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Zoom Room Encinitas Reviews

Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

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Kim is very professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and effective at explaining and showing me how to lead my dog with positive reinforcement. She practices what she preaches and is an excellent role model. We've been to several classes over the years and Kim is easily the best instructor we've had. She is honest and gives me corrective suggestions in a very positive manner. Drew led one of the classes and was very effective as well. Overall, it's a very fun place to learn. The training and store areas are kept very clean.

- mario t, who enjoyed agility 1 with bella

Jennie is wonderful. She has helped me, my son, and our dogs gain confidence and have a great time. :)

- Holly Hauser, who enjoyed private training with Ace

Instructors great. Had fun with my 6mo old doxie

- Kathleen Ryan, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Ozzie

Sherwin is a 5 year old, 25 pound Terrier mix, that's full of energy.....I thought agility might be a way to channel that energy in a positive way....Sherwin loved the classes! Never mind that he is totally blind in one eye...He managed every part of the course like a trooper!

- Larry Abgarian, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Sherwin

This was Muki's and my first experience with a dog training class. I chose agility because Muki, being a Shiba Inu, is naturally agile and athletic. The class has been wonderful; not only in agility training but in teaching Muki to listen and focus. Kim is a very competent, dedicated instructor who works well with canines and humans alike. Muki and I will be continuing on with Aglity level 2
next. All in all I give the class a 5 out of 5, and will pass the word around in the community.

- Patricia, who enjoyed Agility training Level 1 with Muki

Charlie had fun, learned a lot, and still has a long way to go!

- Nancy Zorner, who enjoyed agility 1 with charlie

We started in Agility 1 last April and are now in Agility 3. Each week Truffle learns more skills and so do I! It is great mental stimulation for Truffle who is over 8 years old, as well as great physical exercise. I never thought my dog would be focused enough to do agility training, but when he knows there's a treat for him at the end of the exercise, he is single-minded in his pursuit. He is so fast sometimes, it's a challenge for me to stay ahead of him!

- Pam Economides, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Truffle

This is the first trainer that has been able to actually make progress with my rescue Pit bull. I absolutely love this place they are willing to help with anything. I love this place and they are so good that I'm enrolling my other dog in classes.

- Cayla S., who enjoyed BAT with Dakota

Lots of good, basic puppy cues. Plenty of play and socialization as part of the class (the most important aspect really), and even opportunities for the puppies to check out agility equipment.

- Shelly, who enjoyed puppy pre-school with Rowyn

Kim was very in tune with Nora's needs and worked to help her get over her fear of jumping into the car and going through the doggie door. Kim was also happy to advise me on any questions regarding behavioral issues.

- Karen G, who enjoyed Private classes with Nora

Awesome!! Both Shanti and I LOVE going to the Zoom Room. She gets so excited before I even turn into the drive way. She shrieks with joy. I try to make those sounds so that we are on the same wave length, but I'm not as good as she is.
The folks at Zoom Room are fabulous. Very knowledgeable. Obviously have a great love for dogs and offer a variety of classes for all dogs.

- Sandy Braff, who enjoyed agility training and free play with Shanti

My experience has been excellent. The facilities are great and Kim is a great instructor.

- David B. Johnson, who enjoyed Agility3 through 5 with Bodie

This was a really good class! We had a great group of dogs!
Hunter really enjoyed it! Thank youm Kim

- Gigi Maris, who enjoyed Pet Therapy Class with Hunter

We learned so much about correcting bad habits xmd reactivity!

- Janet, who enjoyed Obedience with Cuper

Casey loved going to Agiity 1 and will be continuing with Agility 2. Kim, our trainer, great with each dog and was very thorough in training each dog properly on each obstacle. Kim and Lisa are very personable and have a very nice facility as well. I would highly recommend Zoom Room and the trainers to anyone.

- Beth K, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Casey

It is wonderful it gives my dog a job to do. Everyone is always so nice , so so helpful.

- Gail Willis, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Annie

Both classes provided excellent information and stimulation for our pup. We would love to participate in puppy obedience and puppy agility. Please let me know when you start providing afternoon or early evening classes.

