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Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

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Living in Colorado the weather can be challenging to anyone who has a young puppy and/or any age dog that needs the socialization and contact of another dog. Zoom Room provides a safe, secure and clean environment and countless enrichment classes for both dog and human. The instructor(s) and the weekly lessons plans adhere to the philosophies I look for in a dog training. I look forward to attending many more classes.

- D E Nelson, who enjoyed Puppy Kindergarden/Puppy Obedience with Rocco

We learned a lot of great tips and ideas to practice at home. Lacie has come out of her shell some and we thank the Zoom Room for their input. Great staff and enjoyable experience.

- Ron, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Lacie

Our experience with ZoomRoom Longmont has been nothing less than superb! Forest really enjoys the structured agility classes and he loves his teacher. Marnie is a pleasure to work with and her expertise, determination and drive to successfully train dogs of all sizes and ages shows through. I would recommend ZoomRoom Longmont to everyone no matter how well-trained they think their dog is or isn't.

- Joy S., who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Forest

The Zoom Room is kept incredibly clean and orderly. Marnie and Jerrod are knowledgeable, relaxed, positive, caring, and professional. They show true interest in the progress of the dogs and help owners understand the importance of consistent training with positive rewards.

- Bobbie Craven, who enjoyed Puppy Agility and Puppy Obedience with Winston

Got to sleep in a tiny bit with the time change, then off for a great workout for Phinn at Zoom Room Longmont! Jerrod is always coming up with new and exciting ways to use the equipment-participating in different classes and workshops has done wonders for my little dog- physically, mentally and socially! Two paws up for Zooming in Longmont!

- Sara T., who enjoyed puplates with Phinneas

Both Sheila and I have enjoyed Marnie's instruction


Really enjoyed the workshop. It was great for Mace to have exposure to things like people surrounding him, wheelchairs, rolling balls. Although I probably will not pursue Therapy certification for Mace at this time, I enjoy training and believe all training is beneficial to develop a well-rounded canine companion.

- Karen Foy, who enjoyed Therapy workshop with Mace in Motion

Marnie did a wonderful job with my hyper pup Madison. Huge improvement in my pet's behavior from class 1 to 6. The class was well structured and the perfect amount of time. I would strongly recommend the Zoom Room to anyone with a dog.

- Theresa J., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Madison

Marnie is a terrific teacher! She is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. The Zoom Room is clean and spacious. They offer a good range of classes at reasonable prices. When we pull into the parking lot, my dog gets excited. He races in to class every time!

- Leslie Irvine, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Louie

Lucy loves to visit Zoom Room for her classes and our work there has helped her overcome some of her behavioral issues at home. An amazing resource for our community!

- Stephanie G., who enjoyed Private Training with Lucy

Estelle is making great progress.

- Beth Leabch, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Estelle

My sessions at the Zoom Room have been packed full of wonderful techniques and suggestions to help improve the problem behaviors of my dogs. Each class is tailored to the exact needs of my pet even when taught in groups. I am amazed at how knowledgeable the instructor is and how quickly he got to know and remember my dog's unique qualities. I will be recommending the Zoom Room in the future to all my pet lover friends who want a safe, educational environment for their canine.

- Cindy Payler, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Mr. Big and D.O.G.

Wonderful. Low stress, Gracie loves it.

- Kathy Flinchum, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Gracie

Both my dog, Butters, and I have benefited significantly from the various classes we have taken at the Longmont Zoom Room. She is more confident and can now be approached by others without her being scared. I have learned different ways to lead her and give her instruction. Friends who are not "dog people" have commented on how they enjoy being around her. I think this is in part due to the classes we have taken at the Zoom Room.

- Pamela Blattner, who enjoyed Obedience, agility and individual with Butterscotch

Love it! Happy there are plenty of classes to take for years

- Graham Thomas, who enjoyed Obedience, Agility with Dani

It was a lot of fun for both my dog and myself.

