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Zoom Room Huntington Beach Reviews

Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

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A+, not only good trainer but good people. I never fill out surveys but I will for Blane, Mel and Victoria. I brought my shiba inu puppy, Elvis, when he was 3 months old. We couldn't handle him when we first got him and needed help. I'm thankful I found zoom room hb. One month later he is a great obedient puppy! Blane and Mel really taught us so much in the one month we have attended. When his ten classes were up there was no question I was going to purchase another ten!

- Christopher Ellis, who enjoyed 10 of them, agility and obedience with Elvis

Our rescue Lizzie needed specific training and I had tried two other dog trainers before Blaine. Neither one of them made an impact like Blaine did!

He has been the best trainer for her with his positive approach and gentle demeanor.
We plan on group lessons next which are recommended by Blaine!

- Rose Prochnow, who enjoyed 8 weeks private with Blaine with Lizzie

It was a lot of fun.. Bauer used to be very shy when we first started and now she is more outgoing and loving it...she has made new friends..

- Marie Tallas, who enjoyed Obedience 2 and agility 1 with Bauer

My boxer, Roxy, is making excellent progress in her agility training. The class has also given her confidence. Mel and Blaine truly care about their "students" and their success.

- Linda, who enjoyed Agility I and Agility II with Roxy


- Jeanettejisage, who enjoyed Private with Sage

Puppy preschool is perfect for our young pup to learn the important skill of proper socialization. She gets lots of time for constructive play during this class and gets to work on her simple commands and focus. Mel and Blaine make the puppy training experience personal and great instructors. I would recommend the Zoom Room to anyone!

- Terra, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Piper

Sir Bentley loves to burn off energy at the Zoom Room.
We love the staff!
The staff is always so encouraging and helpful.
Sir Bentley always has a cheering section.

- Tracy, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Sir Bentley

Timmy loves going and learning. I enjoy the time we spend together. Both Blaine & Mel are wonderful people and great instructors.

- Gail Latimer, who enjoyed Agility 2 and now Agilty 3 - Agility League and Scent Workshop - Ladies night & small dog meet up with Timmy

Blane is a great trainer & really good with my dog, Ruby. She LOVES going to the Zoom Room! We did some private lessons, then tried out a group agility. It was a little bit too much for my dog, so they happily switched me back to private lessons and even comped a session! Blane & Mel are awesome!

- Jenise G., who enjoyed private Agility classes with Ruby

Very positive experience, my dog and I learned a lot. Great socialization experience for my puppy as well.

- Kathy Nomura, who enjoyed puppy obedience with Guinness

Excellent, Mel is really attentive to the dog,and really makes everyone feel comfortable, great environment for a puppy.

- Alex Yam, who enjoyed Beginner Class with IsIs Yam

We love training with Blane. Waffles gets so excited when we arrive at the Zoom Room and has gained confidence through agility training.

- Kristi Williams, who enjoyed Private Training with Waffles

We loved the experience but more importantly Lily loved it!

- Tanya Ramirez, who enjoyed agility league with Lily

The classes are the most informative and positive I've ever been in. They make it fun - for both of us

- Mary Jellerson, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2, scent traing, agility with Huey and Tank

Kilobyte and I always love visiting the H.B. Zoom Room. Mel and Blane are great teachers and very friendly to each person and dog that comes through the door. Our most recent agility class featured the start to teaching us the curved tunnel. Mel had great tips for the owners as to how to get our dogs through without them being scared that they couldn't see the other side. She also times us near the end of class, which gives the owners a great opportunity to track their personal progress. We also appreciated that during the timed runs it was just us in the training area. Each dog gets special attention during timed runs, which is important at the lower levels (less distractions while they're perfecting their use of agility equipment.) Mel also notices if a dog is too distracted ( dog) :) She will break out a super stinky salmon always works wonders if my pup has caught wind of a more interesting smell during class time. She knows her tools and how and when to use them. I will be attending many more classes and events at this location in the future.

- Aughty K., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Kilobyte

The staff at Zoom Room is incredible. I really didn't think I'd be able to get my scared pup out of his shell but within the 2nd week of class, he is already socializing well with other dogs and people! Very happy to have been recommended this place.

