Ideal Dog Business

Dog Business

Why we’re the Ideal Dog Business
and the Best Pet Franchise Opportunity

If you’ve already read our overview of the pet services industry, the numbers can speak for themselves. And if you’ve taken a look at the advantages of buying a franchise, a pet franchise starts to make a lot of sense. But why us? What makes the Zoom Room such an ideal dog business? We’re glad you asked.

  • No Dog Training Experience Necessary – We’ll teach you how to train dogs with our positive reinforcement training method. We provide tons of guidance and ongoing support, because if anything can happen, it already has, and we’ve figured out a way around it. No dog training business on Earth can compete with the glowing reviews every one of our trainers has received.
  • Unique Brand Identity – Our Zoom Room name, logo, web presence and interior design are all carefully integrated to instantly communicate our fun, enthusiastic, sporty and social atmosphere.
  • Low Starting Costs – If you haven’t already, please check out our competitors’ pet franchises. We are confident that you will be utterly impressed by our ability to offer you a business that is way more fun and appealing than that of our competitors, and at mere fraction of the cost.
  • Low Operating Costs – Ongoing operating expenses are kept to a minimum. Unlike car tires, tire swings don’t go bald and need replacement.
  • Cutting Edge Curriculum – Our innovative classes entertain dogs and their owners while also solving real problems they face at home. Games and activities ensure that the learning experience is both successful and incredibly enjoyable.
  • Phenomenal Client Retention – Pet owners naturally want to watch their dog’s skill level grow, and with our classes hierarchically structured, clients quickly become regulars. Client loyalty means priceless word-of-mouth.
  • Focused Retail Revenue – Less is more. We don’t crowd the space with a thousand different collars and every brand of dog food on the market. We make sure that our carefully-curated and solution-oriented retail section perfectly reflects both our brand identity and the needs of our clients, with an emphasis on American-made products.
  • Alternative to Dog Parks – Our experience has shown that dog owners are more than happy to pay a premium to bring their dog to safe, fun indoor play area. Local dog owners will sing your praises for bringing this asset to the community.
  • Additional Revenue Opportunities – In addition to training classes, private lessons, and retail, the Zoom Room also provides income from event rentals – dog birthday parties, Doggy Disco® Nights, and meet-ups for dog clubs. See our detailed list of franchise revenue streams.
  • Strong Online Presence – We have created a web site that our clients find attractive, informative and easy to use. Each franchise receives its own customized web page and blog area to share photos of members and news of upcoming events. We have a dominating presence across social media. And we always rank high in search engines.
  • Sterling Software – All aspects of the business are seamlessly integrated. State-of-the-art software lets you manage inventory, sales, client records, scheduling, accounting, and more all from a single screen. Your members can enroll (and prepay) online, book private training or rentals.
  • Eye Candy for Passersby – Cute dogs doing cool stuff is one of life’s only guaranteed crowd-draws. And you’ll be projecting this spectacle on a daily basis to every dog owner in your area.
  • Publicity Friendly – If you were a local TV station, what would you think about capturing some footage of 40 Pugs waddling through agility weave poles? Or a special Halloween event with every dog in costume?
  • Proprietary Equipment – We’ve developed our own proprietary agility equipment, working with professional manufacturers to deliver you everything you need at below the cost you’d pay if you were starting out on your own. Our equipment is tailor-made for our classes and not available anywhere else in the marketplace.
  • Exceptional Service and Support – When you look good, we look good. We are committed to providing you with assistance every step of the way. We offer ongoing telephone, video-conferencing, and on-site training and support to help you achieve overwhelming success.
  • Epicenter of the Dog Community – Our agility course radiates youth and energy; our Hound Lounge and special refreshments communicate canine indulgence; the bold color palette, smooth poured concrete front desk, subdued lighting and tasteful retail section announce a refined sense of style; the faces of the owners guiding their dogs through hoops and over jumps make it clear that for dogs and the humans who love them, the Zoom Room is the place to be.
  • No Headaches – The Zoom Room was born out of founder Jaime Van Wye‘s years of experience running her own dog businesses and helping others either start or improve theirs. Having learned all the headaches of boarding – managing a large staff with high turnover, running a 24/7 business, dealing with weight liability issues, wading through live animal zoning restrictions – Jaime decided to design the ideal dog business: one that incorporates everything she loves about working with dogs, but without any of those headaches. The end result is the Zoom Room, which we now offer to you as the Perfect Pet Franchise.
Jaime Van Wye, Dog Business Expert Dog Agility Franchise