- Kristy Allison, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Twist

I enjoyed Agility with Marnie so much I enrolled Onya in the Pup-lates class. I would like to also continue in the Agility class, maybe take part in the Agility social group [Agility League], the tricks class, and the Therapy Class.

- Arti Winston, who enjoyed Agility and Pup-lates with Kaegan and Onya

What a great way for my dog to use his brain and body! Great instruction in a fun atmosphere- good socialization for my somewhat dog tolerant (and somewhat intolerant!) dog in a friendly, controlled situation- we both love it!

- Sara T, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Phinneas

Tucker is continuing to progress well in the class. Marnie is always so positive and helpful.

- Jane S, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Tucker

It was a good experience. Skittles was challenged, but not pushed past her comfort zone. She gained a lot of ground during the class, and I enjoyed it as well.

- Lynn-Marie Cecere, who enjoyed Shy dog with Skittles

Marnie was patient with me as I learned the "how to's," my dog was a much faster learner!

- Nancy B., who enjoyed Come When Called

It was great. Lots of fun. She learned the tetter finally!

- Donna Beeman, who enjoyed agility 1 and 2 with Lacey

It was relaxed, fun, and a great learning experience. We had such a good time we asked what we could take next so we could come back right away! Astute, well trained, compassionate, down to earth teacher. The best!

- Barbara F., who enjoyed Therapy Dog

Marnie was great. She gave me specific tips for working with my dog - and her tip for getting a dog to accept a gentle leader was first rate.

- Marty S., who enjoyed Obedience 1

PJ and I both love agility! We learn a lot and have a good time doing it! Marney is very patient with us and always brushes off our clumsiness with her great laugh. Agility at the Zoom Room is the high point of our week.

- Kandis Parsons, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Pepper Jack (PJ)

Great! Loved the way the focus was on the pet owner! Learned how to train my dog rather than having someone else do it!

- Elaine Haddox, who enjoyed basic obedience with Conway

Marnie is great, with her positive, friendly personality. She makes you feel welcome and happy to be there. The training method works great, my pomeranian, Cocobear, has done better in Agility 1 then I expected. He loves going to class and follows me around on class day so I won

- Lauren B., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Cocobear

My daughter and her dog love going to Zoom Room!! We appreciate the positive atmosphere they can learn in and all the support they offer.

- Silja K., who enjoyed Agility & tricks with April

Lots of fun! Our dog loved the classes as well.

- Chad V., who enjoyed Agility 2

My dog, Ginger, gets psyched just pulling in the parking lot. She loves going! And, as an added bonus, I am by default finally learning my left from my right {in Agility}. Thanks Marnie for making it fun.

- Marcie B., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Ginger

mei li loves going to the zoom room-she just lights up with excitement everytime she attends class!

- Veronica, who enjoyed agility 1 with Mei Li

Thank you Jerrod for all your great tips, insights, patience and understanding tonight! Phinn and I always have a great time~ even when I manage to make us look like a pair of dopes! You always maintain a very positive perspective, and I get to enjoy developing a great relationship with my dog!

- sara t, who enjoyed Agility 2 with phinneas

Justice and I enjoyed the class it was very positive.

- tk, who enjoyed star puppy obedience with justice

Agility is always fun, well organized, and I benefit from the helpful hints and tips provided by Marnie for improvement.

- Nancy Reckling, who enjoyed agility clinic and agility league with Lucy

Jia-li and I had a lot of fun doing class together! Marnie is very helpful and wants to make sure you are getting what you want out of class.

- tammy king, who enjoyed adult obedience 2 with jia-li

I really enjoy the class time. I feel like we are working the dogs, but we all laugh when the dog has a different idea than the instructor or owner. I find it to be a very relaxing environment for me and I think Dester is relaxed also.

- Janice Bachmann, who enjoyed obedience 1, agility 1, agility 2 with Dexter

I immediately knew I would sign up for agility 2 as well. Marnie is great. She is friendly, engaging and seems to genuinely care about her charges (people and dogs).

