happens to be a Boy Scout or Girl Scout. Please be sure to let the instructor know if your child is pursuing this badge so that we can give him or her a Certificate of Completion.