- Susan Dao, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Skippy

I love this place and so does tucker. Both the trainers are awesome. I have been to obedience classes before with my other dogs and dropped out because it was a horrible experience, which left my dogs timid and shy. This place is completely different. Everything is positive based. If the dog doesn't do a command it's okay, you just keep working. They reassure me that it takes patience and persistence, so I don't beat myself up for it. Tucker loves it because he's just being a dog and getting rewarded for "playing". Not only do they make classes for ( for both me and tuck, i really love going too) but Tucker is learning a lot in just his first 3 classes. He knows all the commands we have learned. His "puppy" behavior at home is getting better. Even other people that come over have noticed that he's more well behaved. Basically I love this place and I wish i could provide some constructive criticism but honestly, you are doing everything right.

- Amy, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Tucker

The trainer is exceptional. I have worked with both Mel and with Blaine. I have 3 dogs enrolled. The environment is so positive and conducive to training. I am a retired educator. This is a perfect learning environment and the design links fun and learning in a very constructive manner. I am delighted we have access to this program in our community. I am delighted with the pleasant and professional manner of the owners. My congratulations to them and the company. Sharon Nordheim

- Sharon Nordheim, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and Obedience 2 in progress with Claude

Awesome. My puppy has had a 100 percent turn around and is becoming very obedient. My wife and I look forwardto taking our puppy wach week.

- Jesse Wrobel, who enjoyed puppy kindetgarted with roxie

It is awesome. Can't believe how much Lucy loves the Zoom Room. She's on the teeter now, and l-o-v-e-s it. Got the weave down. She needs to have her mind as well as her body worked, so Zoom Room HB has been the perfect answer.

- Janie Broadbent, who enjoyed Agility and Agility League with Lucy

Kelly and I are really enjoying it. Mel is a patient and kind instructor. We are going again tonight for agility.

- Jean Rowley, who enjoyed Obediance with Kelly

Totally Awesome! Blaine and Mel are so supportive and helpful. Lucy loves the Zoom Room. When we say Zoom Room she gets so excited, so much so that sometimes she will do a aerial 360!

- Marty and Janie B, who enjoyed Agility with Lucy

Lily gets so excited when she knows she is going to Zoom Room. Lily (and her Dad:) have learned a lot over the last few months at Zoom Room thanks to the awesome instructors.

- Tanya

Buck and I love the classes. Buck is growing up at Zoom Room! He is almost 6 months old now and we have been attending lots of different classes since he was 3 months old. Looking forward to Urban Herding too!

- Eileen, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Buck

Absolutely the best!!! Mel is a wonderful, knowledgeable, conscience and kind trainer. I have a 9 month old 5 lb toy poodle with some shyness issues and Mel has been able to help her work through them. She trains with a kind, non-punitive, very positive style. I have been one other place and Zoom Room with Mel and Blaine is simply the best!

- Christine B., who enjoyed Small dog get togethers & Obdience 1 & 2 with Tootsie

We are having a blast having our bulldog in the Agility League. My 12 year old daughter is his trainer...and its great exercise for the two of them (dog and child). Great opportunity for them to feel like they are on a team, root each other on, and better their time on the equipment.

- Jolene, who enjoyed Aglility League with Beckham

We love Zoom Room! All the classes have worked to build Bella's confidence around other dogs. We see the difference every day in everything we do with her. The store/training area are always spotless & the staff are super helpful and friendly. Bella gets excited every time we get out of the car and head towards class. Our family cannot thank you enough for having a place like this close to home and for providing wonderful training & experiences.

- Bridget R., who enjoyed Puppy 2, Obedience 2 & Puppy Agility with Bella

It has been nothing but positive! They are great!

- Rene Brookbank, who enjoyed Agility and Obedience with Stitch

Awesome expirence Gage loved Mel and drug me from the car to the door every week..

- Sheila Burroughs, who enjoyed One on One with Gage

It was great

- Donna Sanchez, who enjoyed Agility with Dozer

Instructors are incredible and make the class fun for the dogs and their owners! Great learning environment! Can't believe how much these classes are helping my dog feel more self confident and less afraid to be approached by new people!