- Marcie B., who enjoyed Agility 1

Ziggy loves his puppy agility class! It's really built his confidence and he can't wait to go!

- BHarris, who enjoyed puppy agility with Ziggy

The experience is always wonderful I like the relaxed atmosphere and the smaller classes. I also like the fact that the class can be customized to fit different dogs and their needs.

- Janice, who enjoyed obedience 1 with Violet

Marnie was an excellent instructor! We really learned a lot and our dog is much better behaved. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

- Jennifer G., who enjoyed Come When Called

Love it. Our dog has calmed down and is learning several new obedience tricks every week. Can't wait until we get to the agility class!

- Katie Mudd, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Stella

We have fun and we learn a lot. We always look forward to the next class at Zoom Room!

- Kandis, who enjoyed Obedience and Agility with Pepper Jack

The experience is always positive whether it is for a class where there is a lot of support to learn the behaviors and a lot of reinforcement. the socials are great as the dogs have interaction time, but supervised by someone so I don't have to be the "paranoid" owner who is afraid the dog's behavior is inappropriate.

- Janice, who enjoyed agility, basic obedience, medium dog socials with Dexter

Our experience at the Zoom Room Longmont has been outstanding. Marnie is knowledgeable, friendly and classes are fun. I've seen immediate results in my rescue dog's behavior and I believe the lessons we have learned together helped strengthen the bond between us.

I also appreciate the wide variety of classes that are available and look forward to exploring more of them.

- Alisa Jeffery, who enjoyed Obedience 1,2,3 Come When Called with Zilker

Marnie is fabulous! I have had a hard time finding a local trainer near Golden to begin agility and Marnie is worth the drive to Longmont. She is patient, fun and really great at training my dogs. She is the perfect blend of what we need to learn agility and to build on the connection with my dogs.

- Jackie, who enjoyed Private training with Fletcher

We cannot say enough about Zoom Room. We intend to take every class offered at your facility and remain weekly patrons for years to come. We find you to be a valuable resource for training, advice, treats and stability for us and Etzel. We will be looking into hosting private play groups with other parents in the near future. Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the only days we can bring Etzel; so we wish to see all of her classes offered during those days as we would come to every one.

- Rebecca Weise, who enjoyed Puppy: Obedience, Play Group, Agility, Puplates with Etzel

I had a rough start - Olive is an especially reactive dog and is often misunderstood. Marnie's professionalism provided us the assistance to achieve participation in Agility 4 Agility League. Olive and I have enjoyed many of the extracurricular activities as well. Olive has grown so with her experience at the Zoom Room!

- Cindy S., who enjoyed Agility with Olive

Class is fun for both my dogs and me! The time flies by during class because of the variety of lessons and the games. We are really enjoying classes at Zoom Room! The dogs come home tired and happy, and so do I!

- Erica F., who enjoyed Agility and Obedience with Bandit and Trout

I had a great time. It is a great way to have fun with your dog.

- Mary Williams, who enjoyed puppy agility with Merlin

Zoom room has been an amazing experience for casey and I. She has grown so much since starting there a year ago. Our bond has become even stronger and I have learned techniques to break her cattle dog intensity:) Marnie has been patient when both(casey and mine) of us are frusterated. And has taught us how to work together in situations where I didn't know what to do or how to handle. The front desk staff is always incredibly helpful and personable!

- Gretchen, who enjoyed Agility, obedience, urban herding with Casey

excellent, lots of good feedback,comments and helpful things to work on

- Cathie, who enjoyed obedience 1 and 2 with Jack

Onslo is my second puppy to go through classes at the zoom room. I love the flexible schedule, the clean environment, and the variety of work class to class. Onslo clearly loves the enthusiasm Marni brings each week and all the cool stuff to explore!