- Sandie, who enjoyed puppy class with Chloe

Working with Truffle on Agility has been very rewarding. He is able to follow instructions much better and I have become more confident in directing him. Through Agility training, we were introduced to another dog sport, flyball. Because of Truffle's success in Agility, I thought he might like to try flyball. We have just begun flyball training, and I can already tell that this will be a great activity for us also!

- Pam E., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Truffle

Kim is a patient and consistent teacher. Zip has learned a tremendous amount in only a few lessons. She loves the obstacles!

- Sandy Arledge, who enjoyed Agility - private with Zip

It's wonderful and so fun for my dog!

- Blair Tomczak, who enjoyed Agility with Sophie

Kim does a great job of providing opportunities for Seamus to feel successful so that he gains confidence when approaching his fears.

- Lisa Stice, who enjoyed agility 2 with Seamus

Kim is very professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and effective at explaining and showing me how to lead my dog with positive reinforcement. She practices what she preaches and is an excellent role model. We've been to several classes over the years and Kim is easily the best instructor we've had. She is honest and gives me corrective suggestions in a very positive manner. Drew led one of the classes and was very effective as well. Overall, it's a very fun place to learn. The training and store areas are kept very clean.

- mario t, who enjoyed agility 1 with bella

I'm there 2 times or more a week and it's wonderful for socialization, learning &
exercise. I've put 3 CGC"s on all of my dogs there and have enjoyed all the classes
& several private sessions too.

- Shandra, who enjoyed Just about all of them. Well, except for therapy dog. with Scully, Marsea & Trixsea

What can I say? This place is AWESOME!! We are thrilled to have found a place where our
Shanti girl can get some training and also run and fetch - which is her most favorite thing to do. She is in a safe and lovely environment and we believe that getting her to the Zoom Room twice a week along with 2 daily walks a day has kept her balanced and so very happy.
Thanks! From Dave, Sandy and Shanti :-) ps We would not hesitate to recommend the Zoom Room to anyone. The staff is great - kind, dog lovers, experts in training dogs

- Sandy Braff, who enjoyed 1/2 hour agility training and 1/2 hour free play with Shanti

Excellent!!!! They are all so very patient, yet precise, helpful yet not condescending, remind customers to not get flustered and to enjoy

- Patti OFarrell, who enjoyed Agility 2 and Scent class with Maggie and Lolly

Great experience for my puppy Splash
Learned some new stuff
Had a great time playing with the other puppy's

- Casey Sullivan, who enjoyed Puppy class with Splash

THe classes are on time, the staff friendly and helpful, the dog is in heaven and loves coming, the pet owner is still needing a little discipline :)

- nancy zorner, who enjoyed Agility 1, Agility 2 with Charlie

The class was terrific and Kim was a great leader/teacher. I appreciated the small size of the class and the individual attention Kim was able to give to each of us within the class setting.

- Anthea Beletsis, who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Reggi

It's been really wonderful. Baxter and I have both learned a lot. I think it is giving him a good foundation in life for balance and stability and the tips on obedience training have really helped me to train him more quickly.

- Mary Frost, who enjoyed Puppy Agility with Baxter


- RANDY PAYNE, who enjoyed puppy pre-school with RIPLEY

It was a fabulous experience - my dog
Hunter & myself!! We justo loved it and
Are excited to begin our work!

- Gigi Maris, who enjoyed Pet Therapy with Hunter

Enjoying the small group & individualized attention; I like the setting - my dog & I can "shop" after the training session. Love the high quality products in the retail area & the good advice from the instructor.

- Maria Cohen, who enjoyed Basic Manners with Toto

we had a great time and find the staff very personable and professional

- laura larson, who enjoyed private agility with anton and mia

The experience at Zoom Room was great! All of the instructors and staff were very helpful and willing to answer any and all questions. The classes moved at a pace that worked with the dogs attending, not just a set schedule. The facilities themselves are awesome! Louie and I both learned so much and will definitely be back!

- Christa, who enjoyed Puppy obedience and puppy agility with Louie

Always great fun and a positive experience for dog and owner.

- Shelly H, who enjoyed Agility, obedience with Rowyn

The classes & instructors have been great. I'm already seeing improvements in my dog's behavior!
I also appreciate the small class sizes!
Thank you!

