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Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

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I can't say thank you enough for how you helped Hope. The difference in when she started and when the class ended just brings a tear to my eye and my heart smile. Hope was a rescue who was so afraid of people and shy around dogs. By the end of the first class there was already a difference in Hope. Now she is not only letting people pet her and give her snacks, she is letting people hold her. I could just see her confidence building with every class. I can't thank Laura enough for bringing out of Hope the confidence that was in her all along. This is truly remarkable! I can't wait for the next class to start. Thanks so much.

- Patti M., who enjoyed Shy Dog with Hope

My dog and I have learned lots of fun new tricks, strengthened our bond, and had a really great time in class!

- Julie A., who enjoyed Tricks 1

REally great! We're learning some useful training methods and the class itself is challenging because it put our pup in a highly distractable environment which is good for training.

- vanessa, who enjoyed obedience 2 with remy

Helen suggested mixing training and Agility for our private sessions...
Great idea!

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Private Agility with Leonardo

My three month old dalmatian loves ZoomRoom. Before we brought him he was timid around other dogs and new people now when he meets new dogs or people he wants to play. He loves the agility class and I find it fun too, it tires him out and everyone knows a tired puppy is a good puppy. The obed training is great, its not just one class with one subject the entire time. It kept him on his toes and not bord. We have been to other trainers but ZoomRoom is where he will stay.

- Samantha West, who enjoyed Puppy preschool, Puppy agility, Puppy obedience. with Zeus

Very positive and informative. Laura is great and very patient. She has a fabulous sense of humor. It helped me fine tune what I was doing already, correct things I was doing wrong, and add more to my skill set.

- B. Courtois, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Moose

We love working with Helen.

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Agility Training with Leonardo

We always love training with Sarah...

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Private Agility with Leonardo

We had a wonderful experience with Sarah at the Shy Dog class. Our normally anxious dog was easily calmed by Sarah and he truly enjoyed being in class. We have also taken him to Private Gyms and he had a BLAST! We can't wait to come back for more classes. Thanks so much for making our shy dog a happy dog!

- Bekka, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Billy Joel

It's a lovely class. Lovely atmosphere. Lovely people.

- Eleanor M., who enjoyed Agility 1

Laura's class is so much fun and Lou Lou Belle and I look forward to our Monday night classes. Thank you very much for being there.

- Monette D., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Lou Lou Belle

Our instructor was fantastic! Laura was extremely helpful, not just with the obedience class, but with specific recommendations for Dexter and his anxiety/shy dog issues. We thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned so much. We look forward to taking another class at Zoom Room soon!

- Alana E., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Dexter

Stitch and I learned a lot and had a great time!

- Lisa D., who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Stitch

Wonderful!!! The instructors are knowledgable, kind and patient. The classes are fun for both of us (me and my dog); and the activities are appropriate and stimulating for my dog. We look forward to visiting the Zoom Room each week!

- C. Cordner, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Abbey

Zoom Room is a great place to take your furry child to get socialized and trained. The facility is located on La Brea, just off of Melrose (right across from Pink's Hot Dogs) and they have a nice big parking lot. I just wish that I had learned about it sooner! I took my Shiba puppy to her first class at 16-weeks, which was the cut-off age so she could only attend the one class, but she was able to play with other puppies who are between the ages of 8-16 weeks and that was a great experience for the both of us. I highly recommend it for first time dog owners or those who just got a puppy. Anyway, I took her to some puppy agility classes, which was good for her to get some exercise and I'll be signing her up for some obedience training in the future, after she gets spayed.

The staff is nice, friendly and knowledgeable and the gym area is super clean and they don't allow dogs in that area unless they've had their current vaccinations, so you don't have to worry about your pooch picking up some nasty disease. There's a doggy toilet by the door and they also sell toys, food, and other supplies.

- Alex H., who enjoyed Puppy Preschool & Puppy Agility

Thank you Zoom Room for adding extra fun and variety to our Happy-Healthy Dog-Face Life Style. We always look forward to our next Zoom Room fix.

- Annie T., who enjoyed Agility 3

I couldn't be any happier with the experience we've had at Zoom Room. I wish I could take my dog there everyday. All of the staff have been fun, friendly and helpful, and its a great environment to spend time with your dog.

- Tony R., who enjoyed Agility 1

Laura is amazing!
The classes have been great, especially since you changed the format. We get more done now and spend less time on introductions/hearing about other classes Zoom offers. I have two friends that have left because of that and I am trying to get them to come back now that the format is less repetitive.

- kim campbell, who enjoyed puppy preschool/obedience/agility with sadie

Breeze is an awesome trainer. She has a great sense of Shasta's tolerance/threshold for activities and knows just when and how to push him (and me) and when to ease up.

- Mark Tomasic, who enjoyed Private agility with Shasta

We absolutely love our weekly session with Sarah. She always bring super energy and fun to the sessions...

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Private Agility with Leonardo

I knew one of the main things that I needed to go with my newly adopted dog was to go to obedience school. While my dog wasn't particularly misbehaved, she's a Pit Bull, so I wanted to make sure she had acquired some impeccable manners (stereotyped as she is). We took the Obedience 1 class, and I definitely recommend it as a way to learn the basic commands. I was also very pleased that they offer evening classes on weeknights for those of us with standard 9-5 jobs. Overall my dog and I came out with an excellent knowledge of some very important commands as well as a dog that was very motivated by the clicker and treats. I will most likely return to try their agility courses (train your dog to literally jump through hoops!) and their tricks classes which are less about obedience but sound like a lot of fun for both me and my dog. Also, they have a shop inside the training center that boasts a big variety of food and treats that you won't find at the local Petco (like Orijen) that is most certainly worth a look. I had a hard time leaving my class without buying a bull trachea or a Himalayan yak milk chew.

- Iska B., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Our Toy Fox Terrier is 8 years old. But in six weeks, this old lady has learned a lot of new tricks. We are very happy to have a fun new activity to do with her that she loves and challenges her intellectually. She can't get enough of it.

- Jim C., who enjoyed Agility 1

Stephanie is very enthusiastic and makes you feel you and your dog can overcome
any behavioral challenges with knowledge, patience and some zoom room tips.
She has helped me get over my fear of not handling the dogs correctly and that they would never be those 'good dogs' you see all over West Hollywood.
I come back time and again to seek her support and guidance, my dogs love her too!

- Ruth Beauchamp, who enjoyed tony agility 2 and bucky Good Citizen test with Bucky and Tony Cheek/Beauchamp

Laura was great and really wonderful with Bella. Looking forward to more classes for both of our dogs.

- Julia W., who enjoyed Private Training with Bella

My pup Scamp loved his class with Laura! We had a groupon and signed up for scent discrimination. It was so much fun. He would drag me to the door each week and bounce with excitment waiting for his turn. Thank you for a great class, we cant wait for our next one.

- Leah N., who enjoyed Scent Discrimination with Scamp

Our Leonardo has the best time training with Breeze every time! So fun!!!

