Jesse the Jack Russell’s Best Dog Tricks
| February 8th, 2010

Jack Russell Dog Tricks

Meet Jesse…

Jack Russell Dog Tricks

Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier began learning tricks through the motivation of tasty lunch meat. And when he was only nine weeks old, he taught himself how to sit up!

Jesse’s owner, Heather, uses only positive reinforcement and clicker training to shape their dog tricks.

Jesse eventually started performing dog tricks at talent shows, birthday parties, and even a Halloween party for senior citizens.

Through the power of positive training, Jesse has passed the Canine Good Citizen Test, and the Therapy Dog International Test. Jesse absolutely loves rubber toys, and can de-squeak a toy in less than 5 minutes, earning himself the nickname Squeaker.

Heather and Jesse also enjoy other fun activities such as tree agility, frisbee, lure coursing, canine freestyle, and going to photo shoots.

Here’s what Heather has to say about Jesse:

I got Jesse on my 16th birthday after waiting for over 4 years to get a Jack Russell of my very own. Between that time I did as much research, and read as many books about these wonderful little dogs that I could get my hands on. I first met Jesse when he was 3 weeks old, and visited him every week until he could come home with me at 8 weeks old. From the day he came home we were inseparable!! Jesse goes practically everywhere with me, and loves making people smile. Jesse just loves to entertain people, and is such a ham when performing his tricks. It is so fun seeing Jesse thinking while learning, and the smile on his face when he is trying to figure out how to get me to click is priceless!!

UPDATE: Jesse is the Grand Prize Winner of the America’s Best Dog Trick Contest! Jesse and Heather won $1,000 from the Zoom Room and a suite of amazing dog toys from West Paw Design. Here’s their winning entry…

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Rhiannon writes:

And I thought Kate and Gin from Britain’s got talent were good. OMG that was amazing!!! Totally deserved to win!

Brittany writes:

he or she is so beautiful i would love for you to train my little max

Jenny Snell writes:

Amazing! Im speechless its just fantastic :)

Dan writes:

Absolutely fantastic, and so young a trainer! I adopted a headstrong but lovable JRT 5 months ago. I spoiled him, letting him run free in deep woods and put the clicker training aside, so now it’s back to basics for the two of us since he bolts all the time. What an inspiration, though. If I could teach this little guy even one of these tricks, I’d be thrilled.

Some 20 years ago, we had two female collies. They never bolted, came on the run, would sit and stay in a crowd, all without any real training. But, their a working breed. I must say it’s quite an adjustment having a single-minded hunter like the JRT.

Linda writes:

Great Job!!!! What a wonderful dog. We have six Jack Russell rescues and all but one (the oldest) are natural born couch potatoes. It’s unusual to see them do anything but sleep.

Melony writes:

I love it!!!! Jesse should go on America’s Got Talent or Britain’s Got Talent!!!! My Border Collie can’t even do half of those tricks!!!

Aliciia Ibarra writes:

There is no doubt that you spend countless hours with your JRT. My JRT is Lucy a righteous character love her to death! TIME TIME TIME and LOTS of ATTENTION is all they need. You have done a great job!! Jesse is ADORABLE!

karla writes:

You and Jesse are my mentors… I’m holding you as the standard as I begin training my 2-year old rescue JRT (just got him a month ago)…. he is SO athletic, he’ll be a natural.

We watch at least one Jesse video per day, for inspiration. Thanks!

angie writes:

this is the smartest dog i have ever seen – i have a jack russell and she is a very smart dog.
but jesse is the smartest – great job.

Lauren writes:

What a talented dog! Best dog i’ve ever seen

Attila Szabo writes:

Congratulation, for Jesse and for you Heather from Hungary! This little dog is smartest and most wonderfool. I am very glad if i can see him. I have a little havanaise dog, but he isn’t too smart.

Buzzbee writes:

What an amazing dog and and a super amazing dog trainer. Great job Jesse and Heather. Heather you are indeed a remarkable trainer and Jesse is so very quick to respond to your commands. The two of you make a great team! God bless you and Jesse for many more happy trails ahead!

jesse.boltman writes:

the best talented dog i have ever seen in my hole fun so fun this is so much fun.congratulations dog you have some special ticks i love it i want to see it every day in my live.

enrique izaaks writes:

love this i love the part when jesse is jimpung over the hoop. thanks to heather the perfect dog trainer.the first time in my hole live the amazing dog a little boy and im enrique izaaks.i also have a jack russel and his name is spotie his also a talented dog.he does not now every thing yet bay.

James Mason writes:

My JRT, Mr. Poky, begs for Jesse every time I’m on the computer. lol It cracks me up the look Jesse does when he gets into the suitcase. We really like your Halloween video. Please take our vote for Jesse and wishing you guys the best!!!

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