- Lucy Duncan, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Scout

We had had a wonderful experience so far and plan to continue with our lessons. My dog is a rescue and has high levels of anxiety - he absolutely loves this workout and the sustained focus it requires. I swear, it is doggie therapy. He is more calm and rested as a result! The staff at Zoom Room is so knowledgeable and so very caring.

- Katina Lambros, who enjoyed Private agility training with Beua

It is absolutely wonderful! Sophie and I have so much fun.....

- Blair To,czar, who enjoyed Agility with Sophie

Such progress in just three classes! Definitely worth the money.

- Charlotte Conrad, who enjoyed Obedience 1&2 with Molly

Love the Zoom Room and staff. Zip has a wonderful time and enjoys every minute of the experience. The instructors are knowledgeable and clearly love what they do! Thank you for having a location nearby... I have encouraged many of my dog-owning friends to attend classes there.

- sandy arledge, who enjoyed Private agility with Zip

Drew is a fabulous instructor. He is very patient with the all the dogs, and very enthusiastic in their training. My dog was very hesitant at first to have Drew handle her,
at my request, and now she runs to him with much affection. Her improvement is un-
believable. She has come so far in her abilities, that I am proud of both Drew, and Baci.
Drew has superb training skills.

- bridget Carnell Ash, who enjoyed Agality with Baci

I have seen a world of difference in my dog!
He's so well behaved!

- Kierstin Hays, who enjoyed Obedience & Agility with Angus

We have LOVED working with Kim in teaching our canine children how to navigate an agility course. This is something we have wanted to do for a long time and we are so glad we discovered the aptly named Zoom Room. It has been a such a positive experience for all of us. Even though we are far from mastering agility training , Kim makes us all feel like superstars. She is patient and gentle, laughing with us when humans or canines have spastic moments, which are not altogether rare. There is nothing but love at Zoom Room. I must say this has been entirely "entertraining" on so many levels. Thanks to everyone at Zoom Room!

- Tricia and Mark Brubaker, who enjoyed Private agility training with Maia and Kona

I always wanted to try agility with my dog but was hesitant because I wasn't sure he would be calm enough (he's a terrier :D). I am delighted at how much he's learned and how quickly he caught on! Although he hasn't become more calm, he has learned to focus much more and the mental exercise does wear him out. Kim has been very patient and helpful, and Truffle adores her because she has the BEST treats!!

- P. Economides, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Truffle

Kim is very knowledgeable and easy to work with, Lots of info on training.

- Janet Crombie, who enjoyed 4 private with AJ

We love the puppy class at Zoom Room! The team is very knowledgable and maintains a clean and safe environment for the dogs and their people. We've definitely recommended Zoom Room to friends!

- JamieP., who enjoyed Puppy Kindergarten with Millie

My dog and I love the Zoom Room and the Instructor. They have been very helpful and have made training fun for my dog. They have also helped with nutrition and skin problems.

- Gail Willis, who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2, starting 3 with Annie Oakley

Wonderful clean facility. Instructors and staff see friendly, week trained and helpful. Love all the dig goodies you carry. Happy :-)

- Kathleen Ryan, who enjoyed agility 1 puppy with Ozzie

It was a very helpful and rewarding experience. Our instructor was knowledgeable and patient; we very clearly saw progress through the four weeks of behavior training.

- Thomas Remington, who enjoyed Private training sessions with Hazel

We've had a wonderful experience in our first series of agility sessions with Kim at the Encinitas Zoom Room. I find Kim informative, professional yet fun, giving clear direction, and wonderful constructive feedback in a very positive, unpressured manner. We're really enjoying Zoom Room and look forward to taking more classes!

- Patti OFarrell, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Maggie

Baci and I love going to the Zoom Room. Kim is a great, patient, and a knowledge
instructor. She not only teaches the class, but will answer other behavior issues that
you may have about your dog. I feel like we always learn something each time we attend
class....both of us. Her sister Lisa is also very friendly and knowledgeable about all the
products they carry. Zoom Room is exceptionally clean in all areas.

- bridget ash, who enjoyed 3 agility classes good canine citizen award class with Baci

Very good experience! I was surprised how quickly Maggie and the other dogs learned how to manuever through the various pieces of equipment. After 4 lessons, Maggie is moving up to Agility 2.

