A Rattlesnake Here, a Rattlesnake There
| July 26th, 2011

Sunny Trails are a Rattling Good Time

Snake & DigMost rattlesnake calls from residents in the city of Longmont usually end up being bull snakes but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call for help.  Always contact animal control when in doubt – better safe than sorry!  Longmont has no true rattlesnake colonies; however step outside of town and that is a different story.

The hot weather we have had brings the snakes sunning on the trails.  Most of the trails near Hall Ranch, Rabbit Mountain and Coalton Trailhead just to name a few have had rattlesnakes spotted.  Remember to keep your dog out of tall grasses and shrubs and preferably on leash.  Make lots of noise, and if you do see one, leave it alone.  Of course, the best way to share open space with wildlife is to have a well-trained, obedient dog.

If your dog needs a refresher course on his obedience, check out our obedience class schedule. Or a better alternative to walking among the snakes is enrolling in Agility class – both you and your dog will get the workout you desire.

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