- Amy, who enjoyed puppy obedience & agility with Onslo

Mischa loves going to the Zoom Room! She starts whining as soon as we turn into the parking lot and doesn't stop until we get into the training room. Classes are fun and the trainers are firm but kind. I like the small class sizes and user-friendly online registration tools. This is the perfect solution for my high-energy dog who has the winter doldrums.

- Jennie Arbogash, who enjoyed Agility with Mischa



Exposing the Zoom Room activities, especially the Agility classes....to both my dogs has been an eye opening experience to what their capabilities are. Yogi is a fit, outdoorsy and very active 10 yr old. He adapted quickly to agility exercises and performed like a champ...slower paced, but he gets it and loves it! Great for balanced stimulation!

Agility is not for every dog, which I realized with Murphy (2 yr old) once it came to sudden movements under his feet, and his ability to adapt to changes in a new environment. But the Tricks classes and a unique Scent class fit his personality perfectly, and it gives me training tools to continually work with him at home.

- Colleen Finnoff, who enjoyed Yogi- Agility 1, 2, 3 and currently 4. Murphy - Agility 1 & 2 and Advanced Tricks and Scent class with Yogi and Murphy

Zoom Room Rocks! Ginger is a ZR addict and instantly recognizes the parking lot when we pull in. She can't wait to hit the gym!!! And, added bonus, it is good for me too as I have lots of fun and get some unintended exercise that doesn't feel like exercise. Ginger and I highly recommend it!

- Marcie, who enjoyed Agility league with Ginger

Fiona and I had a lot of fun. It was an excellent introduction in Rally.

- Jim McManus, who enjoyed Rally 1 with Fiona

Looking forward to Agility II! Marnie is a wonderful trainer!

- Nina W., who enjoyed Agility 1

We have been very pleased with Marnie's knowledge and experience. She manages the classes well and always teaches us a lot. We have attended many classes with different instructors and place Marnie at the top.

- Brian Hanson, who enjoyed Level 2 & 3 with Duke and Harry

Marni was awesome with Remi and teaching me how to help him overcome his shyness. She is very patient and understanding with all the dogs. Jerrod is awesome as well. He works patiently with all the dogs and helps us owners to understand their needs and how to handle them! So glad I went to Zoom Room for Remi! The staff is awesome! Remi and I will keep coming back for more training!

- Connie N., who enjoyed shy dog and obedience 1 with Remi

Overall, we have really enjoyed the Zoom Room. The small classes are great for Peaches and I'm so proud that she has not ever needed a barrier since we started here. She's come a very long way from a year ago.

- Deborah Kelly, who enjoyed We have participated in basic manners, tricks class, and Puplates. Puplates is our favorite! Private gym is always a hit too. We attended the Halloween party and Peaches enjoyed showing off her costume. with Peaches

My dogs love the Zoom Room Longmont. I enjoy all of the useful training tips and information. Everyone is upper helpful, understanding, and friendly!

- Kelly Paine, who enjoyed Agility 1 & basic manners with Zoey & Ruby

My dog and I love taking agility classes at Zoom Room and taking advantage of indoor gym time. Agility gives her a job, improves her mood, keeps her mind focused, helps her listen better, and strengthens our connection. She is so excited to get to the Zoom Room every time and loves all her friends there. I appreciate that Marni teaches proper technique without feeling too competitive and I can tell how much she loves her canine students!

- Jennie Arbogash, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Mischa

As always great class great experience

- Louis cavallo, who enjoyed Loose Leash Walking with Phoebe

We both loved the tips and tricks we learned in this class!
At 8 months old our Bernese Mtn dog Greta is a 70lbs teenager.We still give lots of praise & treats, and things aren't perfect, but pulling is at a minimum! In fact I noticed thatI walk her with the leash on my pinky, so I can
get to her treats! Not bad!

- Rob & Amy Booth, who enjoyed leash walking with Greta

It was very good. My dog is much better behaved. We are moving onto Obd III

- Nancy Bronson, who enjoyed Obedience II with Angel

The instructor is great and has a lot of experience to improve core and balance for dogs.

