Low-Cost Microchip Clinic
| September 15th, 2010

Protect Your Pet

Lost Dog
Thanks to a partnership between Found Animals and the Zoom Room, we will be offering low-cost microchip implants for Los Angeles dogs at our Hollywood location on Sunday, September 26 from 1 to 5 pm.

This service only costs $5 when you use the promo code ZRCHIP at checkout. You’ll also receive some valuable special offers from the Zoom Room!

Microchipping is such an important step in protecting your pet – and for $5, this is a remarkable opportunity to avoid the unbearable heartbreak of a lost dog!

Learn more about how microchips help rescue shelter dogs by returning lost dogs to their rightful owners.

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Jonathan Sanchez writes:

I need to put a microship to 3 of my dogs for dog ordinance, I cant afford to pay a lots of money because I’m not working. I do not like the idea to give up my dogs just because I do not have money. my three dogs are alrready neuter/spy. Can you send me for imformation regardig you low microship program. Thanks

Zoom Room writes:

Hi Jonathan,

On 9/24/11, we are offering $10 microchip implants in Culver City. Go to http://zoomroom.me/ccchip for more information and to make a reservation. We are also offering $10 microchip implants in Hollywood on 9/25/11. Go to http://zoomroom.me/hwdchip for info and to reserve a spot. $10 is one of the lowest prices you can find. If that’s still too much for you, please contact a local humane society or SPCA to ask them about any upcoming free microchip clinics they may be conducting in your area.

All best,
Your friends at the Zoom Room

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