My Little Best Friend
| September 27th, 2012

Meet Cabo

CaboThis submission is by Shere Ermilio, whose everyday Hero Dog is Cabo, a Australian Shepherd.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

I’ve never had the opportunity to have kids. I had always thought about owning a dog one day, but when my grandmother (who had always wanted a dog but wasn’t physically well enough to care for one by herself) broke her hip right before Christmas two Christmas’s ago, I decided to commit. My boyfriend and I found Cabo at a breeder in Riverside and at 10 days old, we picked out him out of the litter from 8 other puppies.

Cheering up my grandmother the goal, every week I would drive down to Riverside to see Cabo grow, taking pictures, and bringing them back to her with the promise of us owning a puppy together. She was like my mother my whole life, always there for me, and it was my turn to be there for her. We were the only real family to each other in Cali. Every week, sometimes 2-3 times, I would bring him with me to see her, whether she was at home or in rehab and he would be the little thing that would brighten her day. I think Cabo, for my grandmother, was her little hero. In April, a few months later when my grandmother passed away, Cabo became my mom’s little hero as she had to say good-bye to her mom and stayed with me for that month. And, when I think about it, it almost felt like a little part of my grandmother stayed with me, in him.

Bringing Cabo into my life has brought me fulfillment in ways I could never have imagined. He is my little best friend, spending the days with me – providing unconditional love. We have been pretty much attached at the hip ever since.

My dog is my hero.

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