Happy Hour by the Breed
| April 26th, 2012

Happy Hours Zoom

Oodle Happy HourBreeds converge on Zoom Room Longmont one at a time for some joyous Happy Hour fun!

We have hosted two happy hour events so far for the ‘Oodles and Border Collies with more to come.  We offer our gym for 90 minutes on certain Friday evenings for like-minded breeds to come and get their zoomies out of their system in a safe environment (up to date vaccines are required).  Every happy pooch gets a fresh baked Doggy Donut for snack time and all the toys and balls to play with they could ever want!

Owners have enjoyed discussing the similarities of their dogs, where they came from, and seeing what Zoom Room has to offer.  We have liked welcoming new people & their dogs and hope to see many more as our Happy Hour events continue.

Visit our Facebook page to view the current fun dogs have had at the events.

Check our Schedule to see upcoming Happy Hours and RSVP today.  If you don’t see your breed, give us a call at (303) 834-8665 or email to Longmont@zoomroomonline.com and let us know what type of breed you want to see.

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