March’s Dog of the Month’s Unique Beat
| March 17th, 2014

Best Friend and Blogger

sadiedoMs. Sadie has an opinion and trust us when we say,  you want to know it.  This one-and-a-half year old Maltese-Papillion and lifestyle blogger is a fan favorite at Zoom Room and March’s Dog of the Month!

One year ago, Sadie’s mom, Annette, began looking for a new dog after the hard loss of her life-long companion.  She searched high and low for the right fit.  From the Los Angeles Animal Shelters to the Bill Foundation, all the way over to the Karma Rescue. Finally, she met a bright-eyed, shy little girl at the Lange Foundation.

Annette thought she were saving Sadie, but just the opposite happened: Sadie saved her from the sadness she had felt.  Sadie started a new chapter in Annette’s life, which included their very own dog blog.

Annette picked Sadie’s name from the broadway hit Funny Girl, and its fantastically fitting song, “Sadie, Sadie.”  Much like the heroine in the show (at the beginning of the second act), Sadie leads a posh life.

Her favorite treats are either homemade by her mom or ZiwiPeak Good-Dog Venison, depending on the day.   Sadie has more toys than most, which makes picking a favorite difficult, but this month she favors a red plush ball.  When she isn’t zooming through her favorite agility equipment at Zoom Room, she enjoys lounging on her custom pillows and dining at the finest, pet-friendly LA restaurants.

To follow Sadie on her many adventures, check out her blog!  You can  read about her  favorite LA spots and even her experiences at Zoom Room, including a Shy Dog course and her absolutely fabulous first birthday party!

Congratulations to Ms. Sadie and her wonderful parents!  May you have the most adventurous year yet!  And enjoy zooming around during your free Private Gyms!

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