Life Goes Strong
| June 26th, 2011

Change Your Life

A life change leads to a career change

The online magazine Life Goes Strong, which focuses on mid-life issues, interviewed Ratna Anagol, owner of Zoom Room Monterey Bay about her career change.

“When I got my MBA, I always thought someday I’d have my own business,” she says. “But my parents are doctors, and I’d never been around anyone who started a company from scratch. I had the theory but no practical experience.”

She began looking into buying a dog-agility-center franchise. “I put my business hat on and did research.” She discovered that even when they weren’t spending on themselves, people were spending on their dogs. “The pet business grew 30% during the recession, when other businesses were either down or flat,” she says.

At the same time, Anagol was thinking along a different track: “I wanted work that I could incorporate into my life. After cancer, it was important that my priorities be right – time with family and friends, living in the moment, not letting events drive me forward faster than I was willing to go. I wanted work I enjoyed, that didn’t stress me out.”

Read the whole article in Life Goes Strong.

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