- Nora S, who enjoyed Private Agility with Leonardo

We loved taking Agility class at Zoom Room. Laura was always upbeat and obviously cares about knowing all the dogs and helping train them to their full potential. The store is clean and well organized. There is always great music playing. We love the menu options for training so that you can mix and match training with your class payments. We have recommended Zoom Room to our friends and will continue to do so, and we can't wait to come back!

- Zorica Stancevic, who enjoyed Agility 1/2 with Emma

Shadow and I would like to thank Laura for her expertise and flawless instruction with our Agility Classes (1,2 & 3) that we attended. We learned so much and really enjoyed the challenge of mastering the obstacles, the footwork, the coursework and the drills. The best part was watching Shadow learn and enjoy the class himself. You could feel his happiness as he took part in the class and seeing him progress every week was exciting and empowering. Many thanks to Zoom Room for this awesome experience.

- Bryan P., who enjoyed Agility 1, 2 & 3 with Shadow

5 Stars for Laura alone, master trainer extraordinaire. My puppysire Apollo enjoyed his time in the Obedience 1 class, and I was quick to sign him up for Obedience 2. The place is clean and spacious, sort of like a puppy playground. Laura has a way with all dogs, which made the time there informative and enjoyable. I'm adopting another Siberian Husky and will be sure to bring her over here to get her as well trained as Apollo.

- Nathan D., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Apollo

Great experience at Zoom Room! Crystal is great and so helpful. I was able to teach my old dog some new tricks I never thought he'd be able to do. The staff there is always friendly and helpful. Me and my dog love coming here.

- Katie, who enjoyed Tricks 1 with Beardsley

I was so impressed with Laura! My dog has advanced tremendously in the six weeks he's been attending Obedience 1. I was lucky enough to score a Groupon and it was the best purchase I've made this year. I'll definitely be booking some privates to curb my dog's unwavering love for all things forbidden (shoes, cats, wires, small children, etc.) A clean, gorgeous facility and totally comfortable. Bonus: Intelligentsia coffee. Double bonus: guy at the front desk looks like a taller Elijah Wood.

- Jenn D., who enjoyed Obedience 1

We love Sarah... She is great!!

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Private Agility with Leonardo

Olive really enjoyed the class- I did too. It was fun! Laura is a great instructor and she really gets to know the dogs and what they can or cannot do. Thank you!

- A.D., who enjoyed Agility I with Olive Oyl

I love this place... and more importantly my dog does! He starts to pull me towards the door as soon as we walk across the parking lot... and... there's actually free, easy parking... where does that ever happen in L.A.?

The gym is clean, spacious and loft-like and the people who run Zoom Room couldn't be nicer or more helpful. Laura, the trainer, is so knowledgeable and obviously loves the dogs and makes it a point of getting to know their quirks and 'problems'... and is quite generous in giving tips to help... even though we are just there for the Open Gym... not a class situation. Every dog is evaluated...and my dog is fearful of new situations, and Laura coaxed him through the agility course with so much patience. It is amazing to see him now... running through like a pro...

They also have a great selection of chew toys, foods and equipment that are reasonably priced. I haven't done the classes here yet... but I have friends that have and I have heard only good things. I can't wait to do a Tricks class here as I am learning that it really helps dogs' confidence to learn new things. They don't do the hard sell here... so you can try out the gym with a very reasonably priced session and then make your decision.

- Diana D., who enjoyed Agility 1

Me and my frenchie Gerschwin love Zoom Room. He worships his trainer Laura! We did Agility 1, and are planning to sign up for more classes. There were many benefits: he used up some of his endless energy, he had to use his brain (which makes him tired), he loved the interaction with me and the focused attention from me, and he mellowed around the other dogs (for the most part). He goes nuts when I say "Zoom Room," and when he sees the building.

- N.P., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Gerschwin

We loved our experience! Our dog is 2 1/2 years old, fairly trained & socialized but needed a refresher course. This class was a reminder that we constantly need to train him with new tricks as well as set boundaries even as an adult. It was also nice to be with other dogs his age to play and learn from each other.

- Susan K., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Oscar

My dog and I enjoyed our experience at Zoom Room! We have both learned a lot, and I am looking forward to many more classes.

Just got home from training my dogs at the Zoom Room Hollywood. It is a very nice facility with lots of room to train your animal. My wife and I have two dogs, so we must split them up and teach them to ignore each other. It's really great because we must train them through these distractions. The trainer is nice and clear about what each lesson entails. My wife signed us up for this class and it's the best thing because they teach all these little things about dog psychology which make working with them so much easier. After all, they aren't teaching the dogs, they are teaching the owners.

- Greg D., who enjoyed Obedience 1

[Laura] has such an amazing connection with dogs and truly works with them on another level. Besides her humorous outlook on life, she had numerous helpful hints for raising a puppy. I'm looking forward to taking Tessa to agility training next.

- Margy H., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Tessa

I needed to get my 1 year old Nani into obedience class, because I want to train her and certify her as a therapy dog. So I went on Yelp. Zoom Room looked like it had good things about it, so I went over there. It's big and has so much to offer. A huge training area. Trainers dedicated to your dog's progression, and they remember everyone! A modest selection of the choicest nummies, gear, chewies, etc. They even have their own blend of Intelligentsia coffee for the early bird classes. And they train for the Good Citizen Test certification that we need for Nani to be a Therapy Dog. All in one place. They are very easy going and have a smart way of training us humans to help train our dogs.

- Meghan P., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Nani

Every class with Stephanie is awesome. She is fun, caring and knowledgable. She does everything she can to make sure our experience is a good one.
We have also taken class from Breeze Galindo and think the world of her as well.

- Paul Caplan-Bennett, who enjoyed Agility 4, Agility league and Urban Herding with Cally

Laura is a wonderful teacher and her enthusiasm, patience and understanding of the learning process for both owner and their pets will keep us coming back for more! See you at the next class.

- Nancy L., who enjoyed Agility 1

We LOVE The Zoom Room and are already enrolled in two more classes and have a birthday party for Baxter scheduled!

- Mimi M., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Baxter

Amazing teacher and an all around wonderful experience. I definitely want to take more classes now just cause it was so fun for my dog and myself! She has learned so much and we are excited to start volunteering together. Thank you so much Zoom Room!

- Sara L., who enjoyed Therapy Dog

I've loved all the classes Cash has participated in. Everyone is friendly and everything has been taught in an easy stress free way.

- Nancy M., who enjoyed Obedience 123, Agility 1, tricks with Cash

Laura was great! We would love to take another class with her!

- Dawn Y., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Our weekly session with Sarah is definitely the highlight of our Leonardo's week.
Sarah is awesome!

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Private Agility with Leonardo

This class was really fun for me and my dog. He made a lot of progress on some of the obstacles that initially scared him. I'm not sure if it's translated into his out of class confidence, but I hope it does!

My only complaint is that the class often started 5 minutes late, ended 5 minutes early, and the instructor was a bit chatty so we spent more time standing there listening to her stories than actually working with our dogs. Also bummed about the price increase.

- Jocelyn Furr, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Jack

My little chi can be a bit stubborn, but Laura was very good at motivating him.