- Elizabeth Toumajian, who enjoyed Agility classes with Oliver

The classes have been fun and entertaining for both "Mr Hueys" and me. We both have learned a lot. Mel & Blane make the classes challenging and fun for each dog & their individual abilities.

- Mary J, who enjoyed 1st-agility1, 2nd- scent training with Huey

I always enjoy my time in class even when it is challenging

- Christina Flores, who enjoyed agility and obedience with Charlotte

Zoom Room is awesome! My husband and I adopted a 2 year old pitbull, Lola, from the animal shelter and have been taking her here to learn some doggy manners. After only 4 private classes, Lola can now sit, lay down, leave it, wait, and touch (aka come)!! Mel is a great trainer and offers the best suggestions. You can tell she genuinely cares about her clients, both pups and people! Also, their facility is always clean and inviting. Zoom Room has been a wonderful and rewarding experience and we will continue to come back for classes and private gym sessions!

- Ina Rochester, who enjoyed Private training with Lola

I love both Mel and Blane. They are great instructors! Jordi and I are having a great time together at our agility classes. We also just joined the league and look forward to more fun at the league sessions.

- Mo Tabon, who enjoyed Agility with Jordi

You can teach an old dog new tricks… ME At almost 65 I have raised many labs and goldens.. Just finished raising a guide dog lab and she is back to her calling for the blind. I did just purchase a golden, Kai, to be raised with my new grand baby boys like my Shaka that was raised with my children… I have gone through all of the classes over the years at Edison Park and they were fine, but we have never had an opportunity like the Zoom Room.. Mel and Blane are amazing, their ideas are so great and Kai at six months can’t wait to get to class. So many new ideas on training and the small classes are great. Lots of extra opportunities for us to socialize the dogs and fun activities for us as well. He is doing well and now will fine tune him with Mel and Blane to become am amazing dog for my grandkids and a therapy to kids and seniors.. Thank you so much and can’t wait to get to class… Kai and Chris

- I, who enjoyed purchased 10 classes with Kai

It was a fantastic experience, my dog loved going to the Zoom Room and loved his trainer, Blane. I learned during the sessions and hope to keep up on it with my dog. We plan to rent the Zoom Room for 3 - 30 minute sessions and allow our dogs to play with other neighborhood dogs. We will go back to training in the future

- shirley siracusa, who enjoyed private training with bully

Howie loves it! He gets excited when we arrive in the strip mall where the Zoom Room is!
He's developed confidence and has so much fun! We will take our other Golden, Annie after this session at the Zoom Room!
Howie was a rescue from a very nervous woman who had twins, and couldn't handle him! He was very scared when we got him 8 months ago, and now he's happy and the dog he is meant to be! We think the Zoom Room had a lot to do with it!

- Mary Alice Bendell

My experience at the Zoom Room was great. I liked the calm atmosphere. I liked how the trainers listened to my concerns and worked with me.

- Elizabeth Thompson, who enjoyed Private 1/2 hr with with Beau

Doing private training and agility has really helped Gunner as he had issues being around other dogs. He is more confident in himself and is getting so much better around other dogs! In trips to the dog beach, he now let's others sniff him - HUGE success!! He has so much fun at Zoom Room that he doesn't like to leave :)

- Stephanie Burke, who enjoyed Private training with Gunner

Blaine is a great teacher! He really knows his stuff and is good at teaching.

- Roni, who enjoyed Private with Roxy

Sorry forgot couple name who own the facility. They were a pleasure to deal with and we loved our experience every time we went there. Will continue going and will recommend them to our friends.

- Michael Trujillo, who enjoyed Puppy training and personal training with Benny

Zoom Room Huntington Beach has been amazing to us! Coco and I are learning so much from the agility classes. I look forward to it as much as she does! All the trainers are so friendly and patient. It's worth every penny we spend to see how happy it makes our Coco.

- Tiffany Henderson, who enjoyed Agility classes with Coco

Both my puppy and I love Zoom Room. It a great place for puppies to learn socialization skills and my kids are learning how to train their dog. The instructor has at great attitude and sound teaching skills.

