Inaugural Agility League
| February 27th, 2012

Agility League Fun for All!

Zoom Room Longmont’s inaugural Agility League is over!  Six weeks of fun competition began in January with snowstorms the first two weeks (what is it about Thursday nights?!) but the diehard Agility Zoomers didn’t let that stop them.

Week 1 was tough as the participants had been out of practice over the holidays so times were on the high side.   Week 2’s course proved to be a bit faster overall since our League-ers were coming in to practice during the week!  Such dedication.  Week 3 was the cleanest runs for everyone!  Ah, Week 4 – the teeter was brought into the course and definitely slowed things down for the dogs.  The course used on Week 5 caused much ‘tunnel sucking’ from the dogs – you will see this one again!  Finally, Week 6 was a great completion course with everyone (human and dog alike) having fun and showing speed!

Sage, JD, Isabelle, Ginger



Final standings:

First Place:     Sage

Second Place: Isabelle

Third Place:   Ginger

Fourth Place TIE: JD & Suki



Agility League will be on a two-week break and commence again March 15th at 8pm for 6 weeks.  If you have completed Agility 2 or Agility 3, you are eligible to participate.  Come join us, have fun, meet new friends and put together all the skills you learned in class!

To see all our fun League photos visit out Facebook page.

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