- Deena B., who enjoyed Agility 2

We have had a great time so far. Our dogs too!!!

- Heidi Espejo, who enjoyed Private Agility with Meeks and Sasha

Fabulous! Very good experience for both of us. Laura is super enthusiastic, knowledgeable & really good with the dogs. Beez & I are getting better & better every time we go to class.

- Meagan, who enjoyed Obedience & Agility 1 with Beezus

We love our weekly sessions with Sarah!!

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Agility Private with Leonardo

We always fun with Sarah in the gym...

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Agility with Leonardo

My dog was in agility in Van Nuys where he was the "worst" in the class. After 6 frustrating months we switched to Zoom Room and my dog has performed better in the past 6 weeks than he ever did in the other class! We love Zoom Room!!!! Everyone is so friendly! Thanks!

- Christine T., who enjoyed agility 2

We've been training with Stephanie at Zoom Room for over a year now, and Ripley loves it. In the Agility courses, Stephanie always includes something challenging for the handler as well as for the dog to keep expanding our horizons. She is always patient with my crazy-hyper teenage dog and has given me many pointers on how to better focus Ripley's energy.

- Jen M., who enjoyed Agility with Ripley

Fantastic as always! I learned a handful of tricks to practice (or show off) with Bella & got her to finally learn to roll over which had been a struggle before training - mission accomplished!!!

- Rosie, who enjoyed Tricks 1 with Bella

Helen was amazing!! I hope she returns after her maternity leave. Breeze was good too. I do wish you could offer more day classes during the week, I know it's probably not as popular but it seems now there are not as many options for day classes. Thanks! You guys are doing great. Oh, and the front desk staff is excellent. Very friendly.

- Carey L., who enjoyed Basic Manners, Agility, and Obedience 2 with Greta

Sarah gave us so many great techniques and tools to overcome Scamp's stranger anxiety. He has made amazing progress in just 6 short weeks. Scamp fell in love with Sarah in the first class which was very unlike him. Not only was the class very helpful but we also had so much fun. Can't wait to take another class. Thank you Sarah!

- Leah Newman, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Scamp

I only took the first two agility classes to learn some basic training techniques for Shadow and I. Now I'm doing it because I love the fun of the class and I love our instructor's technique and creativity to keep us motivated. Thank you, Laura and Zoom Room Hollywood.

- Bryan P., who enjoyed Agility 2


- Amy, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool & Puppy Agility

Laura is a great instructor; she is very systematic and makes sure everybody gets it right from the start. This is so important in agility, so that touching the contact zones becomes automatic for the dog. She is also good at handling dogs that are a bit reactive. I am recommending the Hollywood Zoom Room classes to people.

Breeze has being amazing and so insightful. We learn something new every time we attend.

- Kathy Shawver Maffei, who enjoyed Obenience 1 and 2 with Jack Maffei

Zoom Room is fantastic! I've taken both my dogs here, one for basic obedience and one for agility, who is now signed up for Therapy Dog classes. Laura is a wonderful teacher and really helps you understand the way your dog thinks and how the training works, to get the best results. Plus, the facilities are wonderful. It's a great one-stop shop to pick up my dog's food, sign up for classes and exercise my beloved pets in a safe environment. The Open Gym and rentals are perfect for cold, rainy days and the staff is always helpful. We love this place!!!

- Jan S., who enjoyed Obedience 1 & Agility 1

My wife and I were clients of the original Zoom Room in Culver City and now we're big fans of the new location in Hollywood. The staff is friendly and expert, the facilities are first-rate and all in all it's a great experience for both dogs and owners. Their expertise goes way beyond agility, by the way - we've gotten great help from the staff, especially Laura, with both socializing and training our dogs. The place also has an excellent selection of foods, treats and other supplies, and does a lot of outreach into the community with canine-related charities. Overall it's a fantastic place to hang out with your dog(s). If you live anywhere nearby - in fact, even if you don't (we live in Santa Monica and happily make the trip across town) - the Zoom Room is for you. We recommend it without any reservations at all.

- Bill B., who enjoyed Tricks 1

I love Zoom Room and have been taking Frankie for a little over a month. We quickly "graduated" from level 1, but have had some difficulty getting in to level 2 classes. My biggest recommendation is that if you're making people sign a 6 month contract, you allow them to schedule classes ahead of their monthly charge being made. I filled up my schedule up until the renewal, but by the time the charge went through I couldn't get into any classes for the first half of my "unlimited month" which can be pretty frustrating.

TLDR: Love the classes, love the trainers, love the relative ease of the system, wish I could sign up more in advance and/or that classes were easier to get into.

- Lindsey, who enjoyed Obedience 1&2; Agility 1&2 with Frankie

I had my dog's 1st birthday party here, and it was a wonderful experience. Laura and Heather did a wonderful job from start to finish. Zoom Room is a great place for dogs and their owners.

- Heather O., who enjoyed Obedience 1

My dog & I both thoroughly enjoyed the class! It's easy to see how much Laura enjoys what she does.

Great class, lots of fun, and Laura is wonderful!

- Liz G., who enjoyed Agility 1

Laura was awsome. The class was great. All of the dogs showed obvious improvement over the course of the class. Laura was invested in the sucses of every dog. The activities were fun and enjoyable. My dog was always excited to get to class and exhausted when we got home! Shy Dog was a great introduction to other types of classes as we as a change to improve my dog's social skills.

- Emily W., who enjoyed Shy Dog

We love the agility and hope 2 compete or join an agility team. My pup has tons of energy and we both leave wiped out. Wished we could attend more classes

- Brenda Rodriguez, who enjoyed agility 1 with Lexi

I had no idea my dog had this potential. Laura is great. We've really learned a lot. Zoom Room is part of my dog's life... a part that makes him happy and way more lovable.

- Patti, who enjoyed Agility 1

We really enjoy these classes, and the agility is great for making Taylor use his brain (and thereby tiring him out!). We love the fact that the emphasis is on fun, not on competition.

- Ruth E, who enjoyed agility 1-3, one session of agility 4, leash walking with Tayloor

Bailey and her two dads love Zoom Room. Laura has helped guide Bailey through Shy Dog class and is now halfway through Obedience 1. We love the staff and Laura knows her stuff. She has a clever way of training the owners as well as the students. The classes are small enough that each student gets some one-on-one instruction. There is plenty of free parking. The facility is clean, and well maintained. They also have a great selection of dog food, treats, and toys.

- Danny S., who enjoyed Shy Dog with Bailey

We love working with Helen. She is great!

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Private Agility with Leonardo

Mesa completed all the agility classes when we lived in Denver. We moved back to LA and are attending agility classes after a year off. She loves it. The classes at the Hollywood location are excellent.

- sean lewis, who enjoyed agility with mesa

My partner and I recently adopted our dog, Marvin (aka the Pomeranian poo bear) from SPCA. We fell in love with him and for almost a week he appeared to be the perfect adopted pet. Housebroken, great at walking, totally laid back. That is, until Marvin saw his first dog out on a walk. At about that moment, he flipped his sh*t. As it turns out, Marvin hates all dogs, cats, squirrels, buses, birds, things that have wheels like bikes and carts, and very small children that I believe he thinks are animals. On top of that, he developed some serious separation anxiety.