- Susan Conroy, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Nike

Sadie and I are overjoyed by our experiences at Zoom Room. Blaine and Mel are so awesome! Patient, kind, loving, and passionate about training ME to communicate with Sadie. Sadie loves her agility training and enjoys her obedience lessons, too. I am amazed at what a difference this has made in our relationship. Our time at the Zoom Room makes Sadie happy, which makes me happy, which makes Sadie happier and on and on. Sadie says Zoom Room gives her the WIGGLES BIG TIME!

- Christine Morse, who enjoyed Private Obedience Training 1 with Sadie

We had an amazing time taking agility classes. It's a great way to burn off some extra energy from your dog while giving them a mental work out at the same time. I also believe it helps calm some fears, my dog is no longer shy about jumping up onto higher areas, I also notice him walking up on the thin curb on the sidewalk he's pretending to walk a doggie tight rope. The instructors are great, and they make sure that you are building a relationship with your dog. They understand this is supposed to be a fun time for your dog, and will speak up if they see you go into "Dance Mom" mode and getting frustrated with your pup. They are very encouraging and treat every dog the same whether they are ready to go into competition, or if they are still just wanting to walk around and sniff all of their classmates instead of completing an obstacle. I would recommend the classes to anyone. Blain and Mel are great instructors and have incredible patience with people and dogs. The customers that hang around and watch are all very friendly too, it's really a great environment. I also love that they hold social events for different sized dogs, and sometimes certain breeds. They also host adoption events from time to time, which I strongly support, and I think it is great that they also take the time to help out the dog community.

- Aughty K., who enjoyed Agility II with Kilobyte

Very lovely! Julye loved the challenges and nurturing environment. I've been sharing most everyone I talk with at the dog parks about Zoom Room! Wish there was one more central orange county! The only suggestion I would make is to put the apt details in the subject header. When there are multiple apt made at one time, all I saw were confirmation emails and it confused me. I missed an apt. If the DATE, TIME info were in the subject field, I wouldn't have to open in the email, which is a bit hard on a smart phone depending on reception. :)

- Dana Claire Cornelius, who enjoyed Ob1,2,3 & Ag1,2,3 with Julye

I always feel so welcome. Coffee is ready for me and Maya loves to come. Thank you Mel and Blane

- Geri Steenveld, who enjoyed agility with Maya

Gabby is a much better behaved dog now. She has more focus and a channel for her boundless energy.

- Richard Green, who enjoyed Agility Training with Gabby

I love coming to the zoom room. Not only do I receive the best customer service by my fur baby loves it. He loves running and actually channeling his energy in a very positive way. Thank you for teaching me how to actually motivate him. I cant wait to see my fur baby grow more.

- Lc, who enjoyed private lessons with Wero

This is a fantastic outing for both human and dog. We get a lot of pleasure out of going and doing. Both Mel & Blaine are wonderful. I have referred lots of people too.

- Gail Latimer, who enjoyed Agility 2 and now Agilty 3 - Agility League with Timmy

We attended 4 classes so far and love it. Rory is having so much fun as well as learning! Blane, Mel, and the rest of the team are awesome and we are very thankful they are in our city!

- Mick Siroy, who enjoyed Private obedience and agility with Rory

Howie was adopted by us after he was 4 years old, and his mom had twins and couldn't handle a big dog. He came to us a bit scared and shy, and we didn't hear him bark for months. The experience at the Zoom room gave him confidence and he had so much fun!
The Vet told us that now he is the "dog he was meant to be"!

- Mary Alice Bendell, who enjoyed Private Lessons with Howie Bendell

Love the facility and the training is easy to understand. The methods give confidence to both the human and the animal.

I'm hooked and recommend Zoom Room for every dog young and old!

Thanks guys,

- Christa sears, who enjoyed Obedience and agility with Goliath

Love the classes and the well kept environment. Very professional instructors.

- catherine congleton, who enjoyed Agility with Diva and Riley

Great agility experience. Very professional dog loving instructors. Agility league is so much fun for my dog Riley and myself and we cannot wait until league starts again in October!

- Catherine Congleton, who enjoyed Agility classes 2, 3, 4. Agility Leagues (2), Private classes, Private Gyms with Riley and Diva

awesome! We have been having a blast! We talk about it all the time! Rex has fun too! When we start to walk towards the zoom room, Rex gets all ' doggy excited'.
We are so glad you are here! We love you guys too!

