Cures for the Common Ailments
| June 21st, 2011

Ray of Hope for Common Dog Ailments

One of the neat aspects about the studies Morris Animal Foundation supports is how they address the ailments that affect pets most. Of course the Foundation provides support for research on the big time diseases in the world, such as cancer and kidney disease, scientists also turn to the Foundation for funding to research common health issues—the ones that account for most of our veterinary visits.  For dogs, some of the top concerns are with problems such as “hot spots” or notable skin infections, excessive itching, vomiting or diarrhea.

A team from Colorado State University recently began studying a novel, noninvasive, wireless sensor capsule developed to easily evaluate gastrointestinal disorders in a home environment.  Results will establish the normal gastrointestinal parameters for dogs of different sizes in a nonstressful home environment. Once parameters are determined, the information can help vets better diagnose GI problems with the dog at home not the clinic—ultimately cutting costs and stress to the patient and owner.

Over the years, Morris Animal Foundation has funded a number of studies to address common skin allergies and issues.  Determining the best way to treat skin infections has become more difficult because many infections are now resistant to antibiotics.  By knowing the structural differences between the diseased and healthy skin cells, new therapies can be developed to reduce the severity of the disease in affected dogs.  The Foundation’s research is a ray of hope for owners with dogs affected by chronic skin infections.

You can help out the Foundation by participating in our Canine Social Hour this Friday June 24th from 5pm-8pm – all proceeds (the $10/dog cover charge) go directly to Morris Animal Foundation.  Help this worthy research by RSVP’ing today and celebrate your contribution with good food, social fun and awesome music at the Doggy Disco!

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