Now don't get me wrong, we love this little guy and are so happy he came into our life. But all love aside, he needs some serious training and attention. We started looking around for trainers. Talked to lots of different people. Read two dog whisperer books. Etc etc etc. Finally we came upon the Zoom Room and took Marvin in for an evaluation.

Within minutes Laura explained to us that Marvin wasn't aggressive, he was reactive. And she was a straight shooter. She told us her dog was also reactive and that it would likely take a year to get this situation under control. Having someone be honest with us was really refreshing. Especially after the PetSmart folks tried to tell us, "He's fine! He's just talkative!" She gave us a good overall assessment of what we could be doing for his training and to help build his confidence. Most of all, I felt like even in a short 15 minute evaluation she was patient with us and with Marvin.

We've booked four private training sessions with Laura and are hoping that after that we can move Marvin into group classes to begin building his socialization skills. I really feel like we finally found a place that can help us get on the right track with Marvin.

- Kate S., who enjoyed Private Training with Marvin

It was invaluable. Sarah is really knowledgable, caring & thorough. She gave excellent advice that was really in-tune with our shy dog's needs.she helped bring him out if his shell in a fun, effective way. Heading back to NYC - wish you had a location there. Hint... Hint...

- Nina Isabella, who enjoyed Privates with Pepper

We are having a great experience with directing Gilda to walk, without distractions

- charles irving, who enjoyed private behavioral training with gilda

After having a trainer hit hard with a very large and thick bamboo cane on top of our puppy's head we just about had given up on good training. In the past it seemed trainers had resorted to gimmicks of "shock and scare" the dogs into submission but here at the Zoom Room we had nothing but the type of training we craved. Laura London is the greatest! After just 4 relaxed sessions and a few simple commands our puppy was able to interact with a stranger besides family with trust. Laura made it so easy, non threatening and natural. The difference in our 1yr old is night and day. We are so looking forward to the agility training and further interaction. Highly recommend Laura, Kenny at the desk and Zoom Room! Many thanks!

- Sue W., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Walter and I love it here. Laura has been our instructor in both Obedience 1 and in our private Agility class. Believe me, if Obedience 1 hadn't been so life-changing for him, I would NEVER be spending money on private lessons because for me they are really not in my budget. The great results we've gotten are a direct result of Laura's talents in training both dogs and humans. There is sound logic behind their procedures for getting dogs to want to behave. "Dogs only do what they want to do" is how she opened on day one of obedience class. Everything I'd done before was with a choke chain. Now, that I can handle him (at all), I wanted to find a gentler way if possible. Turns out it is not only possible but optimal. He still drags me across a room to meet another dog at this point, but he is beginning to respond to commands when I'm not too flustered (and yanked) to speak to him in these moments.

Z.R. is a huge part of our week. Goes like this: Obedience 2 classes, private agility classes and open gym visits (cheap). Walter gets so excited when I pull out his training collar. Laura can get him to do just about anything I think, but it's me who is being trained to handle him and the big ball of energy that he is! Fortunately, lots of that energy is released in agility class and in open gym. For improved focus, we walk the 3 miles to get to Zoom Room. I don't feed him breakfast and that way he's more calm and hungry enough to perform for treats.

Walter loves ME not food so much, but I want to brag on the treat selection available at Z.R. All of the "Raw Meats" and the "Thinkers" snacks really motivate him. I was surprised. Must be crack for dogs in there. I love buying Walter a yak milk bone after class available at the counter. It's good for him, big enough and doesn't splinter. Yak milk just sounds cool. I think it's the only ingredient. I'll bet it tastes good. I'm content to wonder. For months after getting him from the shelter, I couldn't get Walter to enjoy any bones, toys or balls. All of this is improving. He is learning to play. It makes me so happy I could cry sometimes.

Professionals here are serious, consistent and fair. I like that they have my credit card on file and charge more treats to my card when I'm in the middle of class and need more. They serve up Intelligentsia coffee for free and keep the place extremely clean. I always recommend it.

- Patti W., who enjoyed Private Training with Walter

Laura at Hollywood Zoom Room was an AMAZING teacher to not just my high energy Jack Russell Pup Snow but to me as well! We both have learned a great deal throughout the six weeks and now my 8 month (6 month when we started our first class) pup is very well behaved and listens to all the commands that were taught in class. This was a wonderful experience for both my pup and I. This is a lifelong lesson that my pup and I will practice! Thank you Zoom Room for creating this special bond between my little girl pup and I!

- Toan T., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Snow

Laura is amazing! The classes are fun. The place is great! LOVE it!

- I.H., who enjoyed Agility 1

My Cairn Terrier Playa and I are having a great time at Zoom Room! Laura is a great trainer, and Playa is learning so much so quickly. Monday is our favorite day of the week now!!

- Patrick M., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Playa

Zoom Room is our dog's favorite thing of the whole week! She gets to meet (sniff) other dogs, have quality time with her humans, eat lots of treats and get loads of praise! As an added perk, her humans have met new friends, both human and canine! It's a win-win all around!

- Rory Cunningham, who enjoyed Obedience, Agility, Howloween party with Astor

My formerly shy, scared, anxious, fearful dog continues to excel in Zoom Room agility! His transformation has been a joy to watch, he now has much less separation anxiety and can be left alone 4-5 hours without barking constantly and getting totally worked up. Thank you! We love Zoom Room! Helen was very patient and loving with him.

- Christine T., who enjoyed Agility 2

We had a great experience! Karma is doing excellent! Thanks, Zoom Room!!

- Jen W., who enjoyed Shy Dog with Karma

I rescued a Boston terrier, Violet, about 3 months ago. Violet knew no commands, had spent much of her early days confined to a crate (she was a puppy mill mama), and had barely been on a leash when I adopted her. She also had aggression issues with other dogs, thanks to having been chewed on by larger male dogs most of her life. Suffice to say, I knew obedience class was much needed, but I was nervous to bring her. A friend had recommended Zoom Room's classes, and after visiting the facility and Laura, the trainer, I decided to go there. In six weeks, Violet transformed (flowered, if you will), and much of this is because of Laura. As an instructor, she knows how to teach the owner how to communicate with the dog. She understands a dog's thought pattern and process, which, as I learned, is everything to effectively communicating with your pup. I also like the philosophy of dog training at Zoom Room: less of the "let's totally exhaust your dog into submission" or "let's use various devices" and more of the "let's use the most delicious treats ever and stay one step ahead of your dog." This is a method I'm on board with, because I've seen it work with Violet. The facilities are sparkling, the staff friendly, and the prices reasonable. I am so pleased with Violet's progress that I plan to have her continue classes. I am a big fan!

- Rachel V., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Violet

Isa and I have both loved doing the agility series, and we look forward to League starting up. Laura is amazing. I love having her as our instructor, and I can't wait to start obedience training with my other dog, Tara, in April.

- Carrie M., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Isa

Great! The dogs love it and we think Breeze is an amazing trainer. When we left on Sunday we were talking about how much we like her!