- Ginny Bridy, who enjoyed Agility I with MAGGIE

The class covers a number of the situations and equipment the dogs will encounter when volunteering as therapy dogs. I have been impressed with how comprehensive the classes are and feel Seamus will be well prepared to volunteer.

- Lisa Stice, who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Seamus

Very impressed

- Jerry Louis, who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Russert

Great- my dog has learned a lot and I find
it a very bonding experience to take Sienna
to classes . She is highly food motivated
Which makes her a quick learner An Italian
Spinone is also a very smart breed.

- Tina Rappaport, who enjoyed Agility two with Sienna

Very good experience. The instructor really bonds well with the dogs and wants them to get the best experience possible.

- Natosha Seats, who enjoyed Agility with Chlow

Wonderful! Really enjoy classes with these instructors, and the clientele are all also very nice. Plus, great products at the store, and Kim is a wealth of nutritional info.

- Patti OFarrell, who enjoyed agility 2, scent with Maggie & Lolly

Excellent, I would and do recommend this place.

- Patti OFarrell, who enjoyed agility 2, and nose class with Maggie & Lolly

Alfie learned sit, touch, stay, down. Socially interacted. My husband is the one needing training.

- sylvia kravitz, who enjoyed puppy preschool puppy obedience with alfie

Great class. Great instructor.

- Linda Milner, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Kirby

The classes are great fun for the dog and the owner. Kim is a great teacher.

- Linda Milner, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2, 3, 4 with Kirby

It was wonderful. Isabella thought she was in seventh heaven. Had the best time.

- Lynn, who enjoyed Agility private lesson with Isabella

The agility class helped my active dog learn to focus. The "touch" command came in handy one day when she got away from me while on a walk. She came right back to me when I called "touch."

- Karin G., who enjoyed Puppy Agility with Feerliss

All positive, like the all positive training. Good mix of other people and dogs to train with.
Was fun and very effective.

- shandra, who enjoyed Puppy socialization, CGC & some privates with Marsea, Scully & Trixsea

Both have been beneficial for my dog and informative for me.

- Vivian Entous, who enjoyed Obedience 2, Agility 2 with Crosby

Beckham (a very fast bulldog) loves agility...but he has some impulse issues. Drew sensed this...and has been working with him to get him better in social situations. Drew is amazing with Beckham and he's come a long way in the 4 weeks we've been in training. Our dog is a much better dog citizen as a result of his training. Without the Zoom Room I'd still be in fear of some of his impulses. I cannot recommend Zoom Room enough!

- Jolene Bogard, who enjoyed Agility 3 and private training with Beckham

My Vizsla started off with puppy agility at Zoom Room and has now progressed to agility 2! I enjoy that the classes are small and personal, so your dog can get the most amount of reps before their focus flies out the window. Ruby learns something new and comes home pooped every time!

- Kendra K., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Ruby

We really enjoyed the small class size and the individual attention. The trainer bonded with us and our dog from week to week and really had tailored advice for what our needs were. She was very patient with our crazy dog, and seemed to understand her age and breed (1.5yr old border collie) requirements and limitations.

- Jason Schueller, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Busy

It's been very good. Kim is an excellent trainer. She's well organized and follows a planned routine. She's very good at understanding the dog's behaviors. The room is very nice and my dog seems to love it.

- David B. Johnson, who enjoyed I'm currently in agilty 2 with Bodie

My dog, Diego and I had fun at his first ever obedience class. I got to see a side of him that was smart and eager to please. In agility class he really did better than I had anticipated and we look forward to the next ones. Instructor Kim is very patient and knowledgable, especially considering she has the two of us--me and Diego to train! The best thing is that I think Diego really bonded with me in a new way, and I think his confidence has grown.

- Carol E, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and agility1 with Diego

I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Kim as our instructor. She's warm, competent, and patient. All the classes are run very professionally, so there are no worries that dogs will be out of control or ignored. I would recommend Zoom Room Encinitas to anyone interested in where to go for dog training.

