Doggie Dreamland
| June 10th, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle Reviews Zoom Room

“A Doggie Dreamland”

The San Francisco Chronicle examines the wealth of activities for dogs in the Monterey Peninsula; Zoom Room Monterey Bay is highlighted and praised.

If your best friend can use even more exercise, try Zoom Room…. At the Pacific Grove location… dogs learn to walk on teeter-totters and weave through a row of poles while passers-by ogle through sidewalk windows. Zoom Room offers an open gym for socializing, as well as a doggie disco, so Rover can chase the mirrored lights dancing on the floor while his owners groove on the sidelines. Plans are under way to open Zoom Rooms in San Jose and San Francisco, said Ratna Anagol, who is in charge of the Pacific Grove location.

Read the full article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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