- Theresa McAllen, who enjoyed agility 1 with Casper and Tippi

Breeze is a great instructor. Both Boston and myself have a great relationship with her. She is quick to diagnose issues and remedies. HOWEVER, I feel short changed when Breeze has to work the desk, answer the phone and be attentive during s training session. It is not fair to her and I am not getting my money's worth when she has to be spread so thin. It makes no sense to me that one person be expected to handle all of those duties by themselves. On my last visit, (10/09/14), it was a scheduled training session and Breeze was not even able to enter the ring to engage with Boston or I because she had phone calls and customers to contend with. This is poor planning on the part of management/ownership if you wish to maintain clients. Breeze is the only trainer I would work with in Hollywood because of the good repoire she has with not only myself but with Boston. With regard to the two following questions, (would I take or recommend Zoom Room), I would not with the current state of things. Breeze (and Erica) is fantastic but can't be expected to handle all of those duties at once.

- Ryan Gavan, who enjoyed Private training with Boston

Laura definitely knows what she's doing and the results were immediate.

- Lira R., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Laura is a great instructor. Loved the Zoom Room and the experience.

- Stephanie D., who enjoyed Obedience 2

We had a lot of fun at the Zoom Room. It was a great way to spend time with our dog, and it is so much fun to watch all of the dogs in class!

My only comment would be on the expiration of the class packs. The classes fill up very quickly, and for those of us who work long hours during the week and are limited to weekends, it is hard to get in a class unless it's scheduled way in advance. Once my dog graduated to Agility 2, I went to register weeks in advance for his remaining classes, and even then I could barely find five available classes within the time frame. I had to call and ask for an exception to extend my pack one day so I would be able to use my last class. It would be helpful if the expiration on the 5-class was longer than it currently is.

- Rebecca B., who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Jagger

Both my partner and I learned so much from Laura and her expertise and experience training dogs. We are now better pack leaders for Bailey.

- Danny S., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Bailey

I don't know who digs this place more - me or my dog. The classes are fun, the store always has something new in stock to check out, and the trainers know their stuff. Extra stars for the Zach Galifianakis look-alike they recently hired. He is not only helpful and friendly, but easy on the eyes. Three cheers for Zoom Room!

I live quite a few miles away from this location, yet made the extra effort to join for two major reasons: 1) The facility is enclosed (a comfort with a pup with recall challenges), and 2) All dogs must have updated vaccination records, unlike an open dog park. Upon joining the class, it's been an added delight to realize the incredible knowledge of both teacher & staff - add their compassion & kindness to the mix - it's a perfect recipe!!

- Stephanie N., who enjoyed Come When Called

I have been very happy with the class. Come when called has been very effective. And I think that the Agility class is good to keep her thinking. I definitely plan to come again.

- Jill Sumiyasu, who enjoyed Agility 1 and Come when Called with Ziva

Molly, my adopted 1.5 year old pitbull loves the Zoom Room and all the trainers. A great place to teach your pup and let them play!!

Molly is an adorable pitbull with TONS of energy. We adopted her from a shelter and weren't able to train her in her young days. She is VERY smart, but we were having a hard time figuring out how to give her a good outlet for her energy.

That's when we found Zoom Room. It was time to get our bouncing baby into some behavioral classes. We started off with a one on one with a trainer where they evaluate your dog and give them the proper class to start in. Molly went into Basic Manners.

The first class we signed up for was on a weekend and it was very full. The one thing that did bug me a bit (which isn't really Zoom Room's issue, which is why 5 stars is still appropriate) is that some of the other owners are somewhat clueless. Some of the other owners have little to no control over their dogs, and there is only so much the trainers can do to help in a class full of pups. After speaking with one of the trainers, we decided it would be best for Molly to come back to a week day class that isn't so full.

The next class we came to was much smaller and they had made a dedicated barrier for Molly so her attention would be directly on us. I have read some reviews where owners didn't like feeling singled out like that, but I completely disagree. I know Molly is easily distracted and this not only helped keep her eyes on us, but I thought it showed how caring the trainers are to have it ready to go the minute we walked into the room. The first class alone worked wonders. Molly was flying through all of her tricks. Within 3 classes Molly passed out of Basic Manners. We are starting agility with her next!

Another great thing about Zoom Room is their open gym. We LOVE taking Molly to the open gym to work on her tricks and also let her get out some of her energy while she learns some of the agility course. It's only $15 for 30 minutes if I am remembering correctly. It gives you and your dog the gym during that whole time with no distractions. I especially enjoy it because many of the dog parks are so filthy out here and Molly has been bit twice by other dogs. This gives her time to play in a safe environment.

As I am writing this review I realized I need to book her next class!! Hope you give the Zoom Room a chance.

- LIndsay M., who enjoyed Basic Manners and Evaluation with Molly

My puppy, Hanzo, always has a great time at Zoom Room. The instructors are very attentive, and even in a larger class they make sure to give individual time to each dog. They even remember your dog's strengths and weaknesses and tailor instruction to fit what is best for your dog.

- Chris C., who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Hanzo

I love it, and so does Penny. Laura is smart, knowledgeable and funny. She loves all the dogs, and they clearly love her. It's a great way to spend an hour with my mama dog who is eager to please and hungry for attention and approval. Good exercise for both of us.

- Donna Wells, who enjoyed Agility with Pennywise

Loved it and see a difference in Baxter's behavior for sure. Especially his coming when called. Thanks for all the hard work and attention. Laura is terrific!

- Mimi M., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Baxter

We look forward to our weekly session with Breeze always. Fun, fun, and more fun!!

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Private Agility with Leonardo

Leonardo has the best time, every time...

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Private Agility with Leonardo

Laura is a wonderful teacher, and she runs a great class.

- Mary-Beth B., who enjoyed Obedience 1

LOVE this place! Not only is the staff fabulous but the services are unbeatable. I've shopped, attended a party, rented the facility for my dog aggressive Staffie to learn agility, taken a class, and hosted a Doggy Disco. Each experience was unique and awesome. Laura is an increadible trainer. She's full of energy, fun, and knowledge. If you want a place to have a great time with your dog, Zoom Room is it.

- Melissa S., who enjoyed Private Training

We love the Zoom Room! Our dog has learned so much in the few weeks that we started taking classes. We started off with private training with Laura London to work on some of Selina's specific issues and then we moved onto Basic Manners which she just passed! We're so proud. Now we're moving onto Obedience 2 and can't wait to take the Learning Dog Tricks class and Agility. Laura is such a great trainer. She makes classes fun! She's very patient with all the dogs and takes time with each one during class. The positive training techniques that we learn in class really work! The prices at the Zoom Room are VERY reasonable and the online scheduling tool is AMAZING! We love how easy it is to go online and sign up for a class in seconds. We're also a big fan of the selection of toys, treats, food, etc. that the Zoom Room sells. I can see us coming to the Zoom Room at least once a week with Selina for a very long time.

