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Teach Your Dog Tricks

So your dog already knows how to sit and stay. But there’s still so much more to learn! Learning how to teach your dog tricks is a great way to keep your dog busy and active, but most of all, dog tricks are a lot of fun. Dog trick training is awesome for dogs that need more – or perhaps better – hobbies.

And besides, wouldn’t you love to see your dog skateboard? Put away his own toys? Switch on the lights? Play basketball? Fetch you a drink from the fridge? Or even just sit pretty and wave hello to greet your guests? This is just a handful of the behaviors we teach in our tricks classes.

Our innovative dog tricks curriculum is conducted with fun props and interactive games you can continue to play with your dog at home. We use only positive dog training methods in all of our classes.

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You can choose from:

Tricks 1: Learning Dog Tricks

Dog TricksDescription: Every dog needs a few tricks, and some dogs need even more! Dog Tricks Training 1 covers the classic dog tricks like roll over, play dead, and sit up, but also covers more advanced behaviors. This class is great for teaching focus around other dogs.

Prerequisites: Basic obedience and control.

Tricks 2: Advanced Dog Tricks

Tricks TrainingDescription: A continuation of our learning dog tricks training, in this class you’ll learn how to string together basic behaviors and dog tricks that you and your dog learned in Tricks 1 to really impress your friends. A great class for the busy dog, and excellent groundwork for future therapy dog training.

Prerequisites: Learning Dog Tricks or equivalent

Hollywood Dog Training

Hollywood Dog TrainingDescription: Teach your dog to be a star! This class teaches advanced set work with an emphasis on distance control and hand signals. At the end of class, we will help your dog develop his or her “portfolio,” with photographs and a YouTube video. Your dog might be the next great Internet sensation!

Prerequisites: Basic obedience and control.