- Deanna Kavanagh, who enjoyed agility 1 and 2, and a doggy meet up with Rex

All good, I like the positive atmosphere!

- Jack Morris, who enjoyed Puppy Obediance, puppy agility, agility 1 with Buddy

Lily & her family (us) were very comfortable & eager to start.Lily soared from Agility 1 to Agility 2 because of the professional instructors. She picks up instruction up quickly & enjoys every minute of class. Lilys goal is to participate in Agility League which I have no doubt that she will do with her family beside her and the Zoom Room training! GO LILY!

- Tanya Ramirez, who enjoyed Agility 1/Agility2 with Lily

Both Blaine and Mel are wonderful with the dogs and with the owners. My son also enrolled his Valley Bulldog puppy, Rocko, in the puppy classes. He has also done the puppy meet ups and made great progress. I have not yet taken Roxy to the medium dog meet ups but have heard very good feed back about about them. The agility course set up is excellent and they ofer classes to accommodate all skill levels. If you would like I can send you a video of Roxy doing her Agility at the zoom room after only two lessons.

- Linda Carpenter, who enjoyed The sampler package and Agility I and Agility II with Roxy

We adopted Meegz at a little over 1 year old and had no previous obedience training that we were aware of. Blane helped us train Meegz into a very well-mannered happy dog that listens to us now. Blane is extremely knowledgable and great with both of our dogs. Meegz loves going to Zoom Room and the entire staff!

- Klint, who enjoyed Private Training with Meegz

We had an amazing time taking agility classes. It's a great way to burn off some extra energy from your dog while giving them a mental work out at the same time. I also believe it helps calm some fears, my dog is no longer shy about jumping up onto higher areas, I also notice him walking up on the thin curb on the sidewalk he's pretending to walk a doggie tight rope. The instructors are great, and they make sure that you are building a relationship with your dog. They understand this is supposed to be a fun time for your dog, and will speak up if they see you go into "Dance Mom" mode and getting frustrated with your pup. They are very encouraging and treat every dog the same whether they are ready to go into competition, or if they are still just wanting to walk around and sniff all of their classmates instead of completing an obstacle. I would recommend the classes to anyone. Blain and Mel are great instructors and have incredible patience with people and dogs. The customers that hang around and watch are all very friendly too, it's really a great environment. I also love that they hold social events for different sized dogs, and sometimes certain breeds. They also host adoption events from time to time, which I strongly support, and I think it is great that they also take the time to help out the dog community.

- Aughty K, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Kilobyte

Awesome and great . Blaine has taught me so much and my dog goes bonkers he is so excited to go to class

- My Info, who enjoyed agility league and private lesson with kai

The Zoom Room is the best thing that has happened for Huntington Beach Dogs in a long time! The positive training method in an indoor setting is ideal for both dogs and handlers. Petushi has learned so much in a few short months and continues to improve each week. She enjoys the stimulation and variety, and, of course, being around all those other dogs! Thank you Zoom Room for coming to Huntington Beach!

- Lynn Haye, who enjoyed Obedience 1,2,3 and agility 1 with Petushi

We have taken several agility and obedience classes ranging from puppy level to level 2 and we love every single class we have been too. Blaine and Mel are both amazing at instruction and make the class so fun for me and my dog.

- Terra Westlake, who enjoyed Agility, obedience with Piper

We enjoyed every class. While I have some training in obedience (the old ways) I have learned many new, and better, ways to train her. This has been a most worthwhile experience. everyone should try the Zoom room.

- Kevin and Cheryl Hurt, who enjoyed Obedience 1-3 Agility 1-2 with Moet

it was lots of fun. the owners are very nice and know what they are doing! so professional and polite!

- Deanna Kavanagh, who enjoyed agility 2 with Rex

The class is a safe and fun place to help my dog learn control, restraint, focus and some great obstacles! He gets excited when we pull in the parking lot - he knows what we are going to do....he leaves exhausted!
I love how much he is growing and learning each time.
I tell all of my friends about this place because it is a constructive way to use up energy and challenge your pup:)

- Sherry S, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Lucky

Blane and Mel have been great with Wally! Wally has learned many commands, is working on loose leash walking, and has made a lot of progress with agility. I'm really looking forward to starting Agility League in November. Wally and I could not be happier with the Zoom Room at Huntington Beach!