- Stefania Mitrano, who enjoyed private training and basic manners with Selina Kyle

I have a dog aggressive dog and Zoom Room has totally helped channel her issues into focused behaviors! I love the classes they offer and it's so much fun to work with your dog! It's bonding but also beneficial outside of the gym. I love the items they sell in the store - they have the best chew toys and selection of bones - and I think the prices are reasonable. The staff is friendly, I just can't say enough good stuff! They are super supportive of rescues, spay and neuter, and being responsible pet owners. I just think they do it right! I even got a bunch of my family members Zoom Room gift cards for the holidays!

- Katya, who enjoyed Calm Down

My dog Cha Cha just successfully completed Obedience 2 & passed the CGC test. He LOVES to come to class! Laura the trainer has a great personality & attitude. Really saw positive changes in Cha Cha! I plan on signing him up for more classes. The location has plenty of parking , it's clean and bright and visually interesting. Highly Recommended!

- Keli S., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Cha Cha

Super Fun! Andrea is very patient with my dog Jasper and me!! ;) Great class, lots of fun, learned quite a bit in one session. I would recommend this class. Learning tricks keeps my dogs interest up and I think it is a fun bonus to his all-around training.

- Sandra, who enjoyed Learning Dog Tricks with Jasper

I've taken both Agility 1 and 2 with Laura and have had a blast! My little dog is smart, but kind of crazy, and agility has been a great way to let her blow off some steam and gain confidence. Laura keeps things moving right along, clearly loves the dogs and knows about positive reinforcement training. (I've trained several dogs with this method and in my opinion there is really no need for any other approach.) The retail store has a great selection of stuff too - good quality food brands and some chew toys you probably wouldn't find at, say, Petco. Easy parking and it's clean - recommend!

- J.M., who enjoyed Agility 2

The Zoom Room is exactly what my high-spirited puppy needs. It's a positive, safe, fun environment for her to zoom around in while learning everything from good manners and agility to yoga (downward-facing dog everyone!) and more. Laura is a fabulous teacher!

- Jackie H., who enjoyed Private Training

My dog has had a lot of anxiety of late, and she's gotten increasingly aggressive with dogs who approach us on the street. Crystal not only gave me concrete tips for how to deal with both issues, but she also gave me an entirely new perspective on my dog's behavior, helping me understand WHY she was behaving this way so that I could more effectively encourage better behavior. She made me feel much better about the situation and I've already started implementing her suggestions with good results. I especially appreciated that she didn't try to sell me on additional classes, which wouldn't necessarily help with my dog's issues, but did let me know what Zoom Room resources might be useful if I do opt for further training. It's also worth noting that another behavioral specialist was going to charge me $450 for the same amount of one-on-one training that I got with Crystal for under $100. I recommend Crystal enthusiastically, especially for dogs with complex behavioral issues.

- Carrie, who enjoyed private training with Alice

My Big Dog and I had a great experience in the agility classes. Laura progresses slowly, one step at a time, through all the obstacles and jumps and that is what teaches the dog to do everything right, with no mistakes. In two classes I never saw a dog jump off the contact zones too early! This is a much better training philosophy than getting through a lot faster, and then doing rehab training. Thank you Laura, we will be baaaack.

- Mona L., who enjoyed Agility 1

Abby and I loved the experience and Laura was wonderful.

- Karen F., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Abby

Laura is absolutely awesome. She is the best!!!!! - with dogs and people.

- Celia T., who enjoyed Private Training

Laura was awesome! She was very direct, but not overbearing and her great sense of humor made the experience lots of fun. She gave excellent advice. I think it's my job to put into practice the things she taught. My dog really warmed up to her and always had a great time during training. I hope to return for more classes :) Thanks so much!!

- Jenny, who enjoyed private lessons with Sol

Instructors are great at running class as well as addressing behavioral concerns. I have loved the puppy classes for our new dog, and the adult training and agility classes for our adult dog!

- A.M., who enjoyed Puppy Pre-School and Puppy Agility with Merlin

Our experience at the Zoom Room has been great! Crystal does a really good job of stopping by each dog a few times throughout the class to observe, offer advice and answer questions. Our dog enjoys coming to her obedience class and we're looking forward to trying Agility soon!

- Carie S., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Nutmeg

The Obedience and Agility classes have been great. We noticed a difference in our dog's behavior after only a few sessions.

- Nadine Shelton, who enjoyed Agility with Cooper

Love Laura. She has great interaction with the people and the dogs. My dog has so much fun and is pooped after every class and has much better focus. A good time and learning experience for us both. Can't wait to try more classes

- Melissa B, who enjoyed Manners 2 & agility 1 with Gus

Run, do not walk, to train your dog at the Zoom Room - it's in a class by itself. We first became acquainted with owner Jaime at the Culver City location when we were looking for a place to do agility training with our two Labs. Other places we looked at were solely interested in serious competition; we wanted a place to have fun with our dogs. The Zoom Room offered both - a relaxed atmosphere focused on having a good time, but with league competition if you were so inclined. We've since taken obedience classes with Jaime and happily made the switch to the Hollywood location because the facility is so beautiful and the staff so knowledgable. Laura has been terrific helping us wrangle our new puppy in Puppy Preschool, and the Tricks classes with Jaime are a ridiculous amount of fun for the dogs and us. The inventory of toys, food and training tools is higher quality than any pet store, and the facility itself is the kind of place where you just want to hang out - coffee's always available, the music is great, and there are toys and a wall chalkboard for kids to play with. Can't say enough good things about this place.

- Jennifer C., who enjoyed Puppy Preschool & Tricks 1

GiGi and I enjoyed the experience and I would recommend the class and Laura London to my friends. We'll keep coming.

- Bea G., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with GiGi

Fluffy loves Zoom Room and especially Laura the cookie lady (aka the main trainer!). He's loving his agility classes, and Laura is very knowledgeable and sweet. You can tell she loves dogs and understands their behaviours.

We came here to check the place out, before doing an already scheduled obedience class with a highly recommended trainer somewhere else (who specializes in German Shepherds). We were so glad to know that there were alternatives and hightailed it back to Zoom Room after the somewhat aggressive training we experienced. My dog doesn't need a choke collar to listen, 3 crazy dog ladies that accosted us walking into the other training class! Zoom Room is sooo different. They focus on positive training, which matches my huskies personality better. Huskies WANT to make you happy, and don't learn the same way as Shepherds, so we prefer Zoom Room's methodology.

The facility is super clean and cute, with fantastic products in the store. The staff is very friendly and nice, and you can tell they love dogs! They have a puppy class before our class, and it's sooo adorable! And helpful, we overheard a ton of great advice from Laura.

- Samira M., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Fluffy

The classes have been very useful for consistency. Our dog does better when there is less distraction - as I assume most dogs do - so the personal training sessions have worked very well for him.

- Kayla C, who enjoyed Basic Manners with Banjo

Valencia and I give 'The Zoom Room' 4 paws and 2 thumbs up!!! The Thearpy Dog Class was fun as well as informative. Can't wait to start the tricks class!!!

- Clare Montagna, who enjoyed Therapy Dog Class with Valencia

Bella & I thoroughly enjoyed our classes. Laura was a most excellent coach - clear, patient & warm to all her dog students. We also appreciated having a clean, air conditioned space to practice her lessons.