- Veronica C, who enjoyed Pup lates with Mei Li

Always a fun experience with learning on the side!! Thanks for your tips and astute corrections.

- Barbara F., who enjoyed Agility 2

Love this place. Glad I found it when she was a puppy so I have lots of time to come every week

- Graham Thomas, who enjoyed puppy agility, puppy preschool with Dani

I love that I have the tools to continue working with my dog outside of the classes. My dog and I have a stronger bond because of the classes we've taken.

Very helpful! The skills we learned in both classes have helped us calm down our active border collies so they both are not jumping on people as they come over to our place. Fun classes and we are looking forward to scheduling agility soon!

- Sam Domenico, who enjoyed Shy Dog and Obedience 1 with Lilly and Holly Domenico

This class was so much fun, and I feel like Marnie really knew what she was doing and was concerned with each individual dog's needs, as well as us people.

- Valerie Y., who enjoyed Scent Discrimination

It was great! Very fun for everyone and Marine really knew how to meet the dogs at their level with positive reinforcement that really worked. Lacey excelled in class and hopefully now that she has the basics down she can continue her training in Agility 2.

I would recommend it to anyone! After Lacey had done the class several times we even had a good friend of ours Emma (who is only 8!) take Lacey through several of the dog exercises with total confidence from both.

Looking forward to Agility 2!

- Donna Beeman, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Lacey

I really appreciated Marnie's patience with Trigger and myself. She had the right diagnosis and prescriptions for what was bugging Trigger and what I should do to make corrections. I will continue to take future classes to improve Trigger's agility at Trigger's pace instead of my pace. Thanks for a fun filled experience for Trigger and myself.

- Jeff K., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Trigger

Really good, Lacy loves to go there She gets very excited when she knows we are on our way.

- Donna Beeman, who enjoyed Agility 1-4 with Lacy

We always have fun in Zoom Room! My dog psychs out when she knows she is going there out of sheer joy. And, for better or for worse, I get exercise too. :) Everyone should do it!

- Marcie B., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Ginger

It was very helpful. Rufus is a ln extremely soft spirited dog and her class has given us hope that he will become more brave. Thx

- jim midyett, who enjoyed private lesson with rufus

Lucy (the dog), the girls (my children) and I love coming to see Marnie at the Zoom Room. The place is perfectly suited for Lucy's shenanigans and we've received a lot of great advice and support from Marnie with our special girl.

- Stephanie G., who enjoyed Private Training with Lucy

We like the small classes because Marine gets to pay more attention to us.

- Sara, who enjoyed puppy agility & playtime with Sierra

Excellent except the acoustics are bad in large classes

- The Powell's, who enjoyed Agility, Obedience, social with Abby

We have a blast every time - Marnie is a great teacher.

- Bonnie Trowbridge, who enjoyed Agility with Blue

The classes are always relaxed and fun. There is encouragement to get Dexter to respond, but not pressure. Marne is always encouraging and never makes you feel like you or your dog have failed when you stuggle to get things correct.

- Janice, who enjoyed basic obedience, agility 1, agility 2 with Dexter

wonderful, positive environment for obedience-would definitely recommend attending classes there

My Pug loves the instructor!

- Veronica, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with MeiLi

It was very good. The trainers are excellent. Both my dog and I had a really good experience.

- Aly R, who enjoyed Basic Obedience 1 with Roxie

Was great to watch Mia progress through commands and to interact with other dogs, learning to ignore them and not make that her focus.

- Roberta Shanahan, who enjoyed Agility with Mia

Love the space and the instructor! I've been training dogs for 40+ years and have attended many classes. These are among the very best!!!

- Glenda Henson, who enjoyed Puppy and Agility 1 and 2 with Cooper and Swayze

It's been very helpful in some areas and I can redo some of the training at home and she remembers

- Carla Burroughs, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Dakota

The class was awesome as is Zoom Room! Even if you think you know how to deal with your shy dog you will absolutely learn something that will surprise you. Thanks Marnie! Clove loves you.

