Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes

So your dog already knows how to sit and stay. There’s still so much more to learn! These enrichment classes are designed to help you keep your dog busy and active, but most of all, they’re a lot of fun. Great for older dogs or dogs that need more – or perhaps better – hobbies.

Our innovative dog training classes are conducted with games and fun, interactive activities you can continue to play with your dog at home. Our list of offerings continues to develop and grow. You can choose from:

Tricks 1

Dog TricksDescription: Every dog needs a few tricks, and some dogs need even more! Tricks 1 covers the classic dog tricks like roll over, play dead, and sit up, but also covers more advanced behaviors. This class is great for teaching focus around other dogs.

Prerequisites: Basic obedience and control.

Tricks 2

Tricks TrainingDescription: A continuation of Tricks 1, in this class you’ll learn how to string together basic behaviors and dog tricks that you and your dog learned in Tricks 1 to really impress your friends. A great class for the busy dog, and excellent groundwork for future therapy dog training.

Prerequisites: Tricks 1 or equivalent

Hollywood Dog

Hollywood DogDescription: Teach your dog to be a star! This class teaches advanced set work with an emphasis on distance control and hand signals. At the end of class, we will help your dog develop his or her “portfolio,” with photographs and a YouTube video. Your dog might be the next great Internet sensation!

Prerequisites: Basic obedience and control.

Therapy Dog Training

Therapy Dog TrainingDescription: You’ve got the basics down. Now learn how to prepare for the Pet Partners temperament test for therapy dogs. Our therapy dog training class is designed to help you and your dog fine-tune your basic obedience skills by focusing special attention on good manners, control around distractions, introduction to hospital equipment, and therapy dog tricks.

Prerequisites: Canine Good Citizen test, equivalent, or consent of instructor.

Shy Dog

Shy Dog TrainingDescription: Is your dog a wallflower? If your dog is nervous meeting new people or new dogs, we’ll show how to help your dog overcome his fear and anxiety in a controlled environment

Our Shy Dog class is perfect for rescue dogs. Learn more about Shy Dog training classes.

Calm Down!

Hyperactive DogDescription: Does your dog get rambunctious, excited and uncontrollable? This class teaches self-control techniques to calm your dog around distractions. Perfect for adolescent dogs. Please note: this is not a class for aggressive dogs.

Prerequisites: Basic Obedience

Scent Discrimination

Scent DiscriminationDescription: In this brand new class, you and your dog will learn fun scent discrimination games that you can play to engage your dog AND burn off some energy! We’ll teach your dog how to sniff out and track objects hidden around the house. Perfect for dogs that are high-energy or home alone all day, we’ll get your dog thinking and using his sniffer.

Prerequisites: Basic control on leash


Pup-latesUsing equipment you’d find in a human gym, your dog will learn core control and develop athleticism, balance, and strength. Perfect for dogs recovering from injuries, senior dogs, or those dogs that could stand to lose a few pounds.

Prerequisites: Please talk with your veterinarian to make sure your dog is healthy enough to participate. All dogs must be able to be controlled on a leash.

Urban Herding

Urban HerdingUrban Herding (also known as Treibball) is the newest sport for the Zoom Room – think of it as herding without the sheep. Instead, dogs herd large exercise balls into a goal, using their noses to push the balls in the right direction. Any dog can do it and it’s tons of fun! We’ll teach the basics of Urban Herding including distance control commands to get you started in this fabulous new dog sport.

Prerequisites: Basic Obedience. Proof of current Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP vaccines is required.

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