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| September 28th, 2012

Meet Douglas Fur

Douglas FurThis submission is by Lisa Avebury, whose everyday Hero Dog is Douglas Fur, a Mutt.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

Douglas Fur came into my life when he chose me that fateful day in November 2009.  As I bent down to meet another dog he jumped on my head.  They pulled him off and he came right back and did it again.  He brought something back into my life that had been missing, laughter.  I lost my dog Merlin a few years earlier.  He lived a long life of 16.5 years and it was devastating for me when he passed.  I knew I would get another dog at some point but I wanted to take some time and honor his memory.  I thought I would get an older, less adoptable dog but man plans and God laughs.  I ended up with a crazy nut who jumped as high as my head and decided he would wake me up with loud barks if he felt I was sleeping too late.  He is a hero because, although his personality is not conducive to being a hospital therapy dog, he is my personal “non official” therapy dog.  He directs his love and attention at me like a laser and helped me heal on so many levels.  Having been a shelter rescue we have experienced our fair share of issues.  But it has taught me patience and acceptance and how to love without expectation.  It also inspired me to get involved with shelter dogs.  It is going on two years now that I go once a week to help at Baldwin Park shelter on the Best Friends Pup My Ride program.  Adoptable candidates are transported out of the shelter via van to no kill rescues out of state to start a new life.  I never thought I would ever be able to handle going into a shelter.  But, because of Dougie, I know the great dogs that are there that deserve a chance at a life.  So, my hero is Dougie as I know the love a shelter mutt has to give because of him.  And because of him  I now am blessed to go and help other dogs in his honor.  :)

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