Fox Business News – Dog Parties
| May 16th, 2011

Dog Parties

Zoom Room Featured in Fox Business News

In an article on trends in the pet industry, Fox Business News spotlights the dog parties thrown at the Zoom Room, including dog birthday parties and Doggy Disco®. (The photo above is from an all-Yorkie party hosted by Zoom Room Culver City.)

The Zoom Room offers parties for humans and their four-legged friends—mainly dogs. Past parties have included marriage ceremonies, “Bark-mitzvahs,” adoption anniversary parties and Doggie Disco celebrations. Many of the parties hosted have themes and are shaped around holidays like Christmas and Halloween. The room has a laser light theme and special disco gloves with lasers that entertain the doggie guests, according to Founder Jaime Van Wye.

Read the full article in Fox Business News.

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