Holiday Travel
| November 10th, 2011

Safe Travels With Your Dog Start Here

Travel photoTraveling by car or air can be stressful enough on us but if you add in the concern for your dog you have tripled your stress level.  Whether you are visiting near or far, we want to offer some timely travel tips to keep you and your dog safe for the holidays!

Traveling by Car

  • Keep things safe for the driver and passengers by crating or securing your dog with seat belts in the car.  This also gives them their own space and helps prevent accidental escapes from the car at pit stops.
  • Keep a copy of your pet’s vaccinations with you while traveling.
  • If your pet is on medicine, make sure to have the prescription bottles with you in case of refill needs.
  • Make a list of emergency vet clinics that are in the area you are traveling.
  • Contact hotels along your route to ensure pets are allowed.
  • Stash waste bags, extra paper towels, a dog first aid kit, and water for your four-legged friend to use at rest areas.
  • Investing in a pet first aid kit can give you piece of mind driving in the middle of nowhere.
  • If your dog is microchipped, carry a copy of that information.
  • Prepare a selection of treat puzzle toys stuffed with yummy goodies like Kong, Monster Mouth, an antler or yak chew to keep your dog occupied during the ride.
  • Remember to get your dog out at each rest stop/gas stop to stretch his legs and eliminate.

Traveling by Air (cargo or cabin)

  • Book direct flights when possible.
  • Make sure the crate is airline approved and large enough for them to sit, stand & turn around.  Line crate with an absorbent material or shredded newspaper.
  • Affix a photo of your dog to the crate for identification purposes.  (Also handy to carry one with you as well.)
  • Set an appointment with your vet prior to air travel to get her health certificate.  (Confirm acceptable range of time for health certificate with your airline carrier as it varies.)
  • Make sure your dog has all their tags up-to-date such as Rabies, microchip, name & contact phone numbers and placed securely on her collar.
  • The night before, freeze a small dish of water to be placed in the crate at the airport.  This way it won’t spill but will be there when your dog is ready to drink.  Also, if dog is going cargo, tape a bag with at least one feeding of dog food to the exterior of the crate with feeding instructions if necessary.  If dog is with you in the cabin it is still a good idea to have kibble at the ready for arrival to your destination.
  • Finally, if any delays in your flight (and your dog is in cargo), be sure to convey concerns with airline personnel and ask them to check on your pet.

Taking a few minutes to prepare for travel with your pet will ensure a happy holiday for all.

If you would like to purchase treat puzzle toys, antlers or yak chew to use on your trip or a veterinarian approved first aid kit, visit Zoom Room and we will help you stock up for your road trip!

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