- Kristyn, who enjoyed Obedience & Agility Classes with Wally

We learned so much from both Blane and Melanie. I consider myself fairly knowledgable being an evaluator for Pet partners. Monte is our first audukt rescue dog. He came at 2 1/2 with many fear aggression issues. Monte is smart and has learned quickly most obedience commands. I have learned about threshold and having patients in the process of desensitizing Monte. As Monte becomes even more obedient he has gain confidence in himself and seems overall better with other dogs. It takes time and we will continue with his training. The setting gives Monte confidence. We are also hoping to have more agility work. Monte seemed to catch on to the first couple of exposures to agility He has long legs for a Cavalier and loves to run. I greatly appreciate Blane and Melanie's approach to training.

- Lois Abrams, Ph.D., who enjoyed Individual. Group OB 2 with Monte

I've got a 5 year old and a puppy. Zoom Room is fun for both of them. It's nice to see how much the staff love my dogs.
I've learned how to get Maxx, the puppy, to settle & focus (amazing!). They're both having fun with the agility equipment; while I increase my speed & endurance trying to stay ahead of them during the agility course.
This is a great place to learn, burn off some K9 energy, get a human workout and have fun while doing so. I've recommended Zoom Room to friends. I would suggest to anyone who can, give this program a try.
If you're a dog person, Zoom Room is a fun place to be.

- Robin G., who enjoyed private lessons with Maxx & TJ

We did agility 1 once and Blane said we were ready for 2, and he was right, Abbey did great. They create such a relaxed and positive atmosphere and manage the training so both the owner and dog feel successful. So after only 2 sessions we were able to do all the "props" in Agility2. Abbey loved it as did I. It is so much fun and so positive.

- Kathy W, who enjoyed agility 2 with Abbey

Fun and worthwhile

- Gayle Wayne, who enjoyed Agility with Dakota

Mel does a fantastic job and you can see how much the dogs love her.

- Chuck, who enjoyed private lessons with Roxy

Very clean facility, with friendly and knowledgeable trainers. My dog has a great time learning here!

- Ryan B., who enjoyed Puppy agility, agility and obedience. with Pepper

It has been a great experience. Mel is very patient. The facility is lovely and well maintained. Love the coffee and water that they always make available.

- Geri Steenveld, who enjoyed agility private training with Maya

This has been a 100% positive experience far exceeding my expectations! The have taught me so much and encouraged me when I was discouraged. They have given me the skills to help my dog be an enjoyable lovable member of the family!

- Jan K., who enjoyed Puppy preschool, Puppy Obedience with Tessa

Kai loved class ... his tongue his hanging after each session. I understand what we work on and we are progressing well

- sonia regenfuss, who enjoyed private lesson with kai

Sadie and I are both enjoying every minute we spend at Zoom Room. Blane and Mel are incredible and have helped me learn to communicate effectively with Sadie. Agility training is so fun and great workout for us both. Watch out fellow Bostons at Agility League...Sadie can't wait to compete with her new friends. (Hi Flower!) I appreciate everything you are teaching me, and Sadie says thanks for giving us a place to learn and get our wiggles out!

- Christine Morse, who enjoyed Private Obedience & Agility, Paw-Casso Painting with Sadie

Boo loves Mel and also going to the Zoom room! Very good class

- Joan Griffithe, who enjoyed Obedience with Boo

Jordi and I are so happy that Zoom Room came to Huntington Beach. The instructors and staff are the best! We love going to class, and we have met so many great people and dogs!

- Mo, who enjoyed Agility, Herding, Agility League, Tricks, private training, and private gym with Jordi

Wonderful! Great shared knowledge. Great atmosphere. Clean. Everyone is very nice

- Birderlk, who enjoyed Private Gym and One to One with Pink

Great experience! Molly gets exhausted from the mental stimulation. She's been getting more confident in herself, and seems to be blossoming! We couldn't be happier.

