Dog of the Month
| October 3rd, 2011

Grizzly; an Arizona transplant!

Grizzly DOM winner 9_2011Grizzly, a 2 ½ year old mini Aussie is our proud winner for September’s Dog of the Month!

Jacque, Grizzly’s human, fell in love with the breed when a friend had one so she did her research, located a breeder in Arizona and brought him home as a wee pup.  Grizzly was named because he looks like a little grizzly bear.

Jacque is a nanny and Grizzly loves going to work with her and has been known to ‘herd’ the 3 children around when things get crazy!  But then again, after a full day of nanny-ing sometimes Grizzly says “enough” and stays home the day after sleeping in his human’s bed!  (Don’t we all wish we could do that after a long day at work? Ahh the dog’s life!)

When they aren’t at work, he likes to play fetch, chew his Busy Bone or just run errands – he goes everywhere with his human.  Grizzly is also a great traveler who can mark off 3 states he has visited with Jacque so far! We’re sure more are on the list to come.

Congrats again on being named our very first Dog of the Month!  We hope to see Grizzly zooming around Zoom Room in the near future!

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