- Rosie, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Bella

Totally fabulous experience with your K9 companion at the Hollywood Zoom Room. Our two mighty little dogs learn so much from the agility training even though they're not the fastest four legs on the course. They learn concentration, confidence, accuracy (and so does the handler!). Laura London and staff make it fun, challenging and memorable with just enough encouragement to make dog and handler better people. Five stars, Zoom Room Hollywood!

- David A., who enjoyed Agility 1

Wonderful experience. Sarah is fabulous. Very intuitive and sensitive to the issues I'm having with Tyler. She really helped him and he learned quickly. I'm so happy with the progress he's made in just 4 half hour lessons!

- Kim Dankner, who enjoyed Private training, will be attending puppy pre-school as well with Tyler

On a Yelp special they were offering, my dog and I took a tricks class with Laura. She was friendly, good attitude, definitely knows her dog tricks! Looking forward to the rest of the classes. The Zoom Room is a fun, inviting atmosphere for my new pooch and I.

- H.S., who enjoyed Tricks 1

The Hollywood Zoom Room is one of the most fun things we do with our two little dogs. We love it. It's bonding, challenging, rewarding - just great fun. Heartily recommended!

- David A. & Janice H., who enjoyed Agility 3

Re-Dog-Culously Awesome! Started my first agility training class today with my pup, Peanut. I love this place. Fun and friendly. My dog was wagging her tail the whole time - she really enjoyed learning new things and being around the other dogs. I'm a fan!! I'm sure I'll be signing up for more classes when these classes are completed.

- Aloha K., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Peanut

This was the third class that GiGi and I have taken with Laura and we are looking forward to more training.

- Bea G., who enjoyed Therapy Dog with GiGi

I cannot give Zoom Room a positive enough review. Laura is an incredible instructor. We've been taking our puppy to the weekend Puppy School/ Puppy Obedience/ Puppy Agility classes since he was 8 weeks old, and it has definitely had a marked affect on his growth and development. He absolutely loves going, and so do we! The classes are very helpful and a lot of fun. Zoom Room is clean, professional, and the best dog training school in LA, hands-down.

- Amy, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Corgi

Both Ella and I enjoyed our class! We learned lots and loved meeting everyone in our class.

- Heidi C., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Ella

My dog Zoe and I love Zoom Room! We've taken two classes there so far (Tricks and Agility) and have signed up for the Obedience 2 class starting soon. The location is perfect with plenty of free parking. The retail section has lots of healthy treats, toys and training tools. The training area has great equipment and space. Zoe and I really appreciate the positive approach to training. Laura and Jaime have been so great to work with! Zoe tends to be nervous in new places. After just one class, it was clear that Zoom Room is her favorite place to be! Now she pulls me from the car to go inside. The Zoom Room has offered me a great way to bond with my pooch, get her some exercise, and teach her excellent manners. I have nothing but good things to say about Zoom Room! It's been really fun taking classes and participating in the activities there. Thank you to Laura and Jaime for creating such a wonderful place for me and my dog!

- Amanda H., who enjoyed Tricks 1 with Zoe

Wonderful facility. Helpful staff and a kind, sensitive trainer - Laura London. My dog has learned a tremendous amount of hand signals and confidence building tactics. More than anything Laura helps us to understand the way our dogs see the world, not as we expect or necessarily want her too - but so we can help her to navigate life's surprises and be happier and calmer. And finally I learned multiple ideas for ongoing improvement in my dogs weakest areas. Roxy and I thoroughly recommend Shy Dog Class!

- Samantha R., who enjoyed Shy Dog with Roxy

We loved the class. Sadie went in a very timid, shy dog and came out a much happier, well rounded puppy. The class was small enough to have every dog attended to and all the dogs became great friends on their way to becoming socialized. Sadie gives the ZoomRoom on LaBrea 5 wags and a woof for excellence.

- Annette, who enjoyed shy dog class with Sadie

We had a wonderful experience in Agility 1! Laura was a great instructor who kept it very fun with lots of patience and expertise. Timmy always looked forward to class and had a great time!

- Krista G., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Timmy

Zoom Room has been very beneficial to the training of our dog Bailey. We feel that we are the ones that have been trained on how to help Bailey understand the types of behavior we need from her.

- Danny S., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Bailey

Olive really enjoyed the class- I did too. It was fun! Laura is a great instructor and she really gets to know the dogs and what they can or cannot do. Thank you!

- A.D., who enjoyed Agility I with Olive Oyl

Teddy and I had so much fun and hope to take another class soon!

- Karen S., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Teddy

Laura is the best! She fixed a problem our puppy had by suggesting us to wear a gentle leader. She's awesome, and has a great energy! My puppy loves it there, and it's a great environment for learning obedience and agility!

- Sasha F., who enjoyed Puppy Agility

I love you guys!

- Nancy D., who enjoyed Therapy Dog

amazing , wonderful, and enjoyable.

- Maha Ghannam, who enjoyed basic manners with Blondi

It was great to participate with my Smokia and interact with other dogs. I have had dogs all my life and this is the first shy dog that I ever had and the challenges are great but rewarding. Smokia made great progress in the classes

- Nick Melillo, who enjoyed Shy Dog with smokia

Just went to puppy preschool with my 16-week old Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy. I had been bringing her to a different puppy kindergarten class but the puppies were allowed to bully her and overwhelm her which created her fear of other dogs (full sized puppies). I decided to check out the Zoom Room. They only allow puppies 16 weeks and under into puppy pre-school and after taking a class with 6, 7 and even 10 month old full grown puppies, I was glad to have a class with other babies. I appreciate how clean they keep the building and play area and that they have a strict policy about vaccinations. I felt secure for my pups health.

Class was a decent size (about 8 other puppies) and it was a good mix of training for the owners, then applying what we've learned with the puppy and then individual one on one check ins with Laura. It was a nice format and Laura had a great sense of humor. The puppy play part of class was still overwhelming for my pup but Laura was reassuring that she would gain confidence with more time and watched carefully that none of the other puppies were playing too one-sided.

It was the only puppy-preschool class I could attend but I'm signed up for the next step - Puppy agility, also with Laura, this weekend.

- Elizabeth C., who enjoyed Puppy Preschool

We recently started training with Breeze and she is awesome. Leonardo has so much fun and gets a great workout every time.

- Nora Suk, who enjoyed Private Agility with Leonardo

Star and I really enjoyed this class and Star is learning very quickly from Laura. Laura is an excellent trainer who is skillful at blending reasonable expectations of the dog and the handler with constantly challenging the dog and handler.

- Deborah W., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Star

I have a terrier puppy. We attended the puppy socialization class until he reached four months, and we have a weekly private lesson with Laura. She is amazing! She's not only great for teaching specific skills, but she's also helped me a couple of times with problem-solving when I just didn't know how to manage him. I can't recommend her highly enough. She's fantastic. Oh, and I really appreciate how welcoming Zoom Room has been in general to my puppy. Terriers are a whole lot of hyper while they're learning, but we've never been made to feel like we're a disruption or less welcome than a naturally calmer breed. You guys are all fantastic!

