Incredible Poodle Tricks
| January 17th, 2010

Incredible Poodle Tricks by Charlie

Charlie is a “demo” Service Dog for APAW (American Poodles at Work), and accompanies his owner, Jillian, when she speaks to groups about the importance of assistance dogs.

Charlie demonstrates many tasks, from turning on lights, to retrieving keys or a phone, or opening doors. He also really loves taking things out of bags… and sometimes putting things into bags where they don’t quite belong.

For example, he’ll “borrow” lunch or his Service Dog cape out of Jillian’s backpack, or stuff it with a favorite toy. Or, on other occasions, he may reward his father by placing a juicy marrow bone in his bag of work papers.

Here’s what Jillian has to say about Charlie:

Charlie found his way to me at the age of 8 months, and has been an absolutely amazing dog. His temperament is phenomenal, without any fear or aggression, always eager to learn more and make people laugh!

The video below is one of the semi-finalists in our America’s Best Dog Trick Contest. Jillian and Charlie would love your vote!

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Craig Olesen writes:

Charlie is a great dog! You’ve got my vote!

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