Arson Canine Teams Come to Colorado
| June 2nd, 2011

Arson Canines Convene for Annual Certification

State Farm has sponsored the Arson Dog certification since 1993.  The latest 3-day certification was held near Longmont at the Windsor Fire Training Center in May.  18 canines and their handlers came to Colorado for the re-certification  process.

There are 79 arson dog teams around the country and Canada who seek out volatile materials often found in arson, saving investigators hours of research and testing.  The price of training a team can be as much as $20,000.  State Farm provides scholarships to trainers and handlers to help offset the cost.  Fire and Arson statistics state $684 million dollars in property loss came from intentionally set fires in 2009.  Looks like these teams are kept very, very busy!

Now, in the Zoom Room Scent Discrimination class, we won’t be teaching your dog to sniff out gasoline (not necessarily an everyday skill) but we do teach your dog the skills to sniff out anything you want them too – keys, cell phone, wallet, just name it!  Our next Scent Discrimination class will start August 11th.

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