Shy Dog

Shy Dog

Shy Dog

Our Shy Dog class was designed with rescue dogs in mind. We’re delighted to see so many new dog owners who have recently adopted a dog from an animal rescue organization or dog shelter, excited about providing a far better life and home for their new family pet.

Dog Anxiety

Unfortunately, so many of these dogs have not had such a great puppyhood or adolescence prior to being adopted out to a good, permanent home. Abuse, neglect and institutional living characterize the early life experiences of so many of these shy dogs – and so it’s no wonder that they present fear-based behavior traits such as dog anxiety or shyness. A scared dog is sometimes skittish or timid around other dogs, but more often they especially lack good socialization around kind-hearted humans. Head-shy, handshy or generally scared dogs can retreat at even the most well-intentioned and gentle touch.

Shy Dog Training

In our Shy Dog training class, we create an incredibly safe and controlled environment in which a previously scared dog can truly come out of his shell and blossom, leaving behind those behaviors consistent with dog anxiety. Small class size, minimal distractions, and great attention to detail are characteristics of our approach to behavior modification in Shy Dog class. As with all of our classes, we use only positive dog training methods to help dogs overcome shyness – in the case of shy dogs, positive reinforcement training is truly the only acceptable and reliable type of dog training that can be used with this spectrum of fear-based dog anxiety traits.

Overcome Shyness

One of our clients, the owner of a newly-rescued Pomeranian, says it best when she describes the difference she saw in her dog – aptly named “Hope” – after only one class:

Last night was Hope’s first day in Shy Dog class. I am just beaming. The difference in when she started and when the class ended just brings a tear to my eye and my heart smile.

– Patti M.

Shy Dog Training is a six-week class, consisting of six small group sessions in which we emphasize patience, consistency, and the incredible benefits of positive reinforcement dog training methods to help overcome shyness.

Have a shy dog? Any of our nationwide Zoom Room locations would love to welcome your newly adopted family member into our next session of Shy Dog Training! TO VIEW THE SCHEDULE OF CLASSES AND ENROLL ONLINE, simply select your nearest Zoom Room by clicking on LOCATIONS in the menu.

If you’d like to learn more about coping with a Shy Dog, please read this very informative article by Zoom Room founder, Jaime Van Wye, in the December 2010 issue of Dog’s Life Magazine.

Additional Testimonials

Shy Dog Class was wonderful and helped our dog so much. What really sold us on taking the class was how quickly our very shy dog warmed up to the instructor – she clearly knew how best to interact with him to bring him out – and he pretty immediately fell in love with her. Even being in a class with others, our instructor made us feel like we were getting one-on-one training. The class was fun, our dog was successful, and he is warming up to strangers much, much (much, much) faster than before. Our dog loves going to Zoom Room so much that we will be signing up for Agility next! Thank you!!

– Abigail M.

Shy Dog classs was really good for Chico. The class covered a variety of “work” that kept Chico interested. The nstructor was knowledgable and patient. Not only was Chico more comfortable with other dogs and people; I am also more at ease when encountering situations where Chico may become nervous. We will be back!

– Rose

Good suggestions from the instructor for time outside the class. We never stayed on one exercise for a long period of time which I appreciate. It was not a boring class and everyone was engaged all the time rather than waiting around while the instructor worked with one dog for a long period of time.

– Cindy