- J.D., who enjoyed Private 30-minutes, weekly with Molly

They are awesome and my dogs love going there.

- Jenn Monette, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Joplin

I have a big goofy bulldog/boxer mix that I thought would never do well in Agility but Mel convinced me to come to a class. Now... my dog's a star!! Amazingly he is very fast and responsive - I never would have known that if she hadn't made me try. We are now starting Agility 3 and I am hooked!

- Nuuana Robinson, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Murphy

Outstanding guidance and leadership. A true professional. Consistent in all ways.

- Dana Claire, who enjoyed Obedience II with Julye

Great experience. Enjoy the classes.

- Diane Smith, who enjoyed Obedience 2/ Agility 2 with Harley

Harley loves school! Mel, Blaine and Victoria have help us so much in learning basic obedience and agility, so that Harley has become a well adjusted and happy dog.

- Diane Smith, who enjoyed Obedience 2/ Agility 2 with Harley

Zoom Room is great! All of the staff are very friendly and helpful! We have only taken our pup to 2 classes and they have already helped so much.

- Dana, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Opie

Our dog (an English Bulldog) had a couple socialization problems with other dogs in our neighborhood. Luckily, The Zoom Room had just opened up and I was looking for a non-invasive training technique to help not only training him, but get him socialized and learn to listen. From training to agility to socialization...Beckham has grown leaps in bounds in the 8 weeks he's been attending Zoom Room. I can not thank the staff enough for all their hard work in not only training our dog, but training our family as well. I highly recommend Zoom Room for a variety of "problem dogs" works.

- Jolene Bogard, who enjoyed Private Training with Beckham

It was an excellent experience and Mel and Blaine were grest. Our dog Rio, had such a great time and she did really well. I have been recommmending the Zoom Room to my friends. It is a wonderful facility with great instructors.

- Brian and Nancy Kleeman, who enjoyed Ten lessons of obedience. with Rio

The Zoom Room has been fantastic! Josie is a 4 month old Havanese with a lot of energy but she is often the smallest dog in the group. Everyone at the Huntington Beach Zoom Room has been great about encouraging her to play when she feels like one of the big dogs but always mindful of doing it safely and offering alternatives when she starts to feel her "real" size. The puppy agility has been a great experience and helps to expend a lot of that puppy energy!

- Tracy, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience & Agility with Josie

Blaine and Mel are both really great! They have helped us prepare for the therapy dog evaluation, and we have come a long way!

- Roni, who enjoyed Obedience 3/Therapy Dog with Roxy

Staff are very friendly and helpful. Facility is clean, organized & functions well.

- Laurie Fisser, who enjoyed PRIVATE, OBEDIENCE, AGILITY with ROXY

Riley and I love coming to the Zoom Room!!! We have learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it!

- Kelsey, who enjoyed Private Training with Riley

The best. Mel and her husband are knowledgable and so very friendly. Victoria is also helpful. Maya and I both love to come.

- Geri Steenveld, who enjoyed Private Agility Training with Maya

We love Zoom Room and so does Lucky! He is doing really well and we are thrilled with the positive reinforcement and training received! We have already recommended Zoom Room to several dog lovers!

- Deborah Lengele, who enjoyed Private lessons with Lucky

Fabulous! Love it! So much fun! Mel is great and loves her job!

- SS, who enjoyed private training with Ginger

It's been great, both me and my dog look forward to out time together at the Zoom Room.

- Michelle Martin, who enjoyed Agility, private training & sent workshop with Gracie

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks at Zoom Room! Our 10-year old Weimaraner has been taking Agility 1 classes for a few weeks now, and he LOVES it. It's fun for the whole family, and we will definitely keep going into other classes with him.

- Kamie H., who enjoyed Agility I with Roman

Experience = awesome! The classes are well structured and effective. Mel and Blane provided me with practical suggestions on how to I could address specific problem areas in my dog's behavior. The classes were even tailored to do extra work in those areas. Mel and Blane create a fun, team oriented environment between everyone in the classes. The dogs are always happy to be there, and everyone shares in the excitement as each dog learns and improves.

