Alarm Barking Isn’t All Bad!
| September 20th, 2012

Meet Gatsby

GatsbyThis submission is by Mary-Beth Brophy, whose everyday Hero Dog is Gatsby, a Rat Terrier.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

This week, Gatsby barked me awake after I overslept. I thought he was just impatient about going out to pee, but as I was putting on my shoes I heard someone calling for help. It was distant, and I don’t think I’d have heard it if I wasn’t near the door getting ready to take him out. I went outside and found one of my other neighbors, who had heard it too. It turned out that someone in our apartment complex had fallen and was hurt.

About four of us heard it, and we found her and had to call an ambulance. Luckily, she was okay in the end. But I would have felt terrible knowing I’d slept through someone who needed help.

Based on the timing, I have no doubt that Gatsby barked when he heard my neighbor fall, and I’ll always think of this as Gatsby’s Lassie moment. Nice to know that if I fall down a well, he’ll alert somebody. :)


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