Indoor Dog Park

Indoor Dog Park

Indoor Dog Park

Check with area dog owners (or just ask yourself), and the idea of an indoor dog park is instantly appealing. Not paw-blistering summer days, coat-drenching downpours, sleet, snow nor hail will impact the Zoom Room’s indoor dog park, complete with a fully tricked-out dog agility course and an awesomely-stocked toy chest. No cell-phone chatterers, no mean dogs who steal toys. Just a safe, clean, fun place (that also has a great retail section). We also provide free direct trade coffee, great music and free WiFi in our squeaky-clean, climate-controlled indoor gym.

Now check with your local Yellow Pages, and unless there’s already a Zoom Room in your town, chances are you’re not going to find an off-leash indoor dog park.

Private Gym

We call our indoor dog park Private Gym, because we place an emphasis on quality exercise time with one’s dog, as opposed to just randomly milling about sniffing things. We also maintain complete safety for all of our clients and their dogs by having specific protocols in place to make sure that everyone has a great and safe time. Private Gym is enjoyed off-leash, and we offer great discount packages to clients who wish to make the Zoom Room a regular part of their active life with their dog.

Dogs and their owners also have full use of the agility course during Private Gym. All of our agility equipment, by the way, is custom-designed and fully adjustable – able to accommodate both puppies and Great Dane dog athletes.

Up to three dogs can attend our Private Gym, and clients can schedule their sessions according to the demands of their own schedule.

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