- Rebecca Brown, who enjoyed Obc 1,2,3 with Dozer

We love the Zoom Room! We found it by accident while looking for something to do with Gizmo and now we are "regulars." Gizmo loves the Zoom Room and her friends there. She got hurt and scared about a week ago and everybody has been great about helping her overcome her fears and get back into the fun!

- Katy, who enjoyed Obedience, agility trainning, agility league, meet ups, private gym with Gizmo

This place is so awesome! The training is so professional, and the trainers are so patient
with me and my husband. ...oh and even the dog! The methods they teach you are positive, and reward based. Rex loves to go there, even when we don't have something scheduled! So do we, the atmosphere is so inviting and welcoming, we love to pop in!

- Deanna and Sean Kavanagh and Rex, who enjoyed many-agility, private gym, private lessons with Rex

A great time! Lucy (and I) are learning quickly! She has lots of energy to burn off, so she really loved the Meet-Up last night! She & half-dozen others raced around for a full hour before the first one laid down!

The agility training is lots of fun for both of us. She isn't afraid of anything! We are heading back for another class this afternoon.

- Joanne Spagle, who enjoyed Obedience 1, Agility 1, meet-up with Lucy

My dog Gidget & I have enjoyed our classes at the Zoom Room. We are learning new things every week & she shows such enthusiasm because of the fun games incorporated into her lessons. Since we've started our classes together I've noticed an increase in her self-confidence, her willingness to pay attention and to try new things. I would recommend the Zoom Room to anyone who wants to improve their communication with their dog and to those looking for a fun place to learn new activities to enjoy together.

- K. Russell, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Gidget

It was great! Victoria kept the pace just right so Petushi stayed interested, but not too tired. We will definitely be back!

- Lynn, who enjoyed agility 1 with Petushi

Very clean facility, with friendly and knowledgeable trainers. My dog has a great time learning here!

- Ryan B., who enjoyed Puppy agility, agility and obedience. with Pepper

Love it !!

- Ken Earhart, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Teddy

My dog and I had a really positive experience at the Zoom Room. We took private lessons and our trainer was very patient and caring towards my dog. She taught me the skills on how to work with my dog. We learned a lot in a short time and worked on some behaviors that need changed. My dog loves coming to the zoom room.

- Stacy, who enjoyed private lessons with Ruca

We came to the right place for Captain Jack. the training instructed was spot on. He was able to pick up the commands very quick. Our instructor, Mel, was amazing. She knows what she is doing, and know how to handle the animal. Cant wait to go back! Highly Recommended!

- Samuel, who enjoyed private lessons with Captain Jack

My dog Gracie was living on the streets. I enrolled her in the classes at the Zoom Room to build up her confidence. The positive reinforcement was the perfect way to build Gracie's confidence. The trainers were wonderful with both of us. Gracie and I will continue to attend classes and events at the Zoom Room.

- Michelle, who enjoyed Agility, private training for therapy dog test with Gracie

We have such a great time! Good class great vibes its awesome.

- Susie, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Librty

Mel has been great the whole time. She is a great instructor who communicates really well and the dogs are very responsive to her. Trixie loves her! I also really love the clean, open environment at zoom room. The whole staff at HB location is so friendly and welcoming and create a really positive and enjoyable experience. Would definitely recommend to friends!

- Suhaila, who enjoyed Obedience training with Trixie

Both classes great. Agility 1 so fun I can't for 2, 3 and 4!

- Wendy Martenson, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and Agility 1 with Piper

Great! Mel and Blaine are delightful, helpful, always watching out for safety issues, much appreciated . They keep the room spotless ! Communications are excellent.

- Mona Gillman, who enjoyed Obedience 2, agility 3 with Vivian

Very good. Mel is an excellent trainer. Slater has responded to both obedience and agility training. Have already recommended it to friends.

- Marilyn Okaneko, who enjoyed Personal 1-1 training sessions (4 pkg) Obedience and beginning agility with Slater

These classes are great for dogs with social diificulties. Most dog activities include other canines, so it's challenging to bring dogs with social anxiety to most events. Private agility classes gives your dog and you a chance to bond without stress. I just bought a second set of classes.

- Alicia Woolsey, who enjoyed Private agility training with Sierra

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