Employee Spotlight on Emily Ingram
| April 21st, 2014

Employee Spotlight

We’ve recently hired some new employees and need to introduce them to you!  Please give a big welcome to Emily Ingram, one of our new Front Desk Admins!  Like Graham she began at Zoom Room in January.  She’s here to answer your questions and help you sign up for classes.  Be sure to thank her for her creativity on our new chalkboard wall too!  (Her inner artist is sneaking out…)

Emily, Boomer & Dottie

Emily, Boomer & Dottie

Emily comes to us from Wichita, Kansas and a career in the veterinary industry.  After working in the field for a while she noticed that her interests were changing, being a dog owner she felt that, “part of being a responsible dog owner is to make sure my pets know their manners.  And, I’d like to help others achieve the same goal.”  She decided she wanted to be a part of the team here at Zoom Room Longmont after coming to classes with one of her own dogs.  “When I first moved to Longmont one of my dogs was having a hard time adjusting and her obedience skills started to slip.  I found Zoom Room online, stopped in to check it out and signed up for a few classes right then.  I really liked the way the classes were formatted & taught and wanted to be a part of it.”

Now that she’s a part of the Zoom Room Longmont family we asked her what classes she looks forward to every week and she couldn’t give us just one answer!  She really likes the obedience classes because she enjoys watching a dog and their owner have that “Ah ha!” moment and really start communicating with one another.  But, she said she also likes the shy dog workshop because, “to see a dog come out of his or her shell is very rewarding.”

When asked what she feels she can bring to her position here with us she said that her experience working in veterinary clinics over the years and being a dog owner has given her a head start in understanding basic dog behavior and training.  And, she feels her social media skills will bring a fresh feel to our blog and Facebook.  She also has some goals set for her future here, she’s interested in learning more about positive dog training and working more with shy dogs in addition to improving her social media and communications knowledge.

Speaking of dogs, outside of work Emily has her own dog blog that her own two dogs, whom she calls her furry children, Boomer Sooner, a 10-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever and Dottie Mae, an 8-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix are a big part of.  In addition to blogging she enjoys checking out new restaurants and recipes with her husband and exploring their new home in Colorado.

Here’s a random fact about Emily that caught us all off guard, “I recently found out that I’m allergic to dogs… let’s hope these allergy shots kick in soon!”  We hope so too Emily-you aren’t leaving us that easily!  So don’t be offended if Emily doesn’t run right out to pet your dog, she wants too, believe us she wants too!

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