Doom Room 2010
| October 31st, 2010

Halloween Party Photos

Doom RoomOur first Haunted Hollywood Halloween Party, aka. THE DOOM ROOM, was a great and spooky success, with over 50 costumed dogs and their doting owners in attendance. We saw a mutitude of four-legged bees, an Elvis, a giant lamb, a Corpse Bride, Hugh Hefner (pictured to the right), skunks, squirrels, flowers, monkeys – a regular menagerie!

The prize for “most inanimate” goes to our own Clyde, the Komondor, who dressed rather minimally as an Ikea rug. (No prizes were awarded to him – so please no complaints about favoritism!)

As to the REAL prize winners – we awarded top honors in three categories: Best Large Breed, Best Small Breed, and Best Ensemble (figuring the owner’s costume into the mix).

  • Best Big Dog went to Pilot, a German Shepherd Mix, as Harry Potter, utterly dashing in his cape, scarf and lightning bolt scar.
  • Best Little Dog went to Randall, a Chihuahua Mix, as a super creepy Freddy Kruger.
  • Best Ensemble went to the entire family of Josie, a Yorkshire Terrier, who all dressed as festive sailors.

All of our winners receive 10 free passes to Open Gym and a scary skull dog toy.

Thank you to everyone for coming out and making our first Halloween Party such a great success! And thank you, too, to Margo’s Bark, who provided root beer for all the human guests, with all proceeds going toward local animal shelters.


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