Agility League Grows
| May 2nd, 2012

Spring Agility League Results

March/April 2012

Luna, Agility League

Luna shows how she dominated 1st place!

We were pleased that the Spring Agility League doubled in number of competitors!  They spent six weeks beating the clock, perfecting (or not!) their footwork and watching skills improved week to week.

We had 6 dog and owner teams embark on League on March 15th.  Our seventh team joined late in the season for the last two weeks but proved to fit right into the pack!

Week 1 was a short fun course that let everyone know, newcomer, Luna (a Border Collie) was a force to be reckoned!  Week 2 – well everyone can thank Brinx’s owner for week 2!  Brinx and her mom were prepping for a ‘real world’ agility competition and so to help them out, this course had the TEETER!  (At her competition, Brinx did very well on the teeter!)  Week 3 was a unique figure 8 with an unusual spread jump that all dogs aced!  Week 4 brought some of our highest times and everyone was off course at least once!  We laughed the most this week!  Week 5 & 6 only had 4 participants.  Week 5 had some tricky handling skills and week 6 finished off the season with a loose figure 8 pattern and some of our cleanest runs.

Final Standings:

First Place:     Luna, Border Collie; weaver extraordinaire!

Second Place: Sage, Aussie mix; fuzzy wuzzy lover!

Third Place:   J.D., mini mix; must have enough runway to make it over AFrame!

Fourth Place: Ginger W, terrier mix; jumper fanatic!

Fifth Place:     Brinx, Doberman; teeter leaper

Sixth Place (tie):        Lucy, Kelpie mix; likes to make up her own courses! and Isabelle, Poodle mix; does not like her toes stepped on during weaves!

Agility League is on break until May 17th when Season 3 begins.  If you have completed Agility 2 or Agility 3, you are eligible to join the crazy fun.  Consider this your “spring training” and pop in to get some solid Open Gym practice before the season starts!  League will help  you reinforce skills, learn new ways to approach a course, and best of all….have fun with your dog!

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