Employee Spotlight on Graham Thomas
| April 21st, 2014

Employee Spotlight

We’ve recently hired some new employees and need to introduce them to you.  Please give a big welcome to Graham Thomas, one of our new Front Desk Admins and our resident Dog Food Consultant!  (Okay so really he has been here since January, but we know you wanted to know more about him!)  Ask him about toys, food, treats or classes, he has first-hand knowledge of puppy classes as his dog, Dani, is still in that stage!

Graham & Dani

Graham & Dani

Working as a full time chef who loves to try new food and hospitality experiences Graham was actually a client before he was an employee with Zoom Room Longmont.  He and his dog Dani, a Sheltie, have really enjoyed coming to classes and learning more together.  Dani has a lot of fun in agility class while Graham likes all of them because it’s a great time for them both to be social.

Even though he dreams of opening a restaurant and food truck someday Graham plans to continue learning more in his time here at Zoom Room Longmont.  When asked what made him decide to start working for us his answer was, “It’s a great atmosphere!  Dogs, all animals really, are something I’m passionate about so the opportunity to learn more is fantastic.”  He likes watching the dogs and their handlers grow together and have a good time.

When asked what he feels he can bring to his work here his funny side comes out and he answers, “I bring Graham to Zoom Room!”  Yep, Graham, yes you do and we’re so glad to have you on board!

Just for fun here’s a random fact about Graham we thought we’d share with you.  He raised and showed rabbits all over the country for 10 years.  Interesting!

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