- Marcie, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Clove

Pup-lates is a great class where our bulldog Louis has the opportunity to do many challenging activities that a bulldog isn't usually exposed to. I mean, he's not an agility marvel or a retriever so it's hard to find organized activities that a bulldog can fully participate in. Also, it gives us an opportunity to bond with Louis in a playful and energetic way. Not only is it fun for him, but he is both physically and mentally tired at the end of pup-lates.

- Joanie K, who enjoyed pup-lates with Louis

Very nice, relaxing and set to the individual dog and owner

- sally, who enjoyed puplattes with Punky

We had a great time training at Longmont Zoom Room. Marnie made the class fun and helped us train in a way that was not frustrating for Rosie our us.

- Jill Jones, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Rosie

great points on how to get my boy to get into building doors.

- Todd Goad, who enjoyed shy dog workshop with Deuce

We really enjoyed the class! Tater still has a ways to go, but now we have some tools to help her along the way! I really liked the inclusion of some agility equipment as a confidence booster...and so did Tater!

- Mary Jo Randall, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Tater

Awesome and fun for Toby and myself...Toby loves going and I enjoy it so much.

- Sandy Thomas, who enjoyed tricks, agality, puplatics with Tobias (Toby)

I love playing with my people in class! They are so busy during the day. But when they say, 'Goin to Zoom Room Giz'! We jump in the car, and all their busy goes away. At Zoom Room we jump, and run and squeeze through tunnels. My people are so funny when they do tricks. But I'm a pro. Just give me a skateboard and a treat, and I'm having a tail waggin' great time!

- Penny B., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Gizmo

Louie and I both learn and have fun in class. Our relationship was good to start, but it has improved a lot because of what we've learned together. Marnie has knowledge AND a great sense of humor. She makes it fun.

- Leslie Irvine, who enjoyed Obedience 3 with Louie

Thanks, Jerrod for your fun filled class last night~ what a great way to engage your dog and get some exercise yourself! You did a great job of setting up some challenging stations and switching things up to keep the dogs focused and their owners active!

- Sara T, who enjoyed Canine Cross Training with Phinn

Excellent Instruction for my dog and me. Annie has learned so much and enjoys going to the Zoom Room. I want Annie to be well behaved in all situations and to be safe. She is learning much more then I expected and I expect to continue a long term relationship with the Zoom Room.

- Nancy Throup, who enjoyed Obedience 1, Obedience 2, Agility 1, Agility 2, Agility 3 with Annie

The class was great! It has helped Remi and I deal with his shyness and understand it better! Marni is great! Very caring, helpful and understanding! Remi and I loved the class!

- Connie Nichols, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Remi

Gizmo loves his classes! And we love taking him.

- Penny B., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Gizmo

It has been wonderful learning on the "right" ways of obedience for Neko and myself. The trainers are very patient and so helpful!

- Nina Wright, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2 with Neko

Great place. Highlight of our week

- Graham Thomas, who enjoyed puppy classes with Dani

Fun and very practical. Love her patience and knowledge

- Sally janich, who enjoyed Obedience 3 with Enzo

I have had 2 dogs involved with classes and have been thoroughly satisfied with the outcome of both.

- Arti Winston, who enjoyed Agility 3 & 4 & Pup-alates with Kaegan & Onya

League night is always fun but it will probably be our last at Zoom Room. We have been training for competitive agility...We also miss [trainer] Jerrod Fassler. He really made Pup-Lates fun and challenging for our dog. He's no longer with Zoom Room [Longmont].

- Eric, who enjoyed Agility League with Pepper

Gracie and I had a wonderful time in class. Marnie gave us plenty of time to work out any problems we were having. Plus the last day I took my camera and Marnie took some great photos.

- Kathy Flinchum, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Kay's Amazing Grace (Gracie)

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