Hot Dogs!
| August 15th, 2011

End of Summer Swims

swimming dogsBack by popular demand the dog event “End of Summer” swims at Roosevelt and Kanemoto pools.

After the pools are closed to the public and the chemicals are neutralized (i.e. safe for the dogs) the pools are re-opened one night from 4pm – 7pm for friendly dogs to swim, play and socialize.

Kanemoto pool swim will be Tuesday 8/23 and Roosevelt pool will be Wednesday 8/24.  Cost is $3 per dog.  This is an event many water-loving dogs and their families look forward too.  Bring your social swim buddy, some floaty toys and have a blast!

Oh wait!  You don’t have any floaty toys?  Well, we can hook you up.  We offer several toys that are water resistant as well as awesome collars which all water/snow loving dogs need – they don’t rot, smell or discolor when wet.  Come check out our water necessities and make the Summer Swim all that more memorable!  Let us help you find the best toy for your swimmer and get 10% off our water toys and collars through 8/24!

Don’t let your night of fun end after the swim; stop by Zoom Room with your wet pooch and get 10% off Yoghund, organic frozen yogurt for dogs!  Every dog deserves a treat after playing at the pool.

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