Franchise Revenue

Franchise Revenue

Multiple Franchise Revenue Streams

A dog bakery franchise can be run from a kiosk with a single employee, but it sells a single product, to which the community either will or won’t be receptive as time passes.

A pet resort offers a wide variety of revenue streams: grooming, boarding, retail, pet taxi, spa services – but costs anywhere from half a million to over a million dollars to start, and necessitates a dozen or so employees.

Part of what makes the Zoom Room the best pet franchise opportunity out there is our combination of low start-up cost with highly diversified multiple franchise revenue streams.

Multiple revenue streams are important: they improve your bottom line by providing opportunities for income even when dog training classes aren’t in session. You’re also able to appeal to an even wider client base. The sum total is the Zoom Room being positioned as the epicenter for your town’s dog community. It also affords you a great deal of flexibility in your scheduling. And, lastly, but not insignificantly, it means you never get bored of work.

When you’re jumping from Agility League to puppy preschool to therapy dog training to running a seminar for expectant mothers with pets to hosting a dog birthday party or a Beagle meet-up group or throwing a wild Doggy Disco® night, excitement at the Zoom Room is evergreen.

Diverse & Complementary Franchise Revenue Streams

  • Dog Training Classes – Our exceptionally well-researched curriculum is not only highly varied, but also offers beginning, intermediate and advanced classes to encourage client retention and cross-enrollment. Class sizes are small, so clients receive the ideal amount of personal attention at a very reasonable price.
  • Private Gym – This extends the use of the gym to clients so they can practice their skills on the agility course or just have a blast with our well-stocked toy chest; it’s a great, safe alternative to the dog park, whatever the weather.
  • Private Dog Training – Our online enrollment system makes scheduling private training absolutely effortless, including prepayment. You will be notified of your private training schedule, and it will never conflict with group classes or any other prior commitment. Because our group classes are closed to those dogs who don’t play well with others, private training is a great way to transition such a dog into group classes.
  • Agility League – Run like a bowling league, this incredibly popular weekly occurence encourages friendly agility competition among dog owners, who form into teams.
  • Educational Seminars – Providing informative seminars on dog behavior and related topics, for example a seminar for expectant mothers, you not only derive additional income, but also achieve a more meaningful connection to the local dog community.
  • Canine Good Citizen Testing – Intermediate and advanced obedience training culminates in the administration of CGC testing. You can also open testing to the community-at-large for additional revenue, and the chance to introduce potential new clients to the Zoom Room
  • Retail Sales – When it comes to retail management, less is more. How you select, package and present your retail products is what dictates your sales, not sheer volume and variety. Therefore our retail section is 100% in accord with our brand identity – fun, sporty, athletic, organic, natural. We don’t sell everything, but what we sell, we sell well. We also carry product lines that you just can’t find at the Big Box retailers. We also feature products during our training classes, which promotes point-of-purchase sales.
  • Rentals for Meet-up Groups & Community Organizations – Dog clubs and meet-up groups are passionate about their dogs and always searching for new and novel activities. Groups can rent the Zoom Room for a charitable fund drive, a monthly get-together, or holidays like Halloween. These large group rentals are of course a great time to recruit new clients, and our hardware and software solutions make gathering leads extremely fast, easy and non-intrusive. Retail and refreshment sales further support group rentals.
  • Party Rentals & Catering – One of the most popular events at the Zoom Room is our ongoing Doggy Disco® Nights, in which music and a special light show cast patterns on the ground that many dogs love to chase. Social events for the after work crowd is also a popular option. In addition, the Zoom Room will be one of the only ideal and dedicated facilities in your area for hosting dog birthday parties and the occasional Bark Mitzvah. As with meet-up group rentals, you’ll be able to reach new potential clients and sell products and services. But you’ll also have an opportunity to provide event-specific catering services such as invitations, party favors, decorations, dog-edible birthday cakes, and whatever else you and the client can imagine.
  • Rentals by Local Dog Trainers – Many private dog trainers have a very hard time seeming professional to their clients because they do not have a dedicated training facility. Although we do not permit outside trainers to conduct group classes at the Zoom Room, you can make the facility available in your off hours to local trainers to use for their private sessions. The trainer gets the use of an amazing facility, and you derive income during hours when you normally would not. In addition, the trainer’s clients will be exposed to the variety of other offerings at the Zoom Room, so you may even gain a new client.
  • Gift Cards – We’ve had great success with the tag line, “Give the Gift of a Well-Behaved Dog.” Our gift cards are available on site or online in any denomination. Like the cards you may have used at popular chains like Starbucks or Home Depot, our cards work the same way – the value remains on the card and is deducted at point of purchase. It’s no secret that large retailers make tens of millions of dollars from unused gift cards. For instance, in June of 2006, Home Depot Inc. reported $43 million in pretax profit from unused cards sold before 2002. Our prepaid gift cards are also a great way for clients to spread the word about the Zoom Room to their friends and family. Our system is set up so that your clients, when they’re traveling, can use their cards at other Zoom Room locations.
  • Refreshments – Through careful organization of the site interior, an area known as the Hound Lounge is set aside as a hangout. Clients and their families have an area in which to hang out before or after classes, and this area can be leveraged even more significantly during party rentals. Depending upon the licensing restrictions in your area, you will be able to offer healthy, sporty fare such as soft drinks, bottled water, energy drinks and possibly other snacks as well.
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