- Marcee, who enjoyed dog obedience, therapy training, tricks with Sneffles

Every class I have had at Zoom Room has been exceptional! The facility is immaculate and both Drew and Jenny have been patient, helpful teachers. I love going to Zoom Room and so does Baxter! We will eagerly continue with the Agility series and then try some of the other classes. I can't wait to go practice! Thank you everyone for making us feel so welcome and for patiently answering all our questions!

- Drasi C., who enjoyed Agolity1 with Baxter

the staff are very friendly and helpful. They clearly love dogs and work well with them and their owners.

- Kirsty Hall, who enjoyed dog obedience 1 with Zoe

The Zoom Room is great. The trainers are excellent. Instructions are very clear and concise. The trainers are very patient and caring. I love that it is indoors. The gym is a great place to go on a rainy day.

- Linda Burton Milner, who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Kirby

Kim is very knowledgable and patient. As a new dog owner I found my puppy to be very challenging, but Kim offered great advice and equipped me with new ideas and techniques. She also suggested a shoulder harness for Misty and it has worked beautifully.
I am eager to continue our training with Kim.

- Barb S., who enjoyed Private lessons - agility training with Misty

Professional and helpful. Shelly loved it!

- Loni, who enjoyed Personal Training one to one with Shelly

Kim is an excellent instructor. She is good with all sorts of dogs and very understanding. Sadie LOVES to go to ZoomRoom and is progressing nicely through the agility courses.

- Laureen, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Sadie

We came to Zoom Room with a shy, nervous, and fearful dog. Kim helped us learn some basics on helping our dog build confidence. It will still be a long road for us but we are thankful to Kim for helping stear our path to Ernie being a happier and more confident pup!

- Kaitlyn, who enjoyed Private training with Ernie

I love the flexibility of Zoom Room classes, and that there are so many types of classes to chose from. I believe my dog Rowyn has really benefited from taking different types of classes.

- Shelly H, who enjoyed Ongoing participation in agility and obedience. Right now we're preparing Rowyn for the CGC test with Rowyn

It was a fun class, I'd never tried scent work before and was mystified on how to go about it. The class really was very helpful.

- Shelly, who enjoyed Scent work with Shae

Great class. Very informative. Great training for any dog whether they go into therapy or not.

- Linda Milner, who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Kirby

It was a great class, and I especially liked that they were accredited to do the evaluation test at the end. I would highly recommend it to anyone hoping t o do therapy dog work!

- Julie K., who enjoyed Therapy Dog Training with Dylan

The Zoom Room is Seamus' favorite place on earth.

- Lisa Stice, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Seamus

Kim knows all the tricks, is very patient and calm, and takes the time to help individuals learn how to best teach their dogs. I enjoy working with my dog during class, and look forward to the time when she can zoom, or at least navigate, an agility course without a treat in front of her nose. I didn't think a 10-year old beagle would be able to do this, but you can teach an old dog new tricks!

- N. D., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Loretta

Who knows if we'll ever compete at an event. I do know that my dogs are happier when I spend time training with them.

- Shelly H, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Rowyn

Is has been a wonderful bonding experience with my dog as well as having fun together. I love seeing Sophie become so excited when she knows we're going to Zoom Room! Kim,our instructor, makes the classes fun for our dogs and us humans, all the while maintaining her professional manner. I'm so happy to have found Zoom Room! Blair Tomczak

- Blair Tomczak, who enjoyed Agility level 1 and 2 with sophie

Seamus loves the class so much that he rushes the door each week. With each class, his concentration improves so much, which is a testimony to how well Kim trains the dogs (and the owners).

- Lisa Stice, who enjoyed agility 1 and 2 with Seamus

You can teach an old dog new tricks! I go to agility class with my 8 year old Springer Spaniel, Ace. My son and his labradoodle puppy, Bridget, also attend. It's a great way for us to spend time together. The dogs LOVE class and the people at Zoom Room are very kind and very helpful. We highly recommend the Encinitas Zoom Room!

- Holly, who enjoyed Agility with Ace

Shanti and I LOVE going to the Zoom Room. We love Kim and Drew. They know a lot about dogs and I've learned a lot. Shanti gets so excited a few blocks before we turn into the drive way........... she yelps and barks and can hardly contain herself. I'm grateful we can have this special time together at this special place with special people who let Shanti know that she is special :-)

- Sandy B, who enjoyed agility training and free play with Shanti

Excellent instructor. Knowledgable, works with all sorts of dogs well, good at training the humans too!

