| August 28th, 2013

Zoom Room: The New Face of Dog Training

Innovative new training centers such as the Zoom Room add fun approach to what can be a life-saving activity Editor Ernie Slone hung out at the grand opening of the new Zoom Room in Huntington Beach, Calif. on Saturday, Aug. 24 and had some in-depth conversation with founder Jaime Van Wye about how training can help with behavioral issues. It’s a little known fact that behavioral issues are the number one threat to dogs every year, since so many end up in pounds and shelters and ultimately never get back out! Zoom Room can change those behaviors for the better.

‘About 4 million dogs are surrendered to shelters and pounds annually, many because of behavior problems, and 2.2 million of these dogs are euthanized,’ behavioral expert Dr. Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, Dipl. ACVB, writes in the August issue of Veterinary Practice News, urging veterinarians to be more proactive in addressing behavior issues with dog owners.

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