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Franchisee - Must Love Dogs

Ideal Franchisee

Must Love Dogs

What do we look for in an ideal franchisee? In three words: must love dogs. We mean really love ‘em. We love what we do. If running a Zoom Room doesn’t hands-down sound like a lot more fun than your last job or business, please make room for other entrepreneurs in your town.

And will you enjoy life as a dog trainer? Why not check out this video below, which aired all around the U.S. in March 2011, on the TV show “Career Day.” The producers at Entertainment Studios selected Zoom Room founder Jaime Van Wye to talk about a career as a professional dog trainer. The video was shot on location at Zoom Room Hollywood.

Passionate Entrepreneurs

The Zoom Room is looking for shrewd entrepreneurs who recognize that the pet services industry is one of the fastest growing and most bulletproof sectors of today’s highly-challenged economy. Ideal franchisees are business-savvy enough to recognize the opportunity at hand. They are also highly-motivated individuals, great at getting a group on its feet and excited about a new dog game or trick.

And you don’t have to have deep pockets to own a Zoom Room – but we do like to see solid credit, and good financial stability. Please review our franchise cost and requirements prior to applying.

We require you to be ambitious and hard working, ready to put your all into the business in the critical first year of operation to let all of the dog owners in your town be fully aware of the incredible atmosphere and services you have brought into the community.

No Previous Dog Training Necessary

We are pros at training trainers, having developed a curriculum that is innovative and way ahead of the curve. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to train dogs. You’ll take part in our extensive online classroom where you’ll learn about dog behavior, nutrition, and related topics. Then you’ll fly out here for a full three weeks of hands-on training.

Not Just Dog People, but People People

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we’re looking for people who recognize that although the Zoom Room teaches classes to dogs, our real customers are the ones who pay the bills – good old-fashioned human beings. This is, above all else, a customer-service-driven business, and a franchisee must exemplify friendliness, courtesy, affability, and the good sense to resolve all customer interactions on a positive, upbeat note.

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