- L. Bloomer, who enjoyed Agility II with Sadie

Excellent. It was extremely helpful for all of us: puppy, 7 year old daughter and me!

- Lorin Beller, who enjoyed puppy orientation with Bo

Wanted to teach my dog not to be a "bully" while playing with dogs. Only had one season with a real live dog. The other three were with a stuffed dog. Zach got better, some. But disappointed I paid $50 a session of 30 min without really addressing his issues with a real dog. Liked my trainer. But the learning could have been completed after the one session with a real dog- and worked 1 hour or at least 45min.

- Barb, who enjoyed Individual with Zach

It was a great class. Care was taken to teach the dogs and the owners in a patient and gentle manner. Explanations were very clear and concise.

- Linda Burton Milner, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Kirby

We love it and Kim is great, OUR DOGS LOVE IT!

- Blanqui Navarre, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Cosmo and Kade

Our instructor is Kim and we LOVE HER!!! She is so organized and prepared and always gives us a new challenge yet keeps it within my dog's (and my) ability to be successful. Kim really knows what she is doing and she is a wonderful, excellent teacher. My dog LOVES going and so do I. We tried several places before hearing about the ZOOM ROOM and since we've been coming here, we feel that we've struck gold. Kim is top notch. Her passion for dogs combined with her knowledge, skills and expertise, rounded out with her warmth and kindness makes her a very special person. :)

- Dayle, who enjoyed Private Agility and Group Trick Training with Mac

The agility classes have really helped my dog to be more mentally focused and attentive to my directions. He always enjoys coming, and has even made a new friend that we hope to keep in contact with for play dates! I love the location being so close to my home; it makes it a lot easier to be consistent.

- P. Economides, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Truffle

Before class Charlie was unconfident and reacting to other dogs. Kim has been wonderful, patient and encouraging. Charlie can walk past another dog with no problem now.

- Maria Henshilwood, who enjoyed Private package of 4 lessons with Charlie

We have a wonderful time at tricks class. Kim is a clear, fun and patient trainer .. I highly recommend this location. Sneffles is picking up tricks very quickly and impressing everyone! Good dog! Great trainer!

- Marcee Sherrill, who enjoyed Tricks with Sneffles

It was a wonderful bonding experience for my dog and I. The classes were professional and fun as well!

- Blair Tomczak, who enjoyed Level 1 Agility with Sophie

Zoom Room is a great place for dogs at a fantastic value. Puppy preschool is a fun place for dogs and owners to learn and for puppy friendships and socializing to happen in a safe environment. Puppies learn basic commands and focus exercises as well as a few fun agility activities. Puppy Play time is a wonderful way for owners to learn how their dogs behave with other dogs. As new puppy parents, we nervously watch as our dog runs off leash and interacts with the other dogs....There are enough trainers to assist with the play time and assure us when the dogs experience good play vs. bad play. Even as a group class, the trainers take time to give individual attention to each dog asking how they've been doing and whether or not there are unwanted behaviors happening. We overall feel like we are in great hands and look foward to continuing with other classes and workshops. We drive a half hour to train here and will continue to because there's nothing else like it. The thought that our dog can grow up with a social place to go and enjoy continued friends and activities is comforting and fun.

- Lindsay, who enjoyed puppy preschool with Wash

Most awesome! I will certainly continue to take my girl to private agility classes. She loves it and she loves Kim and Lisa!! So do I!! Very clean, happy, honest, helpful, fun environment. So glad I found it!!! We will also continue to practice during private gym time! Not sure who has more fun...me or my doggie!! HA!!

- Gerri Beth Borga, who enjoyed Private Agility and Private gym with Star

Kim is so patient. Seamus has a terrier personality and has issues concentrating when other dogs are not present. Kim and Lisa work to find classes in which Seamus will participate well with the social presence of other dogs he needs for motivation. Seamus loves the Zoom Room, and I recommend it to friends frequently for agility and other training.

- Lisa Stice, who enjoyed agility 2 with Seamus

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