Ready to save my life — everyday!
| September 29th, 2012

Meet Valencia

ValenciaThis submission is by Clare Montagna, whose everyday Hero Dog is Valencia, a Standard Poodle.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

Valencia is a lovely and caring Standard Poodle, but to me she’s so much more! As a certified diabetic alert service dog, Valencia has been trained to detect (through my breath, hands, and feet) dangerous blood glucose levels. Being a diabetic, having a dog that can spontaneously alert detection of high or low blood glucose, as well as diabetic coma or seizure is truly a life saver.

As my ‘sugar buddy’, Valencia joins me wherever I go. One day as we were at the mall shopping, my blood glucose level became dangerously low. Upon detecting this, Valencia was relentless. She alerted by pawing at me, and pulling me in the direction of the parking lot. Knowing that Valencia can detect about 20 minutes prior to exhibiting symptoms, I let her lead me back to the parking lot, and we got in the car. Upon sitting in the car, I began to feel nauseous. Valencia laid across my lap to prohibit me from driving, continuing to paw and alert me. I usually carry a snack in my purse, so we rested for a moment in the car together as I ate. When I was feeling better and she detected that my sugar levels were OK, she jumped into the back seat and I felt safe to drive home.
It is my hope that one day, with Zoom Room Therapy Dog Training, my everyday hero Valencia will be able to share her sweetness and caring with others. This will be our way of paying it forward!

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