- Mary-Beth B., who enjoyed Puppy Preschool

We love loved the class! Tommy learned so much and we have many tricks to practice now! So great. I am sitting pretty!!

- Sherri Z., who enjoyed Tricks 1 with Tommy

First off, let me say the location is great! It is easy to get to, clean, modern and roomy. They have an agility area, all kinds of classes, and also a little boutique on the side. Laura, the trainer at this location, was great! She's friendly, upbeat, and very knowledgeable. We are happy to say our pup passed the evaluation and that Laura was very honest and open about what areas he could improve on and if she thought our dog would do well in agility. Very cool place! They also hold a lot of events and things for you to come by and socialize - so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events! Oh, I almost forgot - you can create a user account on their website and check the calendar, schedule sessions, make payments, and even upload your vaccination records... VERY cool. I can't wait to spend more time at this place!

- Lisa L., who enjoyed Evaluation

The class was awesome! Both Lily and I appreciated it as a great way to bond and have fun. The progressions were easy and natural and before we knew it the 6 weeks were over and we were zooming over obstacles like a rock star. Helen was kind, clear and patient and a great teacher! We always say the sign of a great teacher/class is that it is always over too soon! We can't wait for Level II!

- Simone W., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Lily

This has been a huge boon for my dog not only in her obedience training but in her socialization as well. She has learned to play with other dogs healthily and to curb her hesitancy of large dogs (she's a Maltese). Plus the fact that there was an automatic testing for the CGC at the end of Obedience 2 really killed two birds with one stone for me since I have her on the Therapy Dog training route, and I didn't have to go elsewhere or take extra time out to take the test. I'm sure the Therapy Dog Prep course will be equally helpful in if nothing else than her continued obedience training in a place she has become very comfortable with.

- Meghan P., who enjoyed Obedience 2

We took our newly adopted 2 year old giant Lab here for obedience training. I checked into several dog training businesses and even private trainers but found their prices to be silly. Zoom Room has very reasonable prices and their Obedience 1 class with Laura was great! She was a great teacher with a great sense of humor which made the whole experience fun. Zoom Room was very beneficial to our bear of Lab as well as education for us humans. Nice layout, clean, friendly staff, good parking.

- Christy C., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Loved it! Will definitely return for more classes. Loved the other dogs and enjoyed seeing all their different personalities. It was great how they all gained confidence and self-esteem from conquering all the challenges. Overall a terrific experience for both dogs and owners (also spectators).

- ann cox, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2, and 3 with Astro

Thank you Laura for being a wonderful teacher to my dog, and for running this place so well! We can't get enough of Zoom Room. Signed up for Tricks and next level of Agility - how fun!

- Sart S., who enjoyed Agility 1

My dog and I both enjoyed the class. We learned practical exercises we were able to practice at home and which made an immediate difference in my dog's behavior. Laura kept the class going with humor and respect for each dog.

- Pamela B., who enjoyed Obedience 1

When I first passed by Zoom Room on La Brea a couple of years ago, I thought, "That is so dumb. Who brings their dog THERE?" ...then I got a dog. Now I think, "This place is brilliant!"

Truly, Zoom Room Hollywood ROCKS! The staff is always pleasant (special shout-outs to Sara and Michael!), professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The space is awesome. My pup and I can't go to dog parks due to a life-threatening bee sting allergy and we live in a small apartment so the indoor dog park is the only place where she can really RUN like the little Italian Greyhound/Chi mix she is should! (It's also a safe place to practice--and practice and practice--her emergency recall.) I love that the space is big enough for us to get in (our much-needed!) games of fetch; I can throw the ball and it doesn't come flying back at me. We haven't formally done the agility class but the most of the agility equipment is free for us to use since it's set up in the same indoor dog park space. She's gained a ton of confidence from running the agility equipment and the mental stimulation is an added bonus.

Zoom Room Hollywood has truly been a life-saver for us and I'm so happy to have found it!

- Jessica G, who enjoyed private gym with Chicken

I love love love the Zoom Room and what it has to offer to dogs of all ages and abilities. My dog Lola is a rescued Boxer who has a mind of her own. Laura was amazing with her and by the end of our 4 week private agility class Lola could do the weave poles without a problem. Lola still has lots to learn but she had so much fun doing A-frame and dog walk she would do it all on her own. Thanks, Laura, you are wonderful.

- Dawn G., who enjoyed Private Training with Lola

My Puggle is an emotional eater, so he needed to burn some LBs. Agility 1 was fun, positive, and great exercise. I don't want to brag, but my "weird" neighbor just mentioned how slim my puggle is looking. He then asked me for a "small loan" for his "latest invention", but I'm sure the compliment about my dog was genuine. Zoom Room has knowledgable and friendly staff, the dogs have a ton of fun, and it's a great way to bond with your pet. Go!

- Candy B., who enjoyed Agility 1

I love this place. They have been so great with my two pups. When I did the evaluation with them, they assigned one of dogs to shy dog class. I had no idea she was a shy dog, I just thought she was aggressive. My other dog is doing great in agility and it has helped her socialization skills. I really look forward to the classes. It is great to be around others that are going through the same issues. And fortunately, the issues are going away. Even after the second classes for them both, my neighbors commented on what a change it is. I highly recommend them. They will also take time out with you and answer questions.

After the classes, no matter what kind of mood I go into them with, I always come out in a fantastic mood. These classes are not only fun for the dogs but the owners too. We all cheer on the other dogs and laugh. Zoom Room really knows how to make things awesome.

Thank you for all of your help with my pups. I really look forward to our classes every week. You have helped my pups become happier more social dogs.

- Andrea M, who enjoyed Shy Dog and Agility with Mooshie and Bailey

Amazing! Having grown up with dogs I've been to a few training centers an this is by far the most organized and comprehensive of them all. I wish I could take Brooklyn through all of the classes, unfortunately were moving to NY and as if yet there's no NY Zoom Room :((

- Crystal Mason, who enjoyed Basic Manners with Brooklyn

Wish I had known about the Zoom Room sooner, would have enrolled our puppy immediately. The classes are very helpful. A lifesaver at times!

- Maria D., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Of course, I had a wonderful time, but best of all, my eager and bouncy poodle, Penny, really had fun. Her tail was wagging the whole time. Laura reminds me of that old Sara Lee commercial, nobody doesn't like her!

- Donna, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Penny

Rhoda had a great time and her confidence increased. I love all the instructors we've had.

- cindy guidry, who enjoyed obedience, agility, agility 2 with Rhoda

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with Zoom Room and all the people who work there. I have a shy rescue dog who in a matter of 4 class experiences at zoom room is already transforming into a happier, more balanced little girl. Special shout out to trainer Breeze. She rocks. All of the staff has been super patient and compassionate with both me( I need it :) and Grace

- Michele Ross, who enjoyed Puppy obedience with Grace

LOVE LOVED this class. The one on one private agility class with my Boxer was awesome. I hope I can take more classes in the future.

- Dawn G